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An Anglo-Saxon Reader by James W. Bright (1912).

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(Page 241)


ā (ō, oo) adv. aye, ever, always

ǣ (ǣw) f. law ◈ dat. sg. ǣGer Ehe

abbod m. abbot ◈ gen. sg. abbodesLat abbātem

abbudisse f. abbess ◈ gen. sg. abbudissanLat abbētissa

ā-bēodan (pret. sg. -bēad, pret. pl. -budon, perf. part. -boden) (2) enjoin, announce

ā-beran (pret. sg. -bær, pret. pl. -bǣron, perf. part. -boren) (4) bear, endure

ā-bīdan (pret. sg. -bād, pret. pl. -bidon, perf. part. -biden) (1) abide, remain

ā-bisgian (-bysgian) (W.II) engage, occupy ◈ perf. part. ābisgod (-ad) ◇ bysig

ā-bisgung f. occupation

āblendan (W.I) make blind, darken ◈ perf. part. āblendpl. āblendeGer blenden

ā-blinnan (pret. sg. -blann, pret. pl. -blunnon, perf. part. -blunnen) (3) cease ◈ 3rd sg. ablinð<be-linnan cf. līðe

ā-brecan (pret. sg. -bræc, pret. pl. -brǣcon, perf. part. -brocen) (4) break down, destroy

ā-bregdan (pret. sg. -brægd, pret. pl. -brugdon, perf. part. -brogden) (3) 1. (intr.) smite ○ 2. (trans.) withdraw ◈ imp. 2nd sg. ābregd

ā-brēoðan (pret. sg. -brēað, pret. pl. -bruðon, perf. part. -broðen) (2) 1. (trans.) frustrate, ruin ○ 2. (intr.) fail, perish ◈ opt. 3rd sg. ābrēoðe

ā-bȳwan (W.I) prepare, equip, adorn ◈ perf. part. pl. ābȳwdebūan

ac (ah) conj. but

ā-cennan (W.I) beget, bring forth ◈ perf. part. ācennedsg. ācendanpl. ācende

Achāia f. Achaia

ā-cōlian (W.II) become cool ◈ perf. part. ācōlad

(Page 242)

ācsian (āhsian, āxian, āscian) (W.II) ask ◈ 1st sg. ācsige2nd sg. āhsast3rd sg. āscað1st pl. ācsiað (āhsiað) ◈ pret. 3rd sg. āxode (āhsode) ◈ 3rd pl. āxodon (ācsedon)

ā-cweccan (W.I) shake (trans. and intr.)pret. 3rd sg. ācwehte

ā-cwelan (pret. sg. -cwæl, pret. pl. -cwǣlon, perf. part. -cwolen) (4) die ◈ pret. opt. 3rd sg. ācwǣle

ā-cwellan (W.I) kill ◈ imp. 2nd sg. ācwel2nd pl. ācwellaðpret. 3rd sg. ācwældeperf. part. ācwealdcwelan

ā-cweðan (pret. sg. -cwæð, pret. pl. -cwǣdon, perf. part. -cweden) (5) speak ◈ 3rd sg. ācwið

ā-cȳþan (W.I) reveal, proclaim ◇ cūð

ād m. fire, funeral pile ◈ dat. sg. ādeacc. sg. ādinst. sg. ādeOHG eit, Gr αἶθοσ

ād-lēg m. flame of the pyre

ā-dīlegian (-dȳlegian) (W.II) blot out, obliterate ◈ pret. 3rd sg. ādīlegodeperf. part. pl. -dȳlegodeGer tilgen

ādl f. (n.) disease ◈ gen. sg. ādleacc. pl. ādla

ādlig adj. diseased, sick ◈ n. ādliga

ā-drǣfan (W.I) drive away, expel ◈ pret. 3rd sg. ādrǣfde3rd pl. -don

ǣdre adv. forthwith, quickly

ā-drēogan (pret. sg. -drēah, pret. pl. -drugon, perf. part. -drogen) (2) endure, experience, practice

ā-drīfan (pret. sg. -drāf, pret. pl. -drifon, perf. part. -drifen) (1) drive away ◈ 3rd sg. ādrīfðperf. part. pl. ādrifene

ā-dwǣscan (W.I) quench, extinguish ◈ pret. 3rd sg. ādwǣscte

ā-dȳdan (W.I) put to death ◈ pret. 3rd sg. ādȳddedēad

ā-dȳlegian → ā-dīlegian

ā-ebbian (W.II) ebb away, recede ◈ perf. part. āhebbad

ā-fandian (W.II) make trial of, experience ◈ perf. part. sg. āfandode

ā-faran (pret. sg. -fōr, pret. pl. -fōron, perf. part. -faren) (6) go, march

ā-fǣran (W.I) make afraid, terrify ◈ perf. part. āfǣred

ǣ-fæstnes f. piety ◈ dat. sg. ǣfestnisse

ā-feallan (pret. sg. -fēoll, pret. pl. -fēollon, perf. part. -feallen) (R.) fall ◈ pres. part. āfeallende3rd sg. āfielðopt. 3rd sg. āfealle

ā-fēdan (W.I) feed, sustain ◈ 3rd sg. āfēdeðpret. 3rd sg. āfēdde

ǣfen n. evening ◈ dat. sg. ǣfenne

ǣfen-giefl n. evening repast, supper

æfest (æfst) f. n. disfavor, envy, malice ◇ æf-ēst, OHG abunst

ǣ-fest → ǣw-fæst

ǣ-festnes → ǣ-fæstnes

(Page 243)

ā-flēon (pret. sg. -flēah, pret. pl. -flugon, perf. part. -flogen) (2) 1. (intr.) fly ○ 2. (trans.) fly from ◈ 3rd sg. āflȳhð

ā-flīgan (W.I) put to flight ◈ pret. 2nd pl. āflīgdonperf. part. pl. āflīgdeflēon

ā-flȳman (W.I) cause to flee, drive out ◈ pret. 3rd sg. āflȳmdeflēam

ā-forhtian (W.II) frighten ◈ perf. part. pl. āforhtode

ǣfre adv. ever

æftan adv. from behind, behind

æfter prep. (with dat.) 1. after (time and place) ; æfter ðissum after this (adv.) ; æfter ðæm thereafter (adv.)2. along (place) ○ 3. according to ○ 4. adv afterwards

æfter-fyligan (W.III) follow after ◈ pres. part. pl. -fyligende (with dat.)dat. sg. -fylgende successor ◈ opt. 3rd sg. -fylige (intr.)

æfter-genga m. successor ◈ nom. pl. -gengan

ā-fyllan (W.I) fill ◈ perf. part. āfylledfull

ā-fyllan (W.I) cause to fall, destroy ◇ feallan

ā-fyrhtan (W.I) frighten ◈ perf. part. ( adj. ) pl. āfyrhte

ā-fyrran (W.I) remove, take away ◈ 3rd sg. āfyrð (āfyrreþ) ◈ opt. 3rd sg. āfyrreperf. part. āfyrredfeorr

ā-fȳsan (W.I) 1. (intr.) hasten forth ○ 2. (trans.) incite to go ◈ perf. part. āfȳsedfūs

ǣg n. egg ◈ dat. sg. ǣge

āgan (PP.) possess ◈ ger. āgenne1st sg. āhopt. 3rd sg. āgepret. 3rd sg. āhteMod own

ā-gān (pret. sg. -ēode, perf. part. -gān) go ◈ perf. part. pl. āgāne

agēn → ongēan

āgen ( perf. part. ) adj. own ◈ dat. sg. āgnumacc. sg. āgen (āgenne) ◈ gen. pl. āgenraāgan

ā-gēotan (pret. sg. -gēat, pret. pl. -guton, perf. part. -goten) (2) pour, shed ◈ pres. part. āgēotendeGer giessen

ā-gētan (W.I) injure, kill ◈ perf. part. āgēted

ā-gifan (-giefan, -gyfan) (pret. sg. -geaf, pret. pl. -gēafon, perf. part. -gifen) (5) give, relinquish, return ◈ pret. 3rd sg. āgefpret. opt. 3rd pl. āgēafen

ǣg-hwā pron. each, every ◈ gen. sg. ǣghwǣs adv, in every respect, entirely

ǣg-hwǣr adv. everywhere

ǣg-hwæðer (ǣgðer, āðer) 1. pron, each (one of two or more) ◈ nom. sg. ǣgðergen. sg. ǣgðresdat. sg. ǣgðrumacc. sg. ǣgþerne2. conj. ; ǣg-hwæþer ge ... ge both ... and ; ǣgðer ge ... ge both ... and ; āðer oððe ... oððe either ... or

(Page 244)

ǣg-hwilc pron. each

ǣg-hwonan adv. from all sides, on all sides

āglǣca (ǣglǣca) m. monster, fiend ◈ nom. pl. āglǣcanGoth aglaiti

āgnian (W.II) possess, assume as one's own ◈ 3rd pl. āgniaðāgen

ǣgðer → ǣg-hwæðer

ā-gyldan (-gieldan) (pret. sg. -geald, pret. pl. -guldon, perf. part. -golden) (3) 1. repay, requite ○ 2. punish

ā-gyltan (W.I) offend, sin ◈ opt. 3rd pl. āgyltenpret. 1st pl. āgyltonperf. part. āgylt

ah (ac) conj. but

ā-hebbad → ā-ebbian

ā-hebban (pret. sg. -hōf, pret. pl. -hōfon, perf. part. -hafen) (6) heave, life, raise, exalt ◈ 2nd pl. āhebbeimp. 2nd pl. āhebbaðopt. 3rd pl. āhebban

ā-hōn (pret. sg. -hēng, pret. pl. -hēngon, perf. part. -hangen) (R.) hang (trans.)imp. 2nd sg. āhōhpret. 2nd sg. āhēnge

ā-hreddan (W.I) save, deliver, rescue ◈ ger. āhredenne1st sg. āhreddeopt. 3rd sg. āhreddepret. 3rd sg. āhredde3rd pl. -don

ā-hrēosan (pret. sg. -hrēas, pret. pl. -hruron, perf. part. -hroren) (2) fall ◈ opt. 3rd sg. āhrēose

āhsian → ācsian

ǣht f. possession, property ◈ acc. pl. ǣhtaāgan

ǣht-ge-strēon n. possession, riches

ā-hȳdan (W.I) hide ◈ perf. part. āhȳded

ā-īdligan (W.I) profane ◇ īdel

ā-lǣdan (W.I) 1. (trans.) lead, conduct ◈ 3rd sg. ālǣdeð (ālæt) ◈ imp. 2nd sg. ālǣdperf. part. ālǣddnom. pl. ālǣdde2. (intr.) proceed, grow ◈ pret. opt. 3rd sg. ālǣde

ǣlan WI trans and intrans kindle, burn ◈ 3rd sg. ǣleðperf. part. ǣled

ǣlc pron subst and adj each, any ◈ gen. sg. ǣlcesdat. sg. ǣlcum (ǣlcon, ǣlcere) ◈ acc. sg. ǣlcinst. sg. ǣlce

ælde (ielde, ylde) m. pl. men ◈ gen. pl. ældaeald

aldor → ealdor

aldor-monn (ealdor-) m. chief, magistrate ◈ gen. sg. -monnesnom. pl. -men

ā-lecgan (W.I) lay down, allay, overcome, refute ◈ 3rd pl. ālecgaðpret. 3rd sg. ālēde3rd pl. ālēdonperf. part. ālēdlicgan

(Page 245)

ǣled m. fire

ā-lēfan → ā-lȳfan

ā-lēogan (pret. sg. -lēah, pret. pl. -lugon, perf. part. -logen) (2) lie, deny (with dat. of pers. and acc. of thing)3rd sg. ālīhð

æl-fremed → el-fremed

æl-gylden adj. of pure gold ◈ acc. pl. -gyldene

all → eall

ælmes-georn adj. liberal of alms, charitable ◈ nom. pl. -georne

ælmesse f. alms ◈ dat. sg. almyssanacc. sg. ælmessan(Gr) Lat eleēmosyna

æl-mihtig adj. almighty ◈ ns(?) ælmehtigagen. sg. ælmehtigandat. sg. ælmihtegum

æl-þēodig → el-þēodig

æl-þēodisc → el-þēodisc

ā-lybban (W.III) live

ālȳfan (-lēfan) (W.I) allow, permit, grant (with dat. of pers. and acc. of thing)perf. part. ālȳfed (ālēfed)

