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9Bý nj‚R iÖÿ `N5 7Rç6Um$ `Nr$6jT`N2^5 = iH¦H5 9Bý 5è81Y5 •V1 = nc ~×r6R 7Em$ 9×Ñ6E 9Vå61R 7R817E62  eH64^5 9B1 87Rÿ f$eê65 n6Õý2ƒ$ iF `×jt%§Gv# 3Ö1 9Bý –^m#5 81Ræ6r#5 — 3Dý£ 7Rç6Um `Nef$är#5  9Bý `N5x&5P^5 t&6z5hE5  9B1 f$jYqp iFç3„D5 3Ö1 iF eJýjE 2$ärjR£ 3Ff5 iF 3F `×jr7T5# eHjz ㅒ,Gx&ü6ㅓ 5$t5$3 7Rÿ`Nz| 87Tÿ4$ `N5 t%2ƒ#5fÔÐ62$ — 9Vý f$~C8zY2$ 7R817ÕÓ6R5# t$§ — 7Um^6  7Em$ 9×ý`CjRa6E5 81Yþj 9Cwƒ#5 3H5P$ ~×`C6R2P$jR£ `×`Cr$6E iFçje n¦F  3Dý z7Yÿt 9Vý = ㅒ1E6zEjT`N5ㅓ iF zé5%xP `Mq `N5 t%2ƒ#5fÔÐ62$£ ~N6E5 — 9Vý iF2P$ iHÿ5# 9B£ ~V6R2P76EzE5 1Yþ ㅒ,Gx&ü6Rㅓ = 9V§ 9B5$ `N5 `Ne81R zUt#5 1Yþ 3F£ zé5%xP$£ t#56Õý2$5P$ 1Yþ w&üv#5P$ - — 9Vý ㅒ,Gx&ü6ㅓ jé1Tf$2P$ f$=~×`C2t$2ƒ$ 9B5$ 3Ö1 9Vý z7Yÿt = 7R£ 3Öc `B57T1eJj `M2P$6 = eDýz5$£ 9Nv2$ 7R81eÖÑ6R5# 3Fý`N2$  87Rÿ n27Em$ 9Vý eH65Ôü`C5 nj‚R 3Dý ㅒ5&t$5^6ㅓ`B8zE5 t%2 7U2P6Ut — t%2 1Eþz5&t  — 9Bý f$7E6¦H5 t%aRj5$ njc `N5 t%2ƒ#5 ㅒn6t%5#j~V19ㅓ 3F6R aR816R `N5 3Öt 9×ý`C5 t&1pR 3F ~×6 `M5#7Tÿ2jY2 7R£ — 7ÕÓ63 5&ü 1Yþ 9×ý4$5&t 9V6f$ = — 9Bý 3Fý6 `N5iFf2^5 `M5#iFsƒ$2PjTa j~Cz `N5 `M59Cýjv&t 7Rçr^2$  87Rÿ z7Yÿt 2Ôü`C3–&Ð `N5 7R81eÖÑ6R5# jE2P — x^2$£ wÔÐ65 `M2P$6 –ÔÐ2& eFý`Nj‚Y5  3F£ `Nr$6 eFåjE f$ü6E 9B1 f$jYqp 3Ö1 ㅒ1E6zEjT`N5$ㅓ 7ÕÓ63 `×m^ `N5iÖÿf$ = 3êý 7ÕÓ63 9Vý 96Rý`Ny `N5 t^ü2$ — 3Dý 7Em$ 9Vý w$ ㅒ,Gx&ü6R£ㅓ `N5w6é62%xP&t ㅒnr#j‚Y5%ㅓ t%2 eF62$ f$eD6E5 - 7R6Y5 7R81eÖÑ6R5# –%qeF62$ 87Rÿ87Rÿ `M5#6Týt$2jTa ~VfjE2P `N5 3F6R iÖÿ  nc 3Dý 7R81e6Rýf#5 f$w$ü2^5 9Bý 1Yþ 3Öt `×jt%§Gv#5 — w$ 9B£ j~×`Cr$ 1Y8q6RxP2^5 9Bý 3Dý `V`N64#5 3Ö1 nj‚R iÖÿ 5%4$6 x&1E5 `N5 `Vrx6é2P$ = — nj‚R 3Dý –$äqU eH67U62#5 = eH64^5 iFÿ`N `V`N64$ 1Yx#ü5 `N5 t%2ƒ&t x#ü6iFsƒ$  87ÕÓ61R 7T2P#£ n81Ræv^5 — `×jr7T5$£ iFçr^5 –$äqU `×`C817ÕÓ62 n26Õýr2^5 -
Hi alle sǽ on weorulde oferliodon, sohton hi nyston hwet; ah ǽfre walde heara heorte westward .... forthon hit swé gefyrn arǽdde se Ælmihtiga thæt hi sceoldan steorfan 7 thás weoruld ofgeofan .... hi ongunnon murcnian .... hit gelomp seoththan thæt se fúla deofles thegn se the Ælfwina folc (Zigūr) nemneth wéox swíthe on middangearde 7 he geáscode Westwearena meht 7 wuldor .... walde héalecran stól habban thonne Éarendeles eafera seolf ahte ...... Thá cwóm he, (Tarcalion) se cyning up on middangeardes óran 7 he sende sóna his érendwracan to (Zigūre): heht hine on ofste cuman to thes cyninges manrǽdenne to búganne. 7 he (Zigūr) lytigende ge-éadmedde hine thæt he cwóm, wes thæh inwitful under, fácnes hogde Westfearena théode ..... swé adwalde he fornéan alle tha (Numenor)iscan mid wundrum 7 mid tácnum .... 7 hi gewarhton micelne alh on middan (Arminalēth) there cestre on thæm héan munte the ǽr unawídlod wes 7 wearth nu to hǽthenum herge, 7 hi thér onsegdon unase[c]gendlic lác on unhálgum weofode ... Swé cwóm déathscua on Westfearena land 7 Godes bearn under sceadu féollon .... Thes ofer feola géra hit gelomp thæt (Tarcalione) wearth ældo onsǽge, thý wearth he hréow on móde 7 thá walde he be (Zigūres) onbryrdingum (Avalloni) mid ferde gefaran. Weron Westfearena scipferde swéswe unarímedlic égland on there sǽ .... ah tha Westfrégan gebédon hi to thæm Ælmihtigan 7 be his léafe tosprengdon hi tha eorthan thæt alle sǽ nither gutan on efgrynde, 7 alle tha sceopu forwurdan, forthon seo eorthe togán on middum gársecge .... swearte windas asteogon 7 Ælfwines seofon sceopu eastweard adrǽfdon.
All the seas in the world they sailed, seeking they knew not what; but their hearts were ever westward .... because so had the Almighty ordained it of old that they should die and leave this world .... they began to murmur .... It afterwards came to pass that the foul servant of the devil, whom the people of the ? Ælfwines name (Zigūr), grew mightily in middle-earth, and he learned of the power and glory of the Westware (Dwellers in the West) .... desired a higher throne than even the descendant of Éarendel possessed ...... Then he, King (Tarcalion) landed on the shores of middle-earth, and at once he sent his messengers to (Zigūr), commanding him to come in haste to do homage to the king; and he (Zigūr) dissembling humbled himself and came, but was filled with secret malice, purposing treachery against the people of the Westfarers ..... Thus he led astray wellnigh all the (Numenore)ans with signs and wonders .... and they built a great temple in the midst of the town (of Arminalēth) on the high hill which before was undefiled but now became a heathen fane, and they there sacrificed unspeakable offerings on an unholy altar ... Thus came death-shade into the land of the Westfarers and God’s children fell under the shadow .... Many years later it came to pass that old age assailed (Tarcalion); wherefore he became gloomy in heart, and at the instigation of (Zigūr) he wished to conquer (Avallōni) with a host. The ship-hosts of the Westfarers were like countless islands in the sea .... But the West-lords prayed to the Almighty, and by his leave split asunder the earth so that all seas should pour down into an abyss and the ships should perish; for the earth gaped open in the midst of the ocean .... black winds arose and drove away Ælfwine’s seven ships [to the East].
5&ü iG1…R 7Rÿ `N5 `VjRjY2P$ — eH6iG1…E3 3Dý wjTi†F — 3Dý `×`C2%f5$i†F 3F hUý 7R£ — 5&ü –ÔÐj `Ve1 zUt#5 5Ôür6R - ~Mi 87Tÿ4$ `N5iG1R3 2Ôü`C3–&Ð - ~Mi 87Tÿ4$ jYxP#3 Â `N5 `×6„E5 t$üjUt 7R81 jRf 6R§ 7Rf = 5&ü `×`C6Y5 nj‚R 7Rçv#£ 7Yÿ - eFå6 5&ü `Bi j~×`C5$£ jY2P - eFå6 5&ü `Bi 5$ä7Yj‚Y2P 3Ö1 f$5$ä4$6E2$ - eFå6 5&ü `Bi 26Õý`Ct$£ jY2P 3Ö1 f$26Y6R5$ -
Nu sitte we on elelonde 7 forsittath tha blisse 7 tha eadignesse the iú wes 7 nu sceal eft cuman nǽfre. Ús swíthe onsiteth déathscua. Ús swíthe longath ..... On ærran mélum west leg reht weg, nu earon alle weogas wó. Feor nu is léanes lond. Feor nu is Neowollond thæt geneotherade. Feor nu is Dréames lond thæt gedrorene.
Now we sit in the land of exile, and dwell cut off from the bliss and the blessedness that once was and shall never come again. The death-shade lies heavy on us; longing is on us ..... In former days west lay a straight way, now are all ways crooked. Far now is the land of gift. Far now is the ?prostrate land that is cast down. Far now is the land of Mirth that is fallen.

