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[Dictionary] Le langage réalise, en brisant le silence, ce que le silence voulait et n'altérait pas. (M. Merleau-Ponty)

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Entschuldigen Sie! My german, unfortunately, is not good enough, so please allow me to write in English here. The Sindarin-German dictionary is currently (very loosely) based on the translations from Das Sindarin Lexikon, which were (mostly automatically but also partly manually...) imported into our own dictionary. But the two dictionaries do not have the same structure and are not conforming to the same requirements, so the result of this partial merge is currently rather imperfect.

WE NEED YOU! We are looking for german friends interested in working on this dictionary and taking it up. Please contact me directly [didier DOT willis AT numericable.fr] so that we can start organizing something together. The "translation file" is an MS-Excel spreadsheet, so you won't have to bother with XML/TEI at all.