ā-lȳsan (W.I) loosen, release, ransom ◈ pret. 3rd sg. ālȳsde (ālēsde) ◈ perf. part. pl. ālȳsede

amang → on-ge-mong

ambor m. measure ◈ gen. pl. ambraGer Eimer

ambyre adj. favorable ◈ acc. sg. ambyrne<and-byre

ā-merian (W.I) free from dross, purify, refine ◈ perf. part. pl. āmerede

ā-metan (5) measure, estimate

ā-myrran (W.I) mar, destroy, hinder ◈ pret. 3rd sg. āmyrde

an → unnan

ān num. adj. 1. (indef art), one, certain one ◈ nom. sg. āndat. sg. ānum (ānre) ◈ acc. sg. ǣnne (ānne, ān) ◈ gen. pl. ānra ; on ān right on, continuously ; ānra gehwæs of each one ○ 2. alone ◈ nom. sg. ānaacc. sg. ānneacc. pl. āna (ān) ; þæt ān only that

an-be-stingan (3) thrust in, insert ◈ perf. part. pl. -stungnan

an-bīdan → on-bīdan

and (ond) conj. and

anda m. zeal, indignation, malice, injury ◈ dat. sg. andanGer ahnden

and-bidian (W.II) wait ◈ pret. opt. 1st sg. -bidode

an-dēfn f. fitting amount, proportion ◈ dat. sg. andēfnedafenian

andetnis f. confession ◈ acc. sg. -nysse

andettan (ondettan) (W.I) confess, acknowledge ◈ pres. part. ondettende1st sg. andette (ondette) ◈ imp. 2nd pl. andettaðand-hātan

and-fenge adj. acceptable ◇ fōn

and-giet (-git) n. intelligence, reason, sense, meaning ◈ gen. sg. andgitesdat. sg. andgieteacc. sg. andgit (ondgit)

(Page 246)

and-gitfull adj. intelligent

and-gitfullīce adv. intelligibly ◈ supl. -gitfullīcost

and-lang adj. continuous, entire ◈ acc. sg. -langne

and-leofen (-lifen) f. living, food, sustenance ◈ dat. sg. -leofne

an-drǣden → on-drǣden

Andred m. the 'Weald' (the great forest in Kent and Sussex)

and-swarian → ond-swarian

and-swaru (ond-) f. answer ◈ acc. sg. -sware

and-weard adj. present ◈ gen. sg. andweardandat. sg. -werdandat. pl. -werdum (ondweardum)

and-wlita m. countenance, appearance ◈ gen. sg. -wlitanwlītan; Ger Antlitz

and-wyrdan (W.I) answer ◈ pret. 1st sg. andwyrde

ān-faldnes (-fealdnes) adj. unity, simplicity ◈ gen. sg. -nesse

ān-feald adj. one-fold, single, unmixed, superior ◈ dat. sg. ānfealdan

ān-fealdlīce adv. in the singular number

ān-for-lǣtan (pret. sg. -lēt, pret. pl. -lēton, perf. part. -lǣten) (R.) leave, abandon ◈ 1st pl. -aþpret. opt. 3rd sg. ānforlēte

Angel n. Anglen (Denmark) ◈ dat. sg. Angle

Angel-cynne (Ongel-) n. Angle kin, English people, England ◈ dat. sg. -cynneacc. sg. -cynn (-cyn, Ongelcyn)

an-ge-weald (=an-weald) power, dominion

an-ginn → on-ginn

Angle m. pl. the Angles, Anglicans, English

an-grīslīc adj. grisly, hideous, horrible

ān-grȳsenlīce (-grīsenlīce) adv. hideously

ān-haga (-hoga) m. solitary, recluse, wanderer ◈ acc. sg. ānhagan

anhangen → on-hōn

ānig adj. only ◈ nom. sg. ānga

ǣnig pron. adj. any ◈ dat. sg. ǣnegumacc. sg. ǣnig (ǣnigne)

an-līc → on-līc

ǣn-līc adj. unique, peerless, excellent

ān-līcnes → on-līcnes

ān-līpig (ǣn-līpig, ān-lēpe) adj. single, individual ◈ acc. sg. ān-lēpnenom. pl. ǣnlīpige

ān-mēdla (on-) m. arrogance ◈ nom. pl. -mēdlanmōd

ān-mōdlīce adv. unanimously

ān-mōdnes f. unanimity ◈ acc. sg. -nesse

ān-nis f. unity ◈ acc. sg. -nysse

ān-rǣd (on-) adj. resolute

(Page 247)

ān-rǣdnis f. constancy ◈ dat. sg. -nysse

an-settan (W.I) put upon, impose

ān-streces (gen) adv continuously

an-sund → on-sund

an-sundnis → on-sundnis

an-sȳn → on-sīen

Ante-crȳst m. Antichrist ◈ gen. sg. -crȳsted

an-ðrǣce → on-ðrǣce

ān-weald → on-weald

apostol m. apostle ◈ gen. sg. apostolesdat. sg. apostoleacc. sg. apostolnom. pl. apostolīgen. pl. apostolaacc. pl. apostolas

apostolīc adj. apostolic ◈ dat. sg. -līcanacc. sg. -līce

æppel m. apple ◈ gen. sg. æplesacc. sg. æppel

æpplian (W.II) make into the form of apples, emboss ◈ perf. part. sg. æpplede

Apulder m. Appledore ◈ dat. sg. Apuldre

ār m. 1. honor, favor, mercy ◈ gen. sg. āre2. property, possessions ◈ acc. sg. āreGer Ehre

ār m. messenger ◈ gen. sg. āresGoth airus

ār f. oar ◈ gen. pl. āra

ǣr comp. adj. former, preceding ◈ acc. pl. ǣrransupl. nom. sg. ǣreste

ǣr 1. comp. adv. earlier, formerly, before ◈ comp. ǣrorsupl. ǣrest2. conj. ere, before that (usually followed by the opt) ○ 3. prep. (with dat.) before (time)

ā-rǣd adj. inexorable

ā-rǣdan (W.I) read

ā-rǣfnan (-refnan) (W.I) perform, endure ◈ imp. 2nd sg. āræfn (ārefna) ◈ pret. 1st sg. āræfnede

ā-ræfnian (W.II) endure ◈ 1st sg. āræfnie

ā-rǣman (W.I) arise ◈ pret. 3rd sg. āræmde

ā-rǣran (W.I) raise, erect, build ◈ pres. part. ārǣrende2nd sg. ārǣrstopt. 3rd sg. ārǣrepret. 3rd sg. ārǣrde3rd pl. -donrīsan

ærce-bisceop (arce-) m. archbishop ◈ dat. sg. -biscepe

ǣr-dæg m. former day

ā-reccean (W.I) expound, translate, recount ◈ inf. āreccan

ā-redian (W.II) arrange ◈ 3rd sg. āredað

ǣren adj. made of brass, brazen ◈ acc. sg. ǣrneacc. pl. ǣrenanār, Goth ais

ǣrende n. errand, message

ǣrend-fæst adj. bound on an errand

ǣrend-ge-writ n. message, letter ◈ acc. sg. ārend-

(Page 248)

ǣrend-raca (-wreca) m. messenger ◈ dat. sg. -racandat. pl. -wrecum

ār-fæst honorable, virtuous, merciful ◈ nom. sg. -fæsta

ār-fæastnis f. virtue ◈ dat. sg. -nisse

ār-hwæt adj. eager for glory ◈ nom. pl. -hwate

ārian (W.II) 1. honor, show favor ◈ 3rd sg. ārað2. desist, cease ◈ imp. 2nd sg. āra

ā-rīsan (pret. sg. -rās, pret. pl. -rison, perf. part. -risen) (1) arise ◈ 3rd sg. ārīseþimp. 2nd sg. ārīs2nd pl. ārīsaðopt. 2nd sg. ārīse2nd pl. ārīson

ǣrīst m. f. n. resurrection ◈ gen. sg. ǣrīstesacc. sg. ǣrīste

ār-lēas adj. dishonorable, wicked ◈ dat. sg. -lēasrenom. pl. -lēasan

arn → yrnan

ærnan (W.I) cause to run; ride, gallop ◈ 3rd pl. ærnaðpret. 3rd pl. ærndonyrnan

ǣrne-merigen m. early morning

ārodlīce adv. quickly, vigourously

ǣr-wacol adj. early awake

ār-wurð (-weorð) worthy of honor, venerable ◈ acc. sg. āwurðne

ār-wurðian (-weorðian) (W.II) honor ◈ pret. 3rd sg. ārwurðne

ār-wurðlīce adv. honorable, reverentially

ār-wurðnis f. reverence, honor ◈ dat. sg. -nysse

ǣs n. food, prey, carrion ◈ gen. sg. ǣsesGer Aas

ā-sāwan (R.) sow ◈ perf. part. āsāwen

æsc m. 1. ash, spear ◈ gen. pl. asca2. boat, ship (of Danish ships) ◈ acc. pl. æscas

asce (axe) f. ashes

ā-sceacan (pret. sg. -scōc (-scēoc), pret. pl. -scōcon (-scēocon), perf. part. -sceacen) (6) shake ◈ pres. part. āsceacende3rd sg. āscæceðpret. 3rd sg. āscēoc

æsc-here m. (ash-) spear-army, ship-army

æsc-holt n. spear-shaft

āscian → ācsian

ā-scīnan (pret. sg. -scān, pret. pl. -scinon, perf. part. -scinen) (1) shine

ā-scūfan (pret. sg. -scēaf, pret. pl. -scufon, perf. part. -scofen) (2) shove, push

ā-scȳran (W.I) make clear, transparent ◈ perf. part. āscȳredscīr

ā-secgan (W.III) say, relate ◈ pret. 3rd pl. āsǣdon

ā-sendan (W.I) send ◈ pret. 2nd sg. āsendest3rd sg. āsendeperf. part. āsend

ā-settan (W.I) set, place, transport oneself, go ◈ opt. 3rd sg. āsettepret. 3rd pl. āsettanperf. part. āsettsittan

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ā-singan (3) sing ◈ pret. 3rd sg. āsong

ā-sittan (pret. sg. -sæt, pret. pl. -sǣton, perf. part. -seten) (5) sit fast, ground (of ships)

ā-slēan (6) strike, cut off ◈ perf. part. āslagen

ā-smiþan (W.II) forge, work ◈ perf. part. āsmiþod

ā-spendan (W.I) spend, expend ◈ pret. 3rd sg. āspendeperf. part. āspended

ǣ-spring n. spring of water, fountain ◈ dat. sg. ǣspringe

ā-springan (3) spring up, spread ◈ pret. 3rd sg. āsprang3rd pl. āsprungen

ā-standan (6) stand ◈ 3rd pl. āstandaþ

æstel m. book-mark ◇ Lat hastula

ā-stellan (W.I) set up, restore, establish ◈ 3rd sg. āstelleðpret 3 asg āstealde

ā-sterian → ā-styrian

ā-stīgan (pret. sg. -stāg (-stāh), pret. pl. -stigon, perf. part. -stigen) (1) ascend, mount (trans. and intr.) spring up, enter or leave a ship, go ◈ 3rd sg. āstīhðimp. 2nd sg. āstīg2nd pl. āstīgaðpret. 3rd sg. āstāg (āstāh)

ā-stingan (3) pierce ◈ pret. 3rd pl. āstungon

ā-streccan (W.I) stretch, extend, prostrate ◈ opt. 3rd sg. āstreccepret. 3rd sg. āstrehteperf. part. āstreht

ā-styrian (-sterian) (W.I) stir, agitate, move (trans.)3rd sg. āstereðperf. part. pl. āsterede (āstyrode) (W.II)

ā-sundrian (W.II) separate (trans.)perf. part. asundradpl. asyndrode

a-sundron (-sundran) adv. asunder, apart, privately

ā-swebban (W.I) put to sleep, quiet ◈ perf. part. āswefedpl. -edeswefan

ā-syndrode → ā-sundrian

æt pret w dat 1. at, in (time, place, circumstance) ○ 2. of, from (w verbs of asking, receiving, taking, buying)

ǣt m. f. 1. anything to be eaten, food ◈ gen. sg. ǣtes2. the act of eating ◈ dat. sg. ǣteetan

æt-bregdan (pret. sg. -brægd (-brǣd), pret. pl. -brugdon (-brūdon), perf. part. -brogden (-broden)) (3) take away, deprive, release ◈ pret. 3rd sg. ætbrǣdperf. part. ætbrōdenpl. -brōdene

æt-ēawed → æt-ēowian

ā-tellan (W.I) tell, relate ◈ pret. 3rd pl. ātealdon

ā-tēon (pret. sg. -tēah, pret. pl. -tugon, perf. part. -togen) (2) draw ◈ 3rd sg. ātȳhðopt. 3rd sg. ātēopres. opt. 3rd sg. ātuge

ā-tēorian (W.II) become exhausted, fail ◈ perf. part. ātēorod

æt-ēowian (W.II) appear (intr.) show, manifest (trans.)ger. ætēowennepret. 1st sg. ætēowde3rd sg. ætēowodeperf. part. ætēawedpl. ætēowde (ætēowode) ◇ Goth at-augjan

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æt-foran prep. (with dat.) before

æt-gædere adv. together

æt-lūtian (W.II) lurk out of sight, hide ◈ pret. 3rd sg. -lūtodecf. Mod loiter

ā-tredan (5) tread ◈ pret. 3rd sg. ātræd

æt-somne adv. together

æt-standan (6) stand, remain ◈ pret. 3rd sg. ætstōd

āttor (ātor) n. poison ◈ inst. sg. ātreGer Eiter

āttor-bǣre adj. poisonous ◈ acc. sg. -bǣran

ǣttren (ǣtren) adj. poisonous ◈ nom. sg. ǣtterneacc. pl. ǣttrynne

æt-wītan () (pret. sg. -wāt, pret. pl. -witon, perf. part. -witen) (1) twit, reproach (with dat.)cf. ed-wīt

æt-ȳwan (-īwan) (W.I) (→ æt-ēowian), appear (intr.) show, manifest (trans.)3rd sg. ǣtȳweðimp. 2nd sg. ætȳwpret. 3rd sg. ætȳwde (ātīwde)

