License agreement

You can now download for free your own copy of the Sindarin dictionary in PDF (Adobe Portable Document Format). The file is compressed in ZIP format and is intended to be printed on A4 paper.

This version of the Sindarin dictionary is subject to the license agreement set forth hereafter.

§1. Distribution
Distribution of the Sindarin dictionary, either free or commercial, is prohibited without the explicit permission of the copyright holders.

It means that you can download and print the Sindarin dictionary for your own personal usage (any number of times), but that you shall not distribute it to other persons (either in printed or electronic form). You shall redirect these persons to this page, so that they can freely obtain their own private registration key. We have no mean to ensure that this requirement is not infriged, and we rely on your good will.

§2. Copyright
The copyright to the Sindarin dictionary is owned by its authors or designee.

The copyright owners are listed in the Sindarin dictionary, on page 2.

§3. Good-practice recommendations
While the Sindarin dictionary is entirely free, it is considered good form to offer a financial contribution if you find the work useful.

This option is not mandatory under this license. If you wish to offer some money, you can send your donation in IRC (International Reply Coupons) to the address specified in the Sindarin dictionary, on page 2. The authors will not make any profits, as this donation will be forwarded to the non-profit association La Compagnie de la Comté ("The Shire Society"). $5 is regarded as a good price, although this is not a requirement.

Version currently available for download:
Lexicon 0.95 (1690 unique words, 2299 entries).