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King’s letter

な$,F6E 1な$z1[Y6E = 7Ex#7H5 7E3D7H5`B5^
Elessar Telcontar: Aragorn Arathornion
Elessar Telcontar: Aragorn Arathorn’s son
4$な$97E5 = 7E5# x2{^6Y 6E 9~B6 w{%hD6
Edhelharn, aran Gondor ar Hîr i Mbair
Elfstone, King of Gondor and Lord of the
5{#hJ = x{#な5{$3D`C r%7E2{#hJ5`B1[E 7R5%
Annui, anglennatha i Varanduiniant erin
Westlands, will approach the Bridge of Baranduin
2な^3H5$ 3FhJj = x$6Y w5$ x5$2$`B2#
dolothen Ethuil, egor ben genediad
on the eighth day of Spring, or in the Shire-
275{#hDj 7R5% xè7T3G 2è$5$ - 6E `V 5#~B7`C
Drannail erin Gwirith edwen. Ar e aníra
reckoning the second day of April. And he desires
5{$iD 8hJな5{#2# šな¸$5Ô ~B5 ehD5 =
ennas suilannad mhellyn în phain:
to greet there all his friends:
2$7x$j^ `V 5#~B7`C 1~B72# cT7R26T q7R9lEj
edregol e aníra tírad i Cherdir Perhael
in especial he desires to see Master Samwise
Œ`B 85{$hJ q1[E9lEj iF13D6E lE5œ z2{^6T
(i sennui Panthael estathar aen) Condir
(who ought to be called Fullwise), Mayor of the
2%75{# = 6E t7Rj% w,F 2~B5 = 6E な$5#6Y =
i Drann, ar Meril bess dîn; ar Elanor,
Shire, and Rose his wife; and Elanor,
t7Rj% = xな7He5{%`Bj$ = 6E hF7`B5$ 8な¸$3D 2~B5 =
Meril, Glorfinniel, ar Eirien sellath dîn;
Rose, Goldilocks, and Daisy his daughters;
6E l7H9lEj = xな$6T = z7H2r^ = 6E w7Er#7H5 =
ar Iorhael, Gelir, Cordof, ar Baravorn,
and Frodo, Merry, Pippin and Hamfast,
l5{^3D 2~B5 =-=
ionnath dîn.
his sons.

`C e7R9lEj 6E t# t7Rj%
A Pherhael ar am Meril
To Samwise and Rose
8hJな2# hJ5 7E5# `N t5%iD 17T3G
suilad uin aran o Minas Tirith
the King’s greeting from Minas Tirith,
5な$clE55$ hJ5 cRhJ6 =-=
nelchaenen uin Echuir.
the thirty-first day of the Stirring.

The King’s letter should be part of an Epilogue Tolkien had thought of for The Lord of the Rings but the idea was rejected before it was published. It is the longest Sindarin text we have. There are several version of it, some in tengwar, with a few small variants. We retain here the version transcribed into the Latin alphabet; the translation is adapted from J. R. R. Tolkien’s (Sauron Defeated pp. 128-129).

The parenthese may be well understood only if one remembers that Samwise, the full name of Sam, actually means “half-wise” (from the Old English sámwís). The same wordplay is found in Sindarin between Perhael et Panthael.

Elessar Telcontar is not Sindarin, but Aragorn’s royal name in Quenya; it means “Elfstone Strider”.

The text is transcribed in tengwar or “letters of Fëanor” according to the general use of the Third Age created by Tolkien. An instance of its application to Sindarin is found in the third manuscript of the King’s Letter, published in Sauron Defeated p. 131. We made use of Johan Winge’s typeface Tengwar Annatar.

Tolkien, John Ronald Reuel. Sauron Defeated – The End of the Third Age: The History of The Lord of the Rings, part four & The Notion Club Papers & The Drowning of Anadûnê. Edited by Christopher Tolkien. London: HarperCollins, 2002. 482 p. (The History of Middle-earth; IX). ISBN 0-261-10305-9.

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