āð m. oath ◈ acc. pl. āðasGer Eid

æðel-boren ( perf. part. ) adj. of noble birth ◈ dat. sg. -borenre

æðel-borennis f. nobleness of birth ◈ acc. sg. -nysse

æðele adj. noble, excellent ◈ dat. sg. æðelumacc. sg. æðelanacc. pl. æðelesupl. nom. sg. æðelastGer edel

æðele adv. nobly

æðeling m. noble, prince ◈ gen. sg. æðelinges

æðellīce adv. nobly

æþelnes f. nobility

æþelo f. nobility

æðel-stenc m. excellent fragrance ◈ gen. pl. -stenca

æðel-tungol n. m. noble star ◈ gen. pl. -tungla

ā-þenian (W.II) stretch out ◈ pret. 3rd sg. āþendeGer dehnen

āðer → ǣg-hwæðer

ā-ðindan (pret. sg. -ðond, pret. pl. -ðundon, perf. part. -ðunden) (3) swell, puff up

ā-ðīstrian (W.II) become dark, obscured ◈ 3rd pl. āðīstriaðperf. part. pl. āðīstrodeðeostru

Aþulfing (= Æþelwulfing) m. son of Æthelwulf

ā-þwēan (6) wash ◈ pret. 3rd sg. āþwōh

ǣw → ǣ

ā-wæcnan awake (intr.)pret. 3rd sg. āwōc

ā-wǣgan (W.I) annul

ā-weccan (W.I) awake, arouse, incite ◈ opt. 3rd sg. āweccepret. 3rd sg. āweahtepret. opt. 3rd sg. āwehte3rd pl. āwehtonperf. part. āweaht (āwreht) ◈ pl. āwehte

ā-wēdan (W.I) rage ◈ pret. 3rd sg. āwēddewōd

a-weg → weg

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ā-wegan (5) carry

ā-wendan (W.I) turn, direct, change, translate ◈ pret. 1st sg. āwendeperf. part. āwend

ā-weorpan (-wurpan) (pret. sg. -wearp, pret. pl. -wurpon, perf. part. -worpen) (3) cast, overthrow, reject

ā-wēstan (W.I) lay waste, destroy ◈ perf. part. pl. āwēste

ǣw-fæst (ǣ-fæst) adj. law-observing, pious ◈ nom. sg. ǣwfasð (ǣfest) ◈ acc. pl. ǣfestesupl. nom. pl. ǣwfæstoste

ā-wiht pron. aught, anything

ǣwisc-mōd adj. ashamed, abashed ◈ nom. pl. -mōdeGoth aiwiski

ā-wōc → ā-wæcnan

ā-wreht → ā-weccan

ā-wrītan (pret. sg. -wrāt, pret. pl. -writon, perf. part. -writen) (1) write, compose ◈ 1st sg. āwrīteperf. part. pl. āwritene

ā-wunian (W.II) abide, continue

ā-wyrdan (W.I) destroy ◈ opt. 3rd sg. āwyrde

ā-wyrgan (W.I) curse ◈ perf. part. pl. āwyrigedanwearg

āxian → āscian

ā-ȳdlian (W.II) annul ◈ perf. part. pl. āȳdlodeīdel


bæc n. back ; acc. sg. under bæc backwards ; ofer bæc backwards

bæc-bord n. left side of a ship, larboard ◇ Ger Backbord, Fr babord

bǣl n. fire, funeral pyre ◈ gen. sg. bǣlesinst. sg. bǣleacc. sg. bǣlON bāl

bǣl-fȳr n. bale-fire, funeral or sacrificial fire

bǣl-þracu f. violence of fire ◈ dat. sg. -þræce

bām → bēgen

bān n. bone ◈ dat. sg. bāneacc. sg. bānnom. pl. bān

bana m. murderer ◈ dat. sg. bananMod bane

bān-fæt n. (bone-vessel) body ◈ acc. pl. -fatu

bǣr f. bier ◈ acc. sg. bǣreberan

Bardan-īg f. Bardney (Lincolnshire)

bærnan (W.I) burn (trans.)

Basingas m. pl. Basing (Hants) ◈ dat. pl. -engum

basu adj. purple (crimson)

bǣtan (W.I) bridle

bæð n. bath, font

baþian (W.II) bathe

be (, big) prep w dat inst; adv 1. (nearness) by, near, along, on ; be ēasten (with dat.) east of ; be westan (with dat.) west of ; be norþan (with dat.) north of ○ 2. (metaph. proximity) by, with, according to, concerning ; bī wrīte copy ; be þām by that ; by þȳ by that ; be fullan fully, perfectly ; be ðām concerning this ; bī ðȳs ilcan

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bēacen n. beacon (the sun) ◈ gen. sg. bēacnes

bēacnian (W.II) typify, indicate, show ◈ 3rd sg. bēacnað

beadu f. battle ◈ dat. sg. beaduweON boð boðvar

beadu-cræftig adj. valiant

beadu-rǣs m. rush of battle, onslaught

beadu-weorc n. work of battle ◈ gen. pl. -weorca

be-æftan (bæftan) prep adv (w dat) behind

bēag (bēah) m. ring, bracelet, collar, crown ◈ acc. pl. bēagasbūgan

bēah-gifa (bēag-) m. ring-giver, lord, king ◈ dat. sg. -gifan

bealcettan (W.I) belch, send forth, utter ◈ pret. 3rd sg. -ette

beald (bald) adj. bold ◈ ns (w gen)

bealdlīce (bald-) adv. boldly ◈ supl. baldlīcost

bealo (bealu) n. bale, evil, mischief ◈ gen. sg. bealwes

bealo-sorg f. baleful sorrow ◈ acc. sg. -sorge

bēam m. tree ◈ dat. sg. bēameacc. sg. bēamnom. pl. bēamasgen. pl. bēama

Bēam-flēot m. Benfleet (Essex) ◈ dat. sg. -flēote

bearn n. child, son ◈ acc. pl. bearnberan

bearo m. grove, wood ◈ dat. sg. bearweacc. sg. bearonom. pl. bearwasgen. pl. bearwa

bēatan (pret. sg. bēot, pret. pl. bēoton, perf. part. bēaten) (R.) beat ◈ pres. part. bēatende

be-baðian (bi-) (W.II) bathe ◈ 3rd sg. bibaðað

Bebban-burg f. Bamborough (Northumbria) ◈ dat. sg. byrig

be-bēodan (pret. sg. -bēad, pret. pl. -budon, perf. part. -boden) (2) 1. (with dat.) command, bid ◈ 1st sg. -bīode2. offer, commit, entrust ◈ pres. part. bebēodende

be-bod n. command ◈ acc. sg. bebodgen. pl. -bodaacc. pl. -bodu (-boda) ◇ bēodan

be-byrgan (W.I) bury ◈ ger. -byrgenne3rd sg. byrgeðperf. part. -byrged

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be-cēapian (W.II) sell

be-cierran (-cirran, -cyrran) (W.I) turn (trans.)perf. part. -ciered

be-clyppan (bi-) (W.I) embrace, seize ◈ 3rd sg. biclyppeðMod clip

be-clȳsan (W.I) inclose, shut in, imprison ◈ perf. part. beclȳsedpl. -clȳsdeclūse; Lat clausus

be-cuman (4) come, arrive ◈ 3rd sg. -cymð3rd pl. -cumaðopt. 3rd sg. -cumepret. 3rd sg. cwōm (cōm) ◈ 2nd pl. -cōmonpret. opt. 3rd sg. -cōme

be-dǣlan (bi-) separate, deprive of ◈ perf. part. bidǣled (with inst.)

bedd n. bed ◈ dat. sg. bedde

be-dīglian (-dȳglian, -dēglian) (W.II) obscure, bedim, conceal, keep secret ◈ perf. part. -dīgled (-dȳglod, -dēglad) ◇ dīgol

be-ebbian (W.II) leave aground by the ebb, strand ◈ perf. part. pl. beebbade

be-fæstan (W.I) fasten, fix, put in safe keeping, entrust ◈ opt. 2nd sg. -fæstepret. 3rd sg. -fæste3rd pl. -onperf. part. befæst

be-feallan (R.) fall ◈ opt. 2nd sg. -fealle

be-fēolan (3) apply oneself (with dat.)Ger befehlen

be-fōn (bi-) (R.) surround, envelop, clothe, cover ◈ imp. 2nd sg. -fōhperf. part. -fangenpl. -fongne (bifongen)

be-foran prep. (with dat.) before

be-foran adv. before

be-frān → be-frignan

be-frignan (3) ask ◈ pret. 3rd sg. befrān

be-gān (irreg.) 1. practice, perform, serve, occupy oneself with ◈ opt. 3rd sg. begā (with reflex. acc.)pret. 1st sg. beēodepl. -ēodon (-ēodan) ◈ 3rd pl. biēodon2. surround

be-gang m. undertaking, business

bēgen (bēggen) num. adj. both ; hī bū ; hīe būtū ; gyt būtū ; unc bām

be-geondan (-giondan) prep. (with dat.) beyond

be-gietan (-gitan, -gytan) (5) get, obtain, find ◈ pret. 2nd pl. -gēaton (-gēton)

be-ginnan (3) begin ◈ pret. 3rd sg. begannperf. part. begunnen

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be-gyrdan (W.I) begird, surround ◈ perf. part. begyrdd

be-hāt n. promise ◈ dat. sg. -hāteacc. pl. -hāt

be-hātan (R.) promise ◈ 3rd sg. -hǣt

be-healdan (bi-) (R.) 1. hold, occupy, guard, protect ◈ 3rd sg. bi-healdeð2. behold, look, observe ◈ inf. bi-imp. 2nd sg. behealdpret. 3rd sg. -hēold3rd pl. -on

be-helan (bi-) (4) conceal ◈ perf. part. sg. biholeneGer hehlen

be-heonan (-hionan) prep. (with dat.) on this side of

be-hindan adv. behind

be-hindan prep. (with dat.) behind

be-hōfian (W.II) behoove, require ◈ pret. 3rd pl. -hōfedon

be-hrēosan (bi-) (pret. sg. -hrēas, pret. pl. -hruron, perf. part. -hroren) (2) (fall upon) cover ◈ perf. part. pl. bihrorene

be-hrēowsian (W.II) rue, repent of ◈ 1st pl. hrēowsiað

be-hrēowsung f. repentance ◈ gen. sg. -unge

be-hwyrfan (W.I) change, convert ◈ pret. 3rd pl. -hwyrfdonperf. part. -hwyrfed

be-hȳdan (bi-) hide, conceal ◈ perf. part. -hȳdd (bihȳded) ◈ sg. bihȳdde

be-limpan (3) concern, pertain, belong (intr.)3rd sg. -limpð (-limpeð) ◈ pret. 3rd pl. -lumpon

be-lūcan (2) lock, lock up, shut in ◈ imp. 2nd pl. -lūcaðperf. part. -locen

bēn f. prayer, petition ◈ gen. sg. bēnenom. pl. bēnaacc. pl. bēnacf. Mod boon

benc f. bench ◈ dat. sg. bence

bend m. f. n. bond, fetter

be-niman (bi-) (4) rob, deprive of (with acc. of pers. and gen. or inst. of thing)3rd sg. -nimðpret. 3rd sg. -namperf. part. pl. -numene

benn f. wound ◈ nom. pl. bennabana

bēodan (pret. sg. bēad, pret. pl. budon, perf. part. boden) (2) offer, announce, command ◈ 3rd sg. bēodeð

bēon (bīon, wesan) (irreg.) be, exist, become ◈ ger. bēonne (bīonne) ◈ 2nd sg. byst (bist) ◈ 3rd sg. bið1st pl. bēo wē3rd pl. bēoð (bīoð) ◈ imp. 2nd sg. bēo2nd pl. bēoðopt. 3rd sg. bēo (bīo) ◈ 2nd pl. bēo gē3rd pl. bīon1st sg. eom2nd sg. eart3rd sg. is (ys) ◈ 3rd pl. synd (synt, sindon, siendon, syndon) ◈ opt. 3rd sg. sīe (, sig) ◈ 3rd pl. sīen (sīn, sȳn) ◈ neg 3 sg nis (<ne is) (nys) ◈ 3rd sg. weseðimp. 2nd sg. wespret. 3rd sg. wæs (wes) ◈ 3rd pl. wǣren (wǣrun, wǣran) ◈ pret. opt. 3rd sg. wǣreneg pret 3 sg næs (<ne wæs)neg 3 pl nǣronneg pret opt 3 sg nǣreneg 3 pl nǣronneg pret opt 3 sg nǣreneg 3 pl nǣren