When writing his unfinished novel The Notion Club Papers, J. R. R. Tolkien intended to put in a curious document in Old English written in tengwar. In the narrative frame it is intended to provide a link between the legends of Númenor, ancient England and today. The document is introduced into the story by one of its main characters, Alwin Arundel Lowdham, who inherited it from his father Edwin. Edwin Lowdham is supposed to have written glimpses got in dream of an ancient manuscript written by Ælfwine Wídlast (“the far-travelled”), a mariner of Anglo-Saxon times that learnt of Númenor.

The Old English text exists in several versions, in tengwar as well as in Latin alphabet, and in different dialects. We give here the final version in 9th century Mercian from Sauron Defeated pp.257-258. A partial corresponding tengwar transcription is given p. 321.

The symbol here reproduced as 7 stands for a similar sign in use in Anglo-Saxon writing. It is an abbreviation from the ancient system of Tironian notes and is read and / ond.

The text is transcribed in tengwar or “letters of Fëanor”. Tolkien created two different adaptations of the general use of the Third Age to Old English, presented in Sauron Defeated p. 318-327. We especially attempted here to emulate the mode of the so-called “Text II”. We made use of Måns Björkman’s typeface Tengwar Eldamar.

Tolkien, John Ronald Reuel. Sauron Defeated – The End of the Third Age: The History of The Lord of the Rings, part four & The Notion Club Papers & The Drowning of Anadûnê. Edited by Christopher Tolkien. London: HarperCollins, 2002. 482 p. (The History of Middle-earth; IX). ISBN 0-261-10305-9.

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