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The Sindarin dictionary project

Words -- so innocent and powerless as they are, as standing in a dictionary, how potent for good and evil they become in the hands of one who knows how to combine them. [N. Hawthorne]

Our On-line dictionaries section (May 2008)


The Sindarin dictionary project began on October 23, 1999, and is still under development.

Latest news

May 2008 :

  • Updated "On-line dictionaries" section
  • Lexicon 0.995 (Edition 1.9) has been uploaded.
  • The website has been updated, and some old, deprecated or obsolete material has been moved to the new "archives" section.

April 2007 :

  • Updated "On-line dictionaries" section
  • Lexicon 0.99499 (Edition 1.8 Release Candidate 1) has been uploaded. Besides including new words, it also includes revised French and German translations.

June 2006 :

  • We are glad to announce our new "On-line dictionaries" section, where you will be able to browse our latest dictionaries.
  • Lexicon 0.9949 (Edition 1.8-Beta) has been uploaded. As of today, it's a nearly up-to-date pre-release version with many additional words and corrections.
  • It comes along with a French an German translations (both experimental at this stage - Your feedback will be welcome!)

June 2005 :

  • Lexicon 0.994821 (Edition 1.8-Alpha) pre-release version.

December 2004 :

  • Updated the links to Hesperides 1.2 for Mac OSX and Dragon Flame 2.0.1 for Linux.

July 2004 :

  • Hesperides, a complete rewrite of Dragon Flame, is available for Mac OSX -- based on Lexicon 0.994 (Edition 1.7).

June 2004 :

  • Dragon Flame 2.0 available for Linux.

April 2004 :

  • New web design for the Sindarin dictionary web site.

December 2003 :

  • Dragon Flame 2.0 is at last available. Distributed under GPL (GNU General Public License) and Including code source, for those who might want to port it over other operating systems.
  • Lexicon 0.993 (Edition 1.6) is available for download in XML (TEI P3) and other formats, as usual. Also embedded in Dragon Flame 2.0.

December 2002 :

  • Lexicon 0.99 available for download in XML (TEI P3) and other formats. It is not used yet in the search engine, but it include many corrections and new words. There is also an experimental support for coined words (for instance words constructed for Peter Jackson's adaptation of The Lord of the Rings). This version would not have been possible without the help of many members of the Sindarin dictionary group (sindict).
  • Revisions of the phonetic transcription are posponed to version 1.0.
  • Breaking news: Dragon Flame 1.0, a freeware application including the Sindarin dictionary in hypertext, additional lexicons and a complete corpus. Dragon Flame should run on any recent Windows system (98, Me, XP, NT4, 2000).

November 2002 :

  • The web site is finally restored to the state it had in June 2002 (all users who registered for the PDF version of the dictionary between June and July will have to register again).

July-November 2002 :

  • Due to a severe server crash, the Sindarin dictionary is unavailable. But be confident that it shall be back.

June 2002 :

  • Lexicon updated to 0.98 (Edition 1.5), including many missing words as well as new words from recent publications. 
  • Phonetics is being revised for 0.99, and the work is partially done in this version [major ugrade still required].

May 2002 :

  • Search engine entirely redesigned (enhanced look 'n feel, new navigation menu, improved selection box, etc.).
  • Virtual destktop as an additional tool (English and Sindarin dictionaries on the same page, including also HKF's Sindarin suggested conjugations).
  • Unicode support added to the Sindarin dictionary for the phonectics.
  • Production tools for the dictionary are now entirely based on the XML version of the dictionary. Upgrades should be easier from now on.
  • Lexicon switched to version 0.97 (previous version was 0.95), correcting some errors [major upgrate still required]. 
  • The XML (TEI P3) version of the dictionary is available for download and comes altogether with several XSLT style sheets (index in XML, RTF and HTML, dictionary with Unicode IPA, etc.).

The Sindarin Dictionary is included in YaTT
"Yet Another Tewgwar Tool"


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Updated On-line dictionaries section. (May 2008)

Updated On-line dictionaries section. (Apr. 2007)

New On-line dictionaries section. (Jun. 2006)

Hesperides 1.2 for Mac OSX. (Dec. 2004)

Hesperides 1.1 for Mac OSX. (Sept. 2004)

Dragon Flame 2.0.1 for Linux. (July 2004)

Hesperides 1.0 for Mac OSX. (July 2004)

Dragon Flame 2.0 for Linux. (June 2004)

New web design for the Sindarin dictionary web site. (April 2004)

Dragon Flame 2.0 is available for download. (December 2003)

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