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beorg (beorh) m. hill, mountain ◈ nom. pl. beorgasgen. pl. beorga

beorgan (byrgan) (W.I) taste, partake of ◈ 3rd sg. beorgeð

beorgan (pret. sg. bearg, pret. pl. burgon, perf. part. borgen) (3) protect, preserve (with dat.)Ger bergen

beorh-stede m. mound

beorht (biorht) adj. bright, shining, glorious ◈ dat. sg. beorhtreinst. sg. beorhtannom. pl. beorhtesupl. nom. sg. beorhtast

beorhte (biorhte) adv. brightly

beorhtnis f. brightness ◈ nom. sg. -nysdat. sg. -nysse

Beormas m. pl. Permians

beorn m. man, retainer, hero, chief ◈ gen. sg. beornesdat. sg. beornenom. pl. beornas

beornan (born, barn) (pret. sg. bearn, pret. pl. burnon, perf. part. bornen) (3) burn (intr.)3rd sg. byrneð

bēot (<*bī-hāt) n. boast ◈ acc. sg. bēotacc. pl. bēot ; on bēot boastfully

bēotian (W.II) boast ◈ pret. 3rd sg. bēotode

be-pǣcan (W.I) deceive, entice ◈ perf. part. bepǣhtfācen

beran (pret. sg. bær, pret. pl. bǣron, perf. part. boren) (4) bear ◈ ger. beranne2nd sg. byrst3rd sg. byrð (bereð, biereð) ◈ imp. 2nd pl. beraðopt. 3rd sg. bere

be-rēafian (W.II) bereave, rob, despoil, dispossess (with acc. of pers. and gen. of thing)3rd sg. -rēafað

beren adj. of a bear ◈ acc. sg. berenne (beren)

be-rīdan (1) pursue, surround, overtake ◈ pret. 3rd sg. -rād

be-rōwan (R.) row past or round (trans.)

berstan (pret. sg. bærst, pret. pl. burston, perf. part. borsten) (3) burst

be-rȳpan (W.I) despoil of, plunder (with acc. of pers. and gen. of thing)3rd sg. berȳpð

bescūfan (2) shove, push

be-sēon (-sīon) (5) see, look (intr.)pret. 3rd sg. -seahopt. 3rd sg. besīo (with reflex. acc.)pret. opt. 3rd sg. besāwe

be-settan (bi-) (W.I) beset, occupy, surround, adorn ◈ 3rd sg. biseteðperf. part. -seted (bi-)

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be-sittan (pret. sg. -sæt, pret. pl. -sǣton, perf. part. -seten) (5) besiege

be-slēan (6) strike, cut off, deprive ◈ perf. part. beslægen

be-smitennis f. defilement ◈ acc. sg. -nysse

be-standan (6) stand round, surround, beset ◈ 3rd pl. -standaðpret. 3rd pl. -stōdon

be-swīcan (bi-) (pret. sg. -swāc, pret. pl. -swicon, perf. part. -swicen) (1) deceive, betray, offend, overcome ◈ 3rd sg. besuīcðpret. 3rd sg. bi-perf. part. pl. beswicene

be-swīcian (W.II) evade, escape ◈ perf. part. sg. beswīcade

be-tǣcan (W.I) commit, commend, entrust ◈ 1st sg. -tǣcepret. 3rd sg. -tǣhte

bētan (W.I) amend ◇ bōt

be-teldan (bi-) (pret. sg. teald, pret. pl. tuldon, perf. part. tolden) (3) cover, hem in, surround ◈ 3rd sg. biteldeð3rd pl. -teldaðperf. part. bitoldencf. Mod tilt; Ger Zelt

betera → gōd

be-tweoh (-twih, -twuh, -tuh, -tweohx, -twux, -tux) prep. (with dat.) between, among ; betwux ðisum meanwhile

be-twēonum (-twēonon, -twȳnum, -twȳnan) prep. (with dat.) between, among

be-tȳnan (bi-) (W.I) close, end, enclose, imprison ◈ pret. 3rd sg. -tȳnde3rd pl. -onperf. part. betȳned (bitȳned) ◇ tūn

be-þeccan (bi-) (W.I) cover ◈ perf. part. pl. beþeahte (bi-) ◇ Ger decken

be-þingan (bi-) (3) beset, encircle ◈ perf. part. biþrungenGer dringen

be-urne → be-yrnan

be-wāwan (pret. sg. -wēow, pret. pl. -wēowon, perf. part. -wāwen) (R.) blow upon ◈ perf. part. pl. biwāuneGer wehen

be-weaxan (bi-) (R.) over-grow ◈ perf. part. -weaxen (bi-)

be-wēpan (R.) weep over, bewail

be-windan (bi-) (3) encircle, surround ◈ perf. part. biwunden

be-witan (PP.) oversee, have charge of, administer ◈ pret. 3rd sg. bewiste

be-witigan (-witian) (W.II) observe

be-wlītan (1) look ◈ pret. 3rd sg. -wlāt

be-yrnan (pret. sg. -arn, pret. pl. -urnon, perf. part. -urnen) (3) run ◈ pret. 2nd sg. beurne

bi-, bī → be-, be

bīdan (pret. sg. bād, pret. pl. bidon, perf. part. biden) (1) 1. abide, remain ◈ 3rd sg. bīdeþ2. (with gen.) await, expect

biddan (byddan) (pret. sg. bæd, pret. pl. bǣdon, perf. part. beden) (5) ask, request (acc of pers and gen of thing)pres. part. biddende3rd pl. biddaþimp. 2nd pl. biddaðopt. 3rd sg. biddepret. 2nd sg. bǣdepret. opt. 3rd sg. bǣde

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bi-drēosan (pret. sg. -drēas, pret. pl. -druron, perf. part. -droren) (2) (cause to fall away) deprive (w instr)perf. part. pl. bi-drorenecf. Mod dross, dreary

bifian (beofian) (W.II) waver, tremble ◈ pres. part. pl. bifigendanpret. 3rd pl. bifedonGer beben

big- → bī-

bīgan (bīegan, bȳgan) (W.I) bend ◈ 3rd sg. bīgeðbūgan

bī-genga m. inhabitant

bī-gong (bī-gang, big-geng) m. worship ◈ gen. sg. bīgongesdat. sg. bīgange

bī-leofa (big-) m. sustenance, food ◈ nom. sg. bigleofadat. sg. bigleofanlibban

bile-wit (bil-) adj. innocent, pure, simple ◈ dat. sg. -witrecf. Ger billig

bile-witnes f. innocence, purity ◈ gen. sg. -nesse (-nysse)

bill n. sword ◈ acc. sg. billinst. sg. billeGer bille

bill-gesliht n. clashing of swords ◈ gen. sg. -geslihtes

bindan (pret. sg. bond, pret. pl. bundon, perf. part. bunden) (3) bind ◈ 3rd pl. bindaðopt. 3rd sg. bindepret. 3rd sg. band

binnan (binnon) prep adv (w dat) within (time and place) ◈ adv. binnan

bisceop (biscop, biscep) m. bishop ◈ gen. sg. bisceopesdat. sg. biscepeacc. sg. bisceopnom. pl. biscepasacc. pl. bisceopasLat episcopus

bisceop-seðl (-setl) n. episcopal residence ◈ acc. sg. biscop-

bisceop-stōl m. episcopal seat, bishopric ◈ dat. sg. -stōle (biscepstōle) ◈ acc. sg. -stōl

bismer (bismor, bysmer) n. m. mockery, derision, insult ◈ dat. sg. bismre

bismerian (W.II) mock, deride ◈ pres. part. bismriende

bi-sorgian (W.II) care for, fear ◈ 3rd sg. bisorgað

bī-spell (big-) n. parable, example, proverb ◈ dat. sg. bigspelleacc. sg. -spell (big-) ◈ acc. pl. bigspellGer Beispiel

biter (bitter) adj. bitter, severe, disastrous, fierce ◈ acc. sg. biterneacc. pl. biteresupl. acc. sg. bitterestan

biternes f. bitterness, grief ◈ dat. sg. -nesse

bī-wist (big-) f. sustenance ◈ acc. sg. bigwistewesan

bi-wrēon (pret. sg. -wrāh (-wrēah), pret. pl. -wrigon (-wrugon), perf. part. wrigen (wrogen)) (1) cover, enwrap ◈ pret. 3rd sg. biwrāh

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blāc adj. shining, bright ◇ blīcan

blācung f. turning pale, pallor ◈ dat. sg. blacunge

blǣde (blēd) f. blossom, fruit ◈ gen. sg. blēdenom. pl. blēdedat. pl. blēdumacc. pl. blēdablōwan

blǣd m. blast, breath, inspiration, prosperity, riches, glory, honor ◈ acc. sg. blǣdblāwan

blǣd-dæg m. prosperous day ◈ gen. pl. -daga

blanden-feax adj. grizzly-haired ◇ blondan

blæst m. blaze, flame

blǣstan (W.I) blow (?) ◈ pret. 3rd pl. blǣston

Blēcinga-ēg f. Blekingen

blēd → blǣd

blēo-brygd n.(?) combination of colors ◇ bregdan; Mod blee

blētsian (W.II) bless ◈ 1st sg. blētsigeblōd

blētsung f. blessing ◈ dat. sg. -unge

blīcan (pret. sg. blāc, pret. pl. blicon, perf. part. blicen) (1) glitter, shine ◈ 3rd sg. blīceðopt. 3rd sg. blīceMod blink; Ger bleichen

blind adj. blind ◈ nom. sg. blindaacc. sg. blindanacc. pl. blynde

bliss f. bliss, joy ◈ gen. sg. blissedat. sg. blisse (blysse) ◈ acc. sg. blisse<blīðs

blissian (blissigan) (W.II) rejoice ◈ inf. blissiganpres. part. blissigendedat. sg. blissigendumpret. 3rd sg. blissode

blīðe adj. blithe, glad, friendly ◈ dat. sg. blīðumacc. sg. blīðenom. pl. blīðecomp. nom. sg. blīðra

blīðe-mōd adj. blithe of mood, friendly ◈ nom. pl. -mōde

blōd n. blood ◈ inst. sg. blōde

blōdig adj. bloody ◈ acc. sg. blōdigne

blondan (R.) blend, mix, mingle ◈ perf. part. geblanden (geblonden)

blōstma (blōstm) m. blossom, bloom, fruit ◈ nom. pl. blōstman

blōtan (pret. sg. blēot, pret. pl. blēoton, perf. part. blōten) (R.) sacrifice

blōwan (pret. sg. blēow, pret. pl. blēowon, perf. part. blōwen) (R.) bloom, flourish ◈ pres. part. blōwendeperf. part. geblōwen

bōc f. book ◈ gen. sg. bēcdat. sg. bēcacc. sg. bōcnom. pl. bēcgen. pl. bōcadat. pl. bōcumacc. pl. bēc

bōcere m. learned man, scholar, scribe ◈ acc. pl. bōceras

bōclīc adj. relating to books

boda m. messenger ◇ Ger Bote

bodian (W.II) proclaim, announce, preach ◈ pres. part. bodiende3rd sg. bodaðpret. 3rd sg. bodadeperf. part. bodad

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bodung f. preaching ◈ acc. sg. -unge

bōg (bōh) m. (arm, shoulder) bough, branch ◈ acc. pl. bōgas

boga m. bow ◈ nom. pl. bogan

bolster m. n. bolster, pillow ◈ dat. sg. bolstre

bord n. (board) shield ◈ gen. sg. bordesacc. sg. bordacc. pl. bord

bord-weall m. wall of shields, testudo, phalanx

bōsm m. bosom ◈ dat. sg. bōsme

bōt f. boot, advantage, reparation, remedy ◈ dat. sg. bōteacc. sg. bōte

brād adj. broad ◈ comp. nom. sg. brādre (brǣdre) ◈ supl. nom. sg. brādost

brǣd f.(?) young bird (?) ◇ bregdan

brǣdan (W.I) extend, spread ◇ brād

brastlian (W.II) crackle ◈ pres. part. dat. pl. brastligendumGer prasseln

breahtm m. noise, revelry, music ◈ dat. sg. breahtmegen. pl. breahtmaGer Pracht

brecan (pret. sg. bræc, pret. pl. brǣcon, perf. part. brocen) (4) break, destroy, break forth ◈ 3rd sg. briceð3rd pl. brecað

bregd n.(?) trick, fraud, deceit ◈ gen. pl. bregdabregdan

bregdan (pret. sg. brægd (brǣd), pret. pl. brugdon (brūdon), perf. part. brogden (bregden)) (3) 1. brandish, draw ◈ opt. 2nd pl. bregde gēpret. 3rd sg. brǣd2. braid, weave ◈ perf. part. bregden (brogden)

brego (breogo) m. chief, leader, lord, king ◈ acc. sg. brego

brember m. bramble ◈ dat. pl. brembrum

brengan (→ bringan), (W.I) bring ◈ 3rd sg. brengðopt. 3rd sg. brenge

brēost n. breast ◈ dat. sg. brēosteacc. pl. brēost

brēost-cofa m. breast-chamber, heart, mind ◈ dat. sg. -cofan

brēost-sefa m. mind, heart

Bret-wālas m. pl. the Britons of Wales

brice (bryce) m. fragment ◈ acc. pl. bricasbrecan

bricg-weard (brycg) m. bridge-guard ◈ acc. pl. -weardas

bridd m. young bird ◈ nom. sg. bridgen. sg. briddes

brim n. ocean ◈ acc. pl. brimu

brim-cald (-ceald) adj. ocean-cold

brim-fugol m. sea-bird ◈ acc. pl. -fuglas

brim-līþend m. sea-farer, pirate ◈ gen. pl. -līþendra

brim-monn m. sea-man, pirate ◈ nom. pl. -mengen. pl. -mauna

bringan (→ brengan), (W.I) bring ◈ 3rd sg. bringð3rd pl. bringaðopt. 3rd sg. bringepret. 3rd sg. brōhte3rd pl. brōhton

