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The Sindarin dictionary project

Words -- so innocent and powerless as they are, as standing in a dictionary, how potent for good and evil they become in the hands of one who knows how to combine them. [N. Hawthorne]

Our On-line dictionaries section (May 2008)

Contact & feedback

Wanting to contribute to the dictionary, to report errors or missing entries, or even to contact the webmaster? This page is for you, then.

Reporting errors

Please report errors or omissions in the dictionary to the Sindarin dictionary group. Consider registering to the group if you want to access the archives and participate to the discussions.

Note: do not contact this list for installation problems, registration keys, bugs in the Dragon Flame application, etc. The list is only intended for discussions regarding the dictionary itself, not the tools developed around it. Do not either use this list to ask about a word or a translation. See our FAQ section site for links to other sites where such requests will be appropriate. Please remember that a message sent to mailing-list is forwarded to all its members, and the people won't be happy if you spam their mailbox with inapropriate messages.

When reporting missing entries or errors, please try to provide all the references, so that we won't spend hours checking in the books.

Contacting the webmaster

For problems with the registration keys (used to download the PDF version of the dictionary), please contact me at [didier dot willis at].

Note: do not contact me about a word or a translation. See our FAQ section site for links to other sites where such requests will be appropriate.

Bugs in the Dragon Flame application (such as the "update" feature of Dragon Flame 1.0 being broken) are not to be reported. Cross your fingers, be patient and wait the for the next release of the application.

Contributing to the dictionary

There are certainly a number of things that could be enhanced in this dictionary. It should also be possible to improve the definitions, the encyclopaedic discussions and the overall presentation of the material. Several words may be missing, or incorrectly entered... All that to say: it’s up to you now, gentle reader, to comment on this work and make it a living thing.

It is also the convenient place to note that the Sindarin/English lexicon is also available as an electronic file in XML – more precisely, as a document following a subset of the TEI recommendations. This XML document is distributed with a license less restrictive than the PDF version, allowing anyone to use the lexicon in derivative works, including translation, use in software, etc. For instance, one could develop a search engine similar to the one available on my web site, but intended to be used on a local computer, without requiring an access to the Internet. I am sure that dozens of other applications could be designed...

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