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broc n. injury, affliction, disease ◈ dat. sg. broceacc. sg. brocbrecan

brocian (W.II) oppress, injure, afflict ◈ 3rd pl. brociað

brōhte → bringan

brond m. brand, burning, fire ◈ gen. sg. brondes

brosnian (W.II) crumble, waste away, wither, decay ◈ 3rd pl. brosniaðperf. part. gebrosnadpl. -odecf. Ger Brosam

brosnung f. decay ◈ dat. sg. -unge

brōðor (brōður) m. brother ◈ gen. sg. brōðordat. sg. brēðernom. pl. brōðor (brōðru) ◈ acc. pl. brōðor

brūcan (pret. sg. brēac, pret. pl. brucon, perf. part. brocen) (2) brook, use, enjoy, possess (with gen.)3rd sg. brīcð3rd pl. brūcað

brūn adj. brown

Brunan-burh f. Brunanburh (Durham ?)

brūn-ecg adj. brown edged (of a sword)

brycg (bricg) f. bridge ◈ acc. sg. bricge

brȳd f. bride ◈ acc. sg. brȳde

bryhtm m. glance, twinkling ◇ cf. breahtm

bryne m. burning, fire, flame

bryne-gield n. burnt offering, sacrifice ◈ dat. sg. -gieldeacc. sg. -gield

Bryten f. Britain ◈ acc. sg. Brytene

brytta m. distributor, dispenser ◈ gen. sg. bryttanbrēotan

Bryttas (Brittas) m. pl. Britons

bryttigan (bryttian) (W.II) divide, share

Bryttisc (Brittisc) adj. British ◈ dat. sg. Bryttiscum

→ bēgen

būan (būgan) (irreg.) 1. (intr.) dwell ◈ 3rd pl. būgeaðpret. 3rd sg. būdpres. part. dat. pl. būgigendum inhabitants ○ 2. (trans.) occupy, cultivate ◈ 3rd pl. būgaðperf. part. sg. bȳne (bȳnum, gebūn, gebūd)

bufon (bufan < be-ufan) prep. 1. (with dat.) above ○ 2. (with acc.) on, upon

būgan (pret. sg. bēag, pret. pl. bugon, perf. part. bogen) (2) bow, bend, turn ◈ 1st sg. būge

bune f. cup

Bunne f. Bononia, now Boulogne (France) ◈ dat. sg. Bunnan

būr m. bower, chamber ◈ acc. sg. būrbūan

burg (burh) f. fort, borough, city ◈ nom. sg. burhgen. sg. byrigdat. sg. byrigacc. sg. burgacc. pl. burga

Burgenda gen. pl. m. Burgundians ; Burgenda land Bornholm

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burg-lēode (burh-) m. pl. burghers, citizens ◈ dat. pl. burh-

burg-ware (burh-) m. pl. inhabitants of a 'burg', burghers, citizens ◈ gen. pl. -waraacc. pl. -ware

burna (burne, f) m. bourn, stream, fountain ◈ dat. sg. burnan

būr-þēn (-þegn) m. chamberlain ◈ dat. sg. -þēne

būte conj. but

būton (būtan) prep. (with dat.) 1. except ○ 2. without ○ 3. outside

būton (būtan) conj. 1. (with opt.) unless ○ 2. (with indic.) except, except that, but only

būton adv. outside

Butting-tūn m. Buttington ◈ dat. sg. -tūne

būtū se bēgen

bycgan (bicgan) (W.I) buy ◈ imp. 2nd pl. bicgað

bydel m. beadle, proclaimer, herald, minister ◈ gen. pl. bydelaacc. pl. bydelasbēodan

byden f. measure, bushel ◈ dat. sg. bydeneL L *butīna < Gr βυτινη

byldan (W.I) encourage ◈ opt. 3rd sg. byldepret. 3rd sg. byldebeald

bȳme f. trumpet ◈ gen. sg. bȳmannom. pl. bȳman

bȳne → būan

byrde adj. of high birth, rank ◈ supl. nom. sg. byrdesta

byre m. favorable opportunity

byre m. child, son, descendant ◈ nom. pl. byreberan

byrgan (W.I) taste, eat ◈ pret. 3rd pl. byrgdon

byrgan (W.I) bury ◈ ger. byrigenne

byrgen f. grave, tomb ◈ dat. sg. byrgeneacc. sg. byrgenne (byrgene) ◈ nom. pl. byrgena

byrne f. byrnie, corslet, coat of mail ◈ acc. sg. byrnanGer Brünne

byrn-sweord n. flaming sword

byrn-wiga m. mailed warrior

byrðen f. burden ◈ acc. sg. byrðenne (byrðene) ◈ gen. pl. byrðenna

bȳsen (bīsen) f. example ◈ dat. sg. bȳsene (bȳsne) ◈ acc. sg. bȳsenedat. pl. bīsnum (bīsenum) ◈ acc. pl. bīsneGoth -būsns

bysgian (W.II) busy, occupy, disturb, oppress ◈ perf. part. gebysgad

bysig adj. busy ◈ nom. pl. bysige

bysigo f. business, concern, occupation ◈ dat. pl. bisgum

bȳsnian (bīsnian) (W.II) set an example for, instruct by example ◈ inf. bīsnian3rd sg. bīsenaðpret. 3rd pl. bȳsnodon

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cāf adj. bold, brave ◈ acc. sg. cāfneON ā-kafr

cāflīce adv. boldly

camp m. fight, battle ◈ dat. sg. campeGer Kampf

camp-stede m. battle-field

candel (condel) f. candle ◈ dat. sg. condelle

candel-stæf m. (candle-staff) candlestick

canon m. sacred canon ◈ gen. sg. canonesLat canon, Gr κανων

Cantwara-burg f. Canterbury ◈ dat. sg. -byrig

carc-ern (cearc-ern, cf. cweart-ern) n. prison ◈ gen. sg. carcernesdat. sg. carcerneacc. sg. carcernLat carcer + ærn

car-full (cear-) adj. careful

carian (cearian) (W.II) care, be concerned for ◈ 3rd sg. carað

carte f. chart, card (for writing upon) ◈ acc. sg. cartanLat charta

cāsere m. emperor ◈ gen. sg. cāseresLat Caesar

ceald (cald) adj. cold ◈ acc. sg. calddat. pl. caldum

ceallian (W.II) call

cēap m. cattle ◈ gen. sg. cēapescf. Mod cheap

cēap-stōw f. market-place

cearu (cearo, caru) f. care ◈ nom. sg. cearoacc. sg. ceare

ceaster f. fort, town, city ◈ dat. sg. ceastreLat castrum

ceaster-ge-ware m (pl tant) citizen ◈ nom. pl. -waran

cellod adj. curved, hollow, embossed ◇ Lat celatus

cempa m. warrior ◈ nom. pl. cempangen. pl. cempenacamp

cēne adj. keen, bold ◈ comp. nom. sg. cēnre

cēnlīce adv. boldly

cennan (W.I) beget, bring forth ◈ perf. part. cenned

Cent f. Kent

ceorl m. (churl) freeman (of the common class), man ◈ dat. sg. ceorle

cēcsan (pret. sg. cēas, pret. pl. curon, perf. part. coren) (2) choose ◈ 3rd pl. cēosaðopt. 1st sg. cēose

cēpan (W.I) avail oneself of, take to (with gen.)pret. 3rd sg. cēpte

cīdan (W.I) chide, reproach (with dat.)2nd sg. cīddesð (dial.)pret. 2nd sg. cīdde

cīgan (cīegan, cȳgan) (W.I) cry out, call ◈ pret. 3rd sg. cīgde (cȳgde) ◈ 1st pl. cīgdon

cild n. child ◈ gen. sg. cildesacc. pl. cild

cild-hād m. childhood ◈ dat. sg. -hāde

cirice (cyrice, cyrce) f. church ◈ nom. sg. cyrcegen. sg. ciricean (cyrcan)

cirlisc adj. 'churlish', rustic ◈ nom. pl. cirlisceceorl

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cirm → cyrm

cirr (cierr, cyrr) m. turn, time, occasion ◈ dat. sg. cirreMod char

Cisse-ceaster f. 'Cissa's fort', Chichester ◈ dat. sg. -ceastre

clām → clēa

clǣne adj. clean, pure ◈ gen. sg. clǣnanacc. sg. clǣneacc. pl. clǣne

clǣne adv. entirely

clǣnnes f. cleanness, purity, chastity ◈ dat. sg. -nisse

clǣnsung f. cleansing, chastening

clāþ n. cloth ◈ dat. sg. clāþe

clēa (cleo) f. claw ◈ dat. pl. clām

clēofan (pret. sg. clēaf, pret. pl. clufon, perf. part. clofen) (2) cleave, split (trans.)

cleopian → clipian

clēowen n. (clew), ball, globular mass ◈ dat. sg. clēowneGer Knäuel

clipian (clypian, cleopian) (W.II) 1. cry out, exclaim ◈ 3rd sg. clypaðpret. 3rd sg. clypode (cleopode) ○ 2. (with dat.) cry unto, implore ◈ pres. part. dat. pl. clypigendumpl. cleopiaðimp. 2nd sg. clypa2nd pl. clypiaðpret. 3rd sg. clipodeMod obs clepe, yclept

clūdig adj. rocky ◇ cf. Mod cloud

clypian → clipian

clyppan (W.I) embrace, accept ◈ opt. 3rd sg. clyppeMod clip

cnapa m. boy, youth ◈ nom. pl. cnapangen. pl. cnapenaGer Knabe

cnearr m. ship, galley ◈ nom. sg. cnearON knorr

cnēo (cnēow) n. knee ◈ acc. pl. cnēo (cnēow)

cnēo-mǣg m. kinsman ◈ dat. pl. -māgnum

cnēoriss f. generation, family, tribe, people ◈ acc. sg. -isse

cniht m. boy, youth, young warrior, knight, attendant, disciple ◈ gen. sg. cnihtesacc. sg. cnihtnom. pl. cnihtas (cnyhtas)

cnyssan (W.I) beat (trans.)3rd sg. cnyseð3rd pl. cnyssaðcf. Ger Knorre

cōlian (W.II) cool ◈ 3rd sg. cōlaþ

collen-ferð (-ferhð) adj. proud-minded, fierce ◇ *cwellan

Coln f. the river Colne (Essex) ◈ dat. sg. Colne

corn n. corn, grain ◈ gen. sg. cornesacc. sg. corn

corðor n. troop, flock, company ◈ gen. pl. corðra

costian (costigan, costnian) (W.II) tempt try, prove ◈ inf. costigan (with gen.)ger. costianne (costienne) ◈ pret. 1st sg. constnode (with gen.)Ger kosten

costnian → costian

costnung f. temptation

coþu f. disease

cræft m. strength, might, virtue, craft, skill, art, pursuit, knowledge ◈ dat. sg. cræfteacc. sg. cræftgen. pl. cræftaacc. pl. cræftas

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cræftiga (cræftega) m. craftsman, workman, artificer ◈ nom. sg. crætega

cræt n. cart, chariot ◈ dat. sg. cræte

Crēcas (Crēacas) m. pl. the Greeks ◈ nom. pl. Crēacasgen. pl. Crēca

crēodon (crūdan) (pret. sg. crēad, pret. pl. crudon, perf. part. croden) (2) crowd, press, hasten ◈ pret. 3rd sg. crēad

cringan (pret. sg. -crong (-cronc), pret. pl. -crungon (-cruncon), perf. part. -crungen) (3) cringe, yield, fall, die

Crīst m. Christ ◈ nom. sg. Crīsð (dial.)gen. sg. Crīstesdat. sg. Crīste

crīsten adj. Christian ◈ nom. pl. crīstene (crīstena, crīstnan) ◈ gen. pl. crīstenra

crīsten-dōm m. christianity ◈ dat. sg. -dōmeymestacc. sg. -dōm

cucu → cwic

cumbol-gehnāst (gehnād) n. conflict of banners ◈ gen. sg. -gehnāstes

cum-pæder m. godfather in his relation to the father ◇ Lat compater

cuman (pret. sg. c(w)ōm, pret. pl. c(w)ōmon, perf. part. cumen) (4) come ◈ ger. cummannesg. cymst (cymest) ◈ 3rd sg. cymð (cymeð) ◈ 3rd pl. cumaðopt. 3rd sg. cume (cyme) ◈ imp. 2nd sg. cumpret. 2nd sg. cōme3rd sg. cwōm (cuōm, cōm) ◈ pl. cōmonpret. opt3 sg cōmeperf. part. cumen

cunnen (PP.) can, be able, know, understand (trans. and intr.)1st sg. con2nd sg. canst3rd sg. can1st pl. cunnon (cunnun) ◈ 3rd pl. cunnonopt. 3rd sg. cunne3rd pl. cunnen (cunnan, cunnon) ◈ pret. 1st sg. cūðe2nd sg. cūðest3rd sg. cūðepret. opt. 2nd sg. cȳðe1st pl. cūðon3rd pl. cūðen

cunnian (W.II) prove try, examine, experience (with acc. or gen.)3rd sg. cunnaðpret. 3rd sg. cunnodecunnan

cūð adj. known, familiar, manifest ◈ acc. sg. cūðegen. pl. cūðrapp < cunnan; Ger kund

cūðlic adj. known, certain ◈ comp. acc. sg. cūðlicre

cūðlice adv. openly, clearly, certainly

cwacian (W.II) quake ◈ pres. part. acc. sg. cwacigendan

cwalu f. killing, murder, death ◈ dat. sg. cwalecwelan

Cwāt-bryeg f. Bridgenorth (Salop) ◈ dat. sg. -brycge

cwealm m. n. death, destruction, pestilence ◈ dat. sg. cwealmeacc. sg. cwealmMod qualm

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cwealm-bǣre adj. deadly ◈ acc. sg. -bǣran

cweart-ern (→ carc-ern), n. prison ◈ dat. sg. cwarterne

cwelan (pret. sg. cwæl, pret. pl. cwǣlon, perf. part. cwolen) (4) die

cwellan (W.I) kill ◇ cwelan; Mod quell

cwellere m. executioner ◈ nom. pl. cwelleras

cwēman (W.I) please (with dat.)ger. cwēmannecuman

cwēn f. queen

Cwēnas m. pl. a tribe of the Fins ◈ gen. pl. Cwēna

cweorn f. quern, mill ◈ acc. sg. cweorneGoth qairnus

cweðan (pret. sg. cwæð, pret. pl. cwǣdon, perf. part. cweden) (5) say, speak ◈ sg. cweðe2nd sg. cwyst3rd sg. cwið3rd pl. cwæðað (for cweðað)imp. 2nd sg. cweðpret. 2nd sg. cwǣdepret. opt. 3rd sg. cwǣde3rd pl. cwǣden ; gecueden named ◇ Mod quoth

cwic (cwicu, cucu) adj. 'quick', alive ◈ nom. sg. cucuacc. sg. cwicne (cwycne) ◈ gen. pl. cwicra

cwic-sūsl (cwyc-) n. hell-torment ◈ gen. sg. cwycsūslesdat. sg. -sūsle

cwide (cwyde) m. saying, utterance ◈ dat. sg. cwydeacc. sg. cuidecweðan

cwide-giedd n. word, utterance ◈ gen. pl. -giedda

cwild (cwyld) m. f. n. destruction, pestilence, murrain ◈ dat. sg. cwildecwelan

cwīþan (W.I) bewail (trans.)

cwyc-sūsl → cwic-sūsl

cȳf f. vessel ◈ acc. sg. cȳfeGer Kübel

cyle (ciele) m. chill, cold

cyle-gicel m. icicle

cyme m. coming ◈ gen. sg. cymesdat. sg. cymeacc. sg. cymecuman

cyne-dōm m. government, kingdom

cyne-gold n. regal gold, diadem, crown

cyne-hlāford m. royal lord

cynelīc adj. royal ◈ acc. pl. -līce

cyne-rīce n. kingdom ◈ gen. sg. kynerīcesinst. sg. -rīce

cyne-þrymm m. kingly majesty ◈ acc. sg. -þrym

cyng (cing) m. king ◈ gen. sg. cynges (cinges) ◈ dat. sg. cynge

cyning m. king ◈ gen. sg. cyningesdat. sg. cyningeacc. sg. cyningnom. pl. cyningas (cynegas) ◈ gen. pl. cyninga

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cynn n. kin, race, family, kind ◈ gen. sg. cynnesdat. sg. cynneacc. sg. cynngen. pl. cinna

cȳpe-cniht m. boy for sale as a slave ◈ acc. pl. -cnihtas

cȳp(e)-monn m. chapman, merchant ◈ nom. pl. -men

cyrice, cyrce → cirice

cyrm (cierm, cirm) m. cry, alarm

cyrran (cierran, cirran) (W.I) turn, go, return ◈ 3rd pl. cyrraðpret. 3rd sg. cyrde3rd pl. cirdonGer kehren

cyrtel m. kirtle, coat, tunic ◈ acc. sg. kyrtelacc. pl. cyrtlas

cyssan (W.I) kiss ◈ pres. part. cyssendeopt. 3rd sg. cysse

cystig adj. virtuous, charitable ◈ dat. sg. cystigum

cȳðan (W.I) make known ◈ 3rd pl. cȳðaðpret. 3rd sg. cȳðde (cȳdde) ◈ 3rd pl. cȳðdoncūð

cȳððu (cȳðð) f. kith, kinship, home, country ◈ dat. sg. cȳððeacc. sg. cȳððe (cȳððu)


dǣd f. deed, action ◈ gen. pl. dǣdaacc. pl. dǣda

dǣd-bētan (W.I) make amends, repent ◈ pres. part. nom. pl. dǣdbētende

dǣd-bōt f. repentance

dæg m. day ◈ dat. sg. dægeacc. sg. dæginst. sg. dægegen. pl. dagadat. pl. dagum (dagan) ◈ acc. pl. dagas ; gen. sg. dæges and nihtes (adv.) by day and night ; dat. sg. tō dæge (adv.) to-day ; acc. sg. longe on dæg (adv.) far on, late in the day

dæg-hwōmlīc (-hwāmlic) adj. daily ◈ dat. sg. -līcum

dæg-hwōmlīce (-hwāmlīce) adv. daily

dæg-rēd n. dawn

dægðerlīc adj. daily, present ; dat. sg. oð ðisum dægðerlīcum dæge to this present day

dæg-weorc n. work of the day ◈ gen. sg. -weorces

dæl n. dale ◈ nom. pl. daluGer Thal

dǣl m. division, portion, part ◈ dat. sg. dæleacc. sg. dǣlgen. pl. dǣla ; be ǣnigum dǣle to any extent ; be þǣm dǣle to that extent

dǣlan (W.I) deal out, divide, separate, distribute ◈ 3rd sg. dǣlð (dǣleð) ◈ opt. 1st pl. dǣlonpret. 3rd pl. dǣldonperf. part. gedǣledpl. gedǣlde

dǣl-neomende (dial) (ptc) m partaker

daroð (darað) m. dart, spear ; gen. pl. daroða lāf the leaving of spears, those surviving a battle

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dēad adj. dead ◈ nom. sg. dēadaacc. sg. dēadnenom. pl. dēade (dēadan)

dēad-bǣre adj. deadly ◈ dat. sg. -bǣrum

deall adj. proud ◈ nom. sg. deal

dearr → durran

dēað m. death ◈ gen. sg. dēaðesdat. sg. dēaðeinst. sg. dēaðeacc. sg. dēaðacc. pl. dēaðas

dēað-denu f. mortal vale

dēað-ræced (-reced) n. house of death, grave

Defenas (Defnas) m. pl. the people of Devonshire, Devonshire

Defena-scīr (Defna-) f. Devonshire ◈ dat. sg. scīre

delfan (pret. sg. dealf, pret. pl. dulfon, perf. part. dolfen) (3) delve, dig

dēma m. judge ◈ gen. sg. dēman

dēman (W.I) deem, judge, determine ◈ 3rd sg. dēmðperf. part. gedēmed

demm m. judgment

Dene m. pl. Danes ◈ gen. pl. Denadat. pl. Denonacc. pl. Dene

Dene-mearc (Dena-, -mearce) f. Denmark ◈ nom. sg. Denamearcdat. sg. Denemearce (Denemearcan)

Denisc adj. Danish ◈ nom. pl. Deniscangen. pl. Deniscra ; acc. sg. on Densic in the Danish fashion

dennian (W.II) become slippery (?) ◈ pret. 3rd sg. dennode

denu (dene) f. valley

dēoflīc adj. devilish ◈ acc. pl. -līcan

dēofol m. n. devil ◈ gen. sg. dēoflesdat. sg. dēoflenom. pl. dēoflaacc. pl. dēoflu (dēoflo)

dēofol-gyld n. idol ◈ gen. pl. -gilda

dēofol-gylda m. idolater ◈ nom. pl. -gyldan

dēofol-sēoc adj. possessed of a devil ◈ acc. pl. -sēocan

dēofol-sēocnis f. possession by a devil ◈ acc. pl. -nyssa

dēop n. the deep, the sea ◈ gen. sg. dēopes (dȳpan f)

dēop adj. deep

dēope adv. deeply, profoundly

dēoplīce adv. deeply, profoundly

dēopnis f. depth, abyss ◈ dat. sg. -nysse

dēor (dīor) n. wild beast or animal (of any sort) ◈ acc. sg. dēornom. pl. dīorgen. pl. dēoraacc. pl. dēor

deorc adj. dark, gloomy, sad ◈ nom. sg. deorca (deorce) ◈ acc. sg. deorce

dēorling → dȳrling

dēor-mōd adj. bold of mind, brave

Deorwente f. the Derwent ◈ dat. sg. -wentan

dēor-wurð (-wirð, -weorð) adj. worthy of estimation, precious, honored ◈ dat. sg. -wurðanacc. pl. -wurðe (-wirðe, -wurðan)

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Dēre m. pl. the Deirians, inhabitants of Deira

derian (W.I) injure (with dat.)3rd sg. dereð (derað) ◇ daru

dīacon-hād (dēacon-) m. office of a deacon, deaconship ◈ dat. sg. -hāde

dīegol (dīgol) adj. secret ◈ nom. sg. dīegla (dīgle) ◈ gen. sg. dīeglancomp. nom. pl. dīgelran

dimm (dymm) adj. dim, dark, gloomy ◈ dat. pl. dymmum

dimnis (dymnis) f. dimness, gloom ◈ dat. sg. dymnysse

Dinges (mere) proper name a proper name, or the sea of dashing and noise

dīor → dēor

disc m. dish ◈ dat. sg. disceacc. sg. disc

discipul m. disciple ◈ nom. pl. discipulī (Lat) (discipulōs (for -ī)) ◈ gen. pl. discipulaacc. pl. discipulī

dōgor n. day ◈ gen. pl. dōgra

dōgor-rīm n. numbering of the days, time ◈ gen. sg. -rīmes

dohtor f. daughter

dōm m. 1. doom, judgment, decree, decision, choice ◈ gen. sg. dōmesdat. sg. dōmeacc. sg. dōm (stipulation) ◈ inst. sg. dōme2. renown, glory

dōm-ern n. judgment-hall ◈ dat. sg. -erne

dōm-georn adj. eager for renown ◈ nom. pl. -georne

dōmlīc adj. famous, glorious

dōn (irreg.) do, act, cause, put, place ◈ ger. dōnnepres. part. dōnde2nd sg. dēst3rd sg. dēð2nd pl. dōð3rd pl. dōðimp. 2nd sg. opt. 2nd sg. 1st pl. dōnpret. 2nd sg. dydest3rd sg. dyde3rd pl. dydonpret. opt. 3rd sg. dyde

Dorce-ceaster (Dorcan-) f. Dorchester ◈ dat. sg. -ceastreacc. sg. Dorcanceaster

draca m. dragon

drēam m. joy, mirth ◈ inst. sg. drēamegen. pl. drēama (harmony) ◇ Mod dream

dreccan (W.I) vex, trouble, afflict ◈ pret. 3rd pl. drehton

drenc m. drink ◈ gen. sg. drencesdat. sg. drence

dreng m. warrior ◈ gen. pl. drengaON drengr

drēogan (pret. sg. drēag, pret. pl. drugon, perf. part. drogen) (2) endure, perform, fulfil ◈ 3rd sg. drēogeð

drēor m. blood ◈ inst. sg. drēoredrēosan

drēorig adj. dreary, sad ◈ nom. sg. drēorigeacc. sg. drēorigne (hyge)nom. pl. drēorigedrēosan

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drēorig-hlēor adj. with sad face

drēorignis f. sadness ◈ gen. sg. -nysse

drēosan (pret. sg. drēas, pret. pl. druron, perf. part. droren) (2) fall, perish ◈ 3rd sg. drēoseð3rd pl. drēosaðcf. Mod dross

drihten → dryhten

drinca m. drink ◈ acc. sg. drincan

drincan (pret. sg. dronc, pret. pl. druncon, perf. part. druncen) (3) drink ◈ 3rd pl. drincaðpret. opt. 3rd sg. drunce2nd pl. druncen

drohtað m. sojourn, life

drohtian → drohtnian

drohtnian (drohtian) (W.II) lead one's life, live ◈ ger. drohtnigenne3rd sg. drohtaðpret. 3rd sg. drohtnodedrēogan

drohtnung (drohtung) f. conduct, condition, life ◈ gen. sg. drohtungedat. sg. -nunge

drohtung → drohtnung

drūsan (drūsian W II) (W.I) droop, drowse, become feeble ◈ pres. part. drūsendedrēosan

drȳ m. wizard, sorcerer ◇ Celt drūi

drȳge (drīge) adj. dry ◈ acc. pl. drȳge ; dat. sg. on drȳgum on dry ground

dryht f. body of retainers, host, people ◇ drēogan

dryhten (drihten) m. lord, prince, ruler, king ◈ gen. sg. drihtnesdat. sg. drihtne (drihtene)

drȳman (W.I) rejoice ◈ pres. part. gen. pl. drȳmendradrēam

dryre m. fall, deposit ◇ drēosan

dugan (PP.) avail ◈ 3rd sg. dēahopt. 3rd sg. dygeGer taugen

duguð (dugoð) f. 1. body of retainers, host ◈ dat. sg. duguþegen. pl. duguða ; duguða wyn the flower, the chief of retainers ○ 2. benefit, honor, riches ◈ dat. sg. duguþegen. pl. dugeðadugan; Ger Tugend

dūn f. down, hill, mountain ◈ acc. sg. dūneCelt dūnum

dūn-scræf n. hill-cave ◈ nom. pl. -scrafu

durran (PP.) dare ◈ 1st sg. dearr3rd sg. dearr1st pl. durronopt. 1st sg. durrepret. 3rd pl. dorstonpret. opt. 3rd pl. dorsten

duru f. door ◈ dat. sg. dura (duru, dyru) ◈ acc. sg. durunom. pl. dura

dūst n. dust ◈ dat. sg. dūsteacc. sg. dūst

dūst-scēawung f. contemplation of the dust ◈ dat. sg. -scēawunga

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dwǣscan (W.I) extinguish, blot out ◈ 3rd sg. dwǣsceðdwǣs: dysig

dwelian (dwellan) (W.I) lead into folly, deceive; be led astray, err ◈ pres. part. dweligendecf. Mod dull

Dyflin (Dyflen, Difelin) Dublin

dym-hof n. place of concealment ◈ dat. pl. -hofon

dȳre (dīere, dēore) adj. dear, costly ◈ nom. pl. dȳre

dȳrling (dēorling) m. darling, favorite ◈ acc. pl. dēorlingas

dyrstignes f. boldness, audacity, arrogance ◈ dat. sg. -nysseacc. sg. -nesse

dysig adj. foolish ◈ supl. nom. sg. dysgostaMod dizzy

dysig n. folly ◈ dat. sg. dysige

dysignes f. folly ◈ dat. sg. -nesse

dyslīc (dysiglīc) adj. foolish


ē → ēa

ēa f. river ◈ gen. sg. ē (ēas) ◈ dat. sg. ēa (ēæ) ◈ acc. sg. ēanom. pl. ēaGer Au

ēac (ēc) conj. adv. also, moreover, likewise, even ; ge ... ge ēac both ... and also ; nē ... nē ēac neither ... nor even ; ond ēac swā and also ; ēac swilce (swylce, swelce) also, likewise ; ēac gelīce (-lȳce) likewise ◇ Ger auch

ēac prep. in addition to, together with, besides (with dat.)

ēaca m. addition, increase ◈ dat. sg. ēacan ; nom. sg. reinforcements ; tō ēacan in addition to (with dat.)

ēad n. possession, riches, happiness, bliss ◈ gen. sg. ēadesacc. sg. ēadcf. Mod allodium

ēadig adj. rich, blessed, happy ◈ nom. sg. ēadga (ēadiga) ◈ gen. sg. ēadiganGoth audags

ēadignes f. happiness, bliss ◈ gen. sg. -nesse

ēad-mōd → ēað-mōd

ēad-wela m. generous supply, riches

eafora (eafera) m. son, heir ◈ dat. sg. eaforancf. Goth afar, prep 'after'

ēage n. eye ◈ gen. sg. eagan

ēag-gebyrd f. eyeball (?), pupil of the eye (?)

eahta num. eight

ēa-lā interj. oh! alas!

eald (ald) adj. old ◈ nom. sg. aldaacc. pl. ealde (ealdan) ; ealda fæder grandfather (ancestor?) ; ealde tried, honored ; supl. acc. sg. ieldesðe (dial.) most honored

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Ealdan-mynster n. Old-Minster ◈ dat. sg. -mynstre

eald-cȳððu (-cȳðð) f. old, former home ◈ acc. sg. -cȳððe (-cȳððu)

eald-fæder m. forefather ◈ acc. pl. -fæderas

eald-fēond m. old foe, arch fiend, devil ◈ gen. sg. -fēondesgen. pl. -fēonda

ealdian (W.II) become old ◈ perf. part. geealdad

ealdor (aldor) m. prince, chief, lord ◈ gen. sg. ealdresdat. sg. ealdre

ealdor-bisceop m. chief bishop

ealdor-dōm m. lordship, sovereignty

ealdor-lang adj. life-long, lasting ◈ acc. sg. -langne

ealdor-monn m. alderman, chief, ruler, magistrate, chief officer of the shire ◈ nom. sg. -mon (-mann) ◈ gen. sg. -monnesnom. pl. -men

ealgian (W.II) defend ◈ pret. 3rd pl. ealgodon

eall (all) adj. all ◈ acc. sg. alne (ealle) ◈ inst. sg. eallenom. pl. ealle (alle, ealla) ◈ gen. pl. ealra (eallra) ◈ dat. pl. eallumacc. sg. ealle (ealla, eall, eal) ; gen. sg. ealles (adv.) altogether, quite, entirely ; ealles, ealra swīþost (adv.) most of all, especially ; ealles for swīðe (adv.) altogether, utterly ; ds (or dp) mid (myd) eallum (adv.) altogether, entirely ; inst. sg. mid ealle (adv.) withal (= and everything) ; acc. sg. ealne weg (adv.) all the way, always ; ealneg (=ealne weg) (adv.) all the way ; ealne dæg (adv.) all the day ; eall swā (adv.) just as

eallinga → eallunga

eallunga (eallinga) adv. altogether, entirely

Eall wealdend m. Ruler of all

ealo (ealu) n. ale ◈ gen. sg. ealað

ēa-lond n. island ◈ dat. sg. -londe

ēam m. uncle ◇ Ger Oheim

ēar n. ear (of corn) ◈ dat. sg. ēareacc. sg. ēar

earc f. ark ◈ gen. sg. earceacc. sg. earce

eard m. dwelling, home, country ◈ gen. sg. eardesdat. sg. eardeacc. sg. eardeorðe

eard-geard m. dwelling-place, earth

eardian (W.II) dwell ◈ 3rd pl. eardiaðpret. 3rd pl. eardodon

earding (eardung) f. habitation ◈ acc. pl. eardinga

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eard-stapa m. land-stepper, wanderer

eard-stede m. dwelling-place

eard-wīc n. dwelling

ēare n. ear ◈ acc. pl. ēaran

earfoð (earfeð) n. difficulty, toil, hardship, torture, torment ◈ gen. pl. earfoðaacc. pl. earfoðuGer Arbeit

earfoðe adj. difficult ◈ gen. sg. earfoðes

earfoðlīc adj. difficult, full of hardship

earfoðnes f. hardship, torture ◈ acc. pl. -nessa

ēar-gebland n. wave-mingling, ocean

earh (earg) adj. cowardly ◇ Ger arg

earm m. arm

earm adj. poor, pitiable, wretched, despicable ◈ acc. sg. earmnenom. pl. earmecomp. nom. sg. earmraGer arm

earm-cearig adj. wretched, full of care

earming m. poor wretch ◈ nom. pl. earmingas

earmlīc adj. miserable, wretched ◈ gen. sg. -līcesdat. sg. -līcum

earn m. eagle ◈ gen. sg. earnesdat. sg. earne ; acc. sg. earn æftan hwīt (→ Gr πυγαργοσ) ◇ Ger Aar

earnian (W.II) earn (with gen.)3rd sg. earnað3rd pl. earniað

eart → bēon

ēast adv. east, in an easterly direction

ēastan (ēstan) adv. from the east ; wið ēastan to the east ; be ēastan to the east of (with dat.)

ēa-stæð n. river-bank ◈ dat. sg. -stæðe

ēast-dǣl m. eastern quarter, the east ◈ dat. sg. -dǣle

ēast-ende m. east-end

ēast-engle m. pl. East-Angles, East-Anglia ◈ gen. pl. -engla

ēaster-dæg (ēastor-) m. Easter Day ◈ dat. sg. -dægeinst. sg. Eastordæge

ēast-healf f. east side ◈ dat. sg. -healfe

ēast-lang adj. extending east

ēast-rīce n. eastern kingdom

ēastro (ēastru, ēastre, ēastron) f. n. Easter ◈ acc. pl. ēastron

ēast-ryhte adv. eastward

ēast-seaxe (-seaxan) m. pl. East-Saxons, Essex ◈ gen. pl. -seaxnaacc. pl. -seaxe

ēast(e)-weard (-werd) adj. eastward, easterly ◈ gen. sg. weardes (adv.)dat. sg. -weardreacc. sg. -weard

ēast-weg m. east-way, path in the east

ēaðe adv. easily ◈ comp. ēað (īeð) ◈ supl. ȳðast

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ēað-mōd (ēad-) adj. humble-minded, humble ◈ nom. sg. ēadmōdinst. sg. -mōdeacc. pl. -mōdan

ēað-mōdlīce (ēad-) adv. humbly

ēað-mōdnes (ēad-) f. humility, meekness, condescension ◈ gen. sg. -nessegen. pl. -nessa

ēaw-fæst (ǣw-, ǣ-) religious, pious ◈ nom. sg. -fæstadat. sg. -fæstre

eax f. axis, axle tree ◈ dat. sg. eaxeacc. sg. eaxe

ebba m. ebb ◈ dat. sg. ebban

Ebrēas m. pl. Hebrews ◈ gen. pl. Ebrēa

Ebrēisc adj. Hebrew

ēce (ēca, ēcea) adj. eternal, everlasting ◈ dat. sg. ēcangen. pl. ēcra

eced m. n. vinegar ◈ dat. sg. ecedeLat acētum; Ger Essig

ēcelīce adv. eternally

ecg f. edge, sword ◈ dat. sg. ecge

ēcnes f. eternity ◈ acc. sg. -nysseacc. sg. -nesse

ed-geong (-giong) adj. becoming (or being) young again

ed-lēan n. reward ◈ gen. sg. -lēanesdat. sg. -lēaneacc. sg. -lēan

ed-nīwe (-nēowe) adj. renewed, restored

ed-nīwinga adv. anew

edor (eodor) m. enclosure, dwelling ◈ nom. pl. ederas

ed-wenden f. overturning, change

efen-ēhð (-nēhð) f. neighboring plain ◈ dat. sg. -ēhðenēah

efen-hlēoðor n. equal, united harmony ◈ inst. sg. -hlēoðre

efes f. eaves, border, side (of a forest) ◈ dat. sg. efes {(for efese ?)},

efne (→ emne), adv. even, only, just

efn-ēce adv. co-eternally

efstan (W.I) hasten (intr.)pres. part. efstendeimp. 2nd pl. efstaðpret. 3rd sg. efste3rd pl. -on*of-ēst

eft adv. again, back, afterwards ; eft ongēan → (see ongēan)

ege m. fear, terror ◇ Goth agis

egesa m. terror, fear ◈ dat. sg. egesan

egeslīc adj. terrible, horrible

egeslīce adv. horribly

ēhtan (W.I) pursue, persecute (with gen.)3rd sg. ēhtōht

ēhtere m. persecutor

ēhtnis f. persecution ◈ nom. sg. -nysacc. sg. -nysse

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elcor (ælcor) adv. otherwise

eldan (ieldan, yldan) delay, hesitate ◈ pret. 3rd sg. eldeeald

ele m. oil ◇ Lat oleum

el-fremed (æl-) ( perf. part. ) adj. separated, released, extraneous ◈ nom. sg. ælfremedacc. pl. ælfremede

ellen n. strength, courage, fortitude, zeal ; dat. sg. mid elne boldly ; dat. sg. on elne boldly ; acc. sg. on ellen boldly ◇ Goth aljan

ellen-wōdnis f. zeal, fervor ◈ gen. sg. -nisse

elles adv. else ; hwæt ... elles what else ; nān ðing elles nothing else

eln f. ell (measure) ◈ gen. pl. elna

el-þēodig (æl-) adj. of another nation, foreign, strange ◈ acc. sg. ǣlþēodigne

el-þēodisc (æl-) adj. foreign, strange ◈ nom. sg. ælþēodisc

embe → ymbe

emb-gangan (R.) compass (trans.)opt. 3rd sg. -gange

emne (emn) (→ efne), adv. equally

emn-lang (efn-lang) adj. equally long ; on emnlange prep. (with dat.) along

ende m. end

ende-byrdlīce adv. in an orderly manner

ende-byrdnes f. order ◈ dat. sg. -nesse (-nisse)

endemes (endemest) adv. equally, in like manner

endian (W.II) end, bring to an end ◈ opt. 3rd sg. endige

endlyfta num. eleventh ◈ inst. sg. -lyftan

enge adj. narrow, oppressive, cruel ◈ nom. sg. enga

engel m. angel ◈ dat. sg. engleacc. sg. engelnom. pl. englasgen. pl. englaLat angelus

Engla-feld m. Englefield (Berkshire) ◈ dat. sg. -felda

Engla-land n. country of the Angles, England ◈ dat. sg. -lande

Englisc adj. English ◈ gen. sg. Engliscreacc. sg. Engliscgen. pl. Engliscra

Englisc-ge-reord n. English language ◈ dat. sg. -reorde

eno → ono

ent m. giant ◈ gen. pl. enta

ēode, ēodon → gān

eodorcan (→ ed-rocian, ed-recan, roccettan), ruminate ◈ pres. part. eodorcendeGer räuspern

Eofer-wīc (Efer-) n. York ◈ acc. sg. Eferwīccf. Ger Eber

Eofer-wīc-ceaster f. York ◈ dat. sg. -ceastre

eoh m. n. horse ◇ Goth aihwa

eom → bēon

eorcnan-stān (eorclan-) m. precious stone ◇ Goth -airkns

ēored (ēorod) n. company, troop, host ◈ acc. pl. ēoredu*eoh-rād

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ēored-ciest (-cyst) f. company, troop, host ◈ dat. pl. -cystum

eorl m. 1. earl (a Danish title corresponding to the native ealdorman) ◈ nom. pl. eorlasgen. pl. eorla2. Applied to an ealdorman ◈ dat. sg. eorle3. warrior

eornoste adv. earnestly, fiercely

eornostlīce adv. earnestly, indeed

eorð-būend m. earth-dweller ◈ nom. pl. eorðbūgigende

eorðe f. earth ◈ gen. sg. eorðan

eorðlīc adj. earthly, worldly ◈ nom. sg. -līcagen. sg. -līcanacc. sg. -līce

eorð-scræf n. earth-cave, grave ◈ dat. sg. -scræfe (-scrafe)

eorð-weg m. earth-way ; dat. sg. on eorðwege on earth

ēow (ēower, ēowic) → ðū

ēower (īower) poss. pron. your ◈ gen. sg. ēoweresdat. sg. ēowrumacc. sg. ēowerne (ēower) ◈ nom. pl. ēowredat. pl. īowrum (ēowrum, ēowerum) ◈ acc. pl. ēowre

ēow-land n. Öland (island in the Baltic Sea)

erce-bisceop m. archbishop ◈ dat. sg. -bisceope

erce-hād m. archiepiscopal dignitary

erian (W.I) ear, plough ◈ pret. 3rd sg. erede

ermð → yrmð

esne m. servant, man ◈ dat. sg. esneGoth asneis

esal (eosol) m. ass ◈ acc. pl. esolasGoth asilus

ēst f. favor, grace ◇ Ger Gunst

ēst-full adj. devout ◈ dat. sg. -fullum

Est-land n. country of the Estas (on the eastern coast of the Baltic sea)

Est-mere m. Frische Haff

Estum dat. pl. m. the people of Est-land

esul-cweorn f. millstone

etan (pret. sg. ǣt, pret. pl. ǣton, perf. part. eten) (5) eat ◈ imp. 2nd pl. etaðopt. 3rd sg. ete

ettan (W.I) graze

ēðel m. landed property, home, native country, territory ◈ dat. sg. ēðeleacc. sg. ēðelinst. sg. ēðlecf. Mod allodial

ēðel-lond n. native land

ēðel-turf f. native turf, country ◈ dat. sg. -tyrf

Exan-ceaster (-cester) f. Exeter ◈ gen. sg. -ceastres (cestres) ◈ acc. sg. -ceaster (-cester)

exl (eaxl) f. shoulder ◈ acc. sg. exlecf. Mod axle

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fæc n. division, space, interval, portion of time ◈ dat. sg. fæceacc. sg. fæcGer Fach

fācen (fācn) n. deceit, treachery, wickedness ◈ gen. sg. fācnesinst. sg. fācneacc. pl. fācn

fǣcne adj. guileful

fæder m. father ◈ gen. sg. fædernom. pl. fæderas

fæderlīc adj. fatherly, paternal ◈ nom. sg. -līce

fāg (fāh) adj. colored, variegated ◇ Goth -faihs

fǣge adj. fated, doomed to death ◈ nom. pl. fǣgeacc. pl. fǣgeanGer feige

fægen adj. fain, glad, rejoicing (with gen.)

fæger adj. fair, beautiful, pleasant ◈ gen. sg. fægeresinst. sg. fægrenom. pl. fægracomp. acc. pl. fægerransupl. dat. pl. fægrestum

fægere (fægre) adv. beautifully, well

fægernes f. fairness, beauty ◈ gen. sg. -nesseacc. sg. -nesseacc. pl. -nissa

fægnian (W.II) rejoice (with gen.)pres. part. fægnigendepret. 3rd sg. fægnode

fāh (fāg) adj. hostile ◇ gefā 'foe'

fǣhð f. feud ◈ acc. sg. fǣhðeGer Fehde

Falster prop noun Falster (island in the Baltic Sea)

fandian (W.II) try, tempt, test, examine, seek to know ◈ imp. 2nd pl. fandiað (with gen.)findan

fandung f. temptation, test, usage ◈ dat. sg. -unge

fær n. journey, expedition ◈ dat. sg. fære

faran (pret. sg. fōr, pret. pl. fōron, perf. part. faren) (6) go, proceed, travel, march ◈ 2nd sg. færest3rd sg. færð3rd pl. faraðimp. 2nd pl. faraðopt. 3rd sg. fare2nd pl. farenperf. part. gefaren

færelt (færeld) m. n. going, motion, journey ◈ gen. sg. færeltes (færeldes) ◈ dat. sg. farelte

fǣringa adv. suddenly ◇ fǣr 'fear'

fǣrlīc adj. sudden ◈ nom. sg. fǣrlīcadat. sg. -līcum

fǣrlīce adv. suddenly

fær-sceat m. passage-money, fare ◇ cf. Mod scot-free

fǣr-sceaða m. sudden or dangerous enemy ◈ dat. sg. -sceaðan

faru f. journey ◈ dat. sg. fare

fæst adj. fast, firm, secure ◈ acc. sg. fæstnenom. pl. fæste

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fæste adv. fast, firmly, securely

fæsten n. 1. fort, fortress, fastness ◈ dat. sg. fæstenneacc. sg. fæsten2. fast (abstinence from food) ◈ dat. sg. fæstene

fæst-hafol adj. retentive ◈ dat. sg. -hafelum

fæstlīce adv. firmly, securely, resolutely, bravely ◈ comp. fæstlīcor

fæstnian (W.II) fasten, confirm

fæstnung f. security, safety

fæt n. vessel ◈ acc. pl. fatuMod vat

fǣtels m. n. vessel ◈ acc. pl. fǣtels

fæðm m. f. embrace, grasp

fæðm-rīm n. (fathom-number) fathom measure ◈ gen. sg. -rīmes

feallan (pret. sg. fēoll, pret. pl. fēollon, perf. part. feallen) (R.) fall ◈ pres. part. feallendeacc. sg. feallendne3rd sg. fylð (fealleð) (of the course of water) ◈ 3rd pl. feallað

feallenlīc (feallendlīc) adj. unstable

fealo-hilte adj. fallow-hilted

fealu (fealo) adj. fallow, pale, yellow, dusky, dark ◈ nom. sg. fealoacc. sg. fealonenom. pl. fealwe

Fearn-hamm m. Farnham (Surrey) ◈ dat. sg. -hamme

fēawe (fēa; fēawa, due to assoc w fela) adj pl tant few ◈ dat. fēawum (fēaum) ◈ acc. fēawa

feccan (fecgan, fetian) (W.III) fetch ◈ pres. part. feccendeimp. 2nd pl. feccaðpret. 3rd sg. fette

fela (feola, feala, fæla) n. {(sometimes as adj; rarely inflected)}, much, many (with gen.)Ger viel

feld m. field, battle-field ◈ acc. sg. feld

felg (felge) f. felly ◈ dat. sg. felgenom. pl. felga (felgea, felgan) ◇ fēolan

fell n. fell, skin, hide ◈ acc. sg. felacc. pl. fell

feng m. grasp ◇ fōn

feoh (fioh, fēo) n. 1. cattle ○ 2. goods, property, money, riches ◈ gen. sg. fēosdat. sg. fēoacc. sg. feoh (fioh) ◇ Mod fee

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feoh-gīfre adj. greedy of possessions, avaricious

feoh-lēas adj. without money ◈ nom. pl. -lēase

feohtan (pret. sg. feaht, pret. pl. fuhton, perf. part. fohten) (3) fight ◈ pres. part. feohtende2nd sg. fihtest

feohte f. fight, battle

fēolan (pret. sg. fealh, pret. pl. fulgon,fǣlon, perf. part. folen) (3) reach, penetrate ◇ Goth filhan

fēol-heard adj. hard as a file ◈ acc. pl. -hearde

fēond m. fiend, enemy ◈ acc. sg. fēondgen. pl. fēondadat. pl. fēondumacc. pl. fȳnd

feorh (fiorh) m. n. life ◈ gen. sg. fēoresdat. sg. fēore (fīore) ◈ acc. sg. feorh

feorh-geong adj. young in life, youthful

feorh-hord n. life-hoard, spirit

feorh-hūs n. life-house, body

feorm (fiorm) f. 1. food, provision, goods ○ 2. use, benefit ◈ acc. sg. fiormeMod farm

feormian (W.II) consume ◈ 3rd sg. feormað

feorr (far, feor) adv. supl firrest fyrrest ; feor far back (time)

feorr adj. far, far from (with dat.) ; feor þām far from that (metaph)

feorran (fiorran) adv. from afar

fēorða num. adj. fourth ◈ dat. sg. fēorðanacc. sg. fēorðan ; gen. sg. bynnan fēorðan healfes dæges fæce within three and a half days

fēower num. four

fēower-tig num. forty ◈ gen. -tiges

fēower-tȳne (-tīene) num. fourteen ◈ dat. -tȳnum

fēran (W.I) go, travel ◈ pret. 3rd sg. fērde3rd pl. fērdon

ferhð (ferð) m. n. mind, spirit, heart ◈ nom. sg. ferðdat. sg. ferhðe (ferðe) ◈ acc. sg. ferð

ferian (W.I, W.II) carry, transport ◈ pres. part. ferigendepret. 3rd sg. ferode (ferede) ◈ 3rd pl. feredonperf. part. geferod

fers n. m. verse ◈ dat. sg. ferseacc. pl. fersLat versus

fersc adj. fresh ◈ nom. pl. fersce

ferð-loca (ferhð-) m. (inclosure of the spirit), spirit, heart, mind ◈ acc. sg. -locan

fetor (feotor) f. fetter ◈ dat. pl. feterum

fēða m. band of foot-soldiers, troop ◈ acc. pl. fēðanfindan

feðer f. feather ◈ nom. pl. feðregen. pl. feðradat. pl. feðerum ; feðrum (wing?)

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feðer-homa m. feather-garb, plumage

fīc-trēow n. fig-tree ◇ Lat fīcus

fierd (fird, fyrd) f. 1. (military) expedition ◈ dat. sg. fyrde2. (the national) army ◈ dat. sg. fierdeacc. sg. fierdfaran

fierdian (fyrdian) (W.II) be on a military expedition ◈ pret. 3rd pl. fierdedon

fierd-lēas adj. unprotected by the army

fīf num. five ◈ nom. fīfedat. fīfum

fīfta num. adj. fifth

fīftig num. fifty ◈ gen. fīftigesdat. fīftegum

fīf-tȳne (-tēne) num. fifteen

findan (pret. sg. fond, pret. pl. fundon, perf. part. funden) (3) find, come upon, supply ◈ 3rd sg. findeð

Finnas m. pl. the Finns

finta m. tail

fīras m. pl. men ◈ gen. pl. fīra (fȳra) ◈ dat. pl. fīrum

firgen-strēam m. mountain-stream, woodland-stream ◇ Goth fairguni

fiscað → fiscnað

fiscere m. fisher ◈ nom. pl. fisceras

fiscnað (fiscnoð, fiscað) m. fishing ◈ dat. sg. fiscaðe

fiðeru n. pl. wings ◈ nom. pl. fiðrugen. pl. fiðraacc. pl. fiðru

flā (flān) f. m. arrow ◈ gen. sg. flānesacc. sg. (or ap) flān

flǣsc n. flesh ◈ gen. sg. flǣscesdat. sg. flǣsceacc. sg. flǣscinst. sg. flǣsce

flǣsc-homa m. (covering of flesh) body

flǣsclīc adj. fleshly, corporeal, carnal ◈ dat. sg. -līcre

flēam m. flight ◈ gen. sg. flēamesdat. sg. flēameacc. sg. flēam

flēogan (pret. sg. flēag, pret. pl. flugon, perf. part. flogen) (2) fly (intr.)3rd sg. flēogeðcf. flēon

flēon (flīon, flēogan) (pret. sg. flēah, pret. pl. flugon, perf. part. flogen) (2) flee, escape (trans. and intr.)ger. flīonnepres. part. dat. sg. flēondum3rd sg. flȳhþ3rd pl. flēoðimp. 2nd pl. flēoð

flēotan (pret. sg. flēat, pret. pl. fluton, perf. part. floten) (2) float ◈ pres. part. gen. pl. flēotendra

flett n. floor of the hall ◈ acc. sg. flet

flocc m. flock, company, troop

floc-rād f. a riding company, troop

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flōd m. f. n. flood, wave, tide, stream ◈ acc. sg. flōd

flōdan → Pryfet

flōd-wylm (wielm) m. f. welling flood ◇ weallan

flot n. deep water, sea ; acc. sg. on flot afloat

flota m. sailor, seaman, pirate ◈ acc. sg. flotannom. pl. flotangen. pl. flotena

flōwan (pret. sg. flēow, pret. pl. flēowon, perf. part. flōwen) (R.) flow ◈ pres. part. flōwendeacc. sg. flōwendan3rd sg. flōwð

flyht m. flight, escape ◈ dat. sg. flyhteacc. sg. flyht

flyht-hwæt adj. bold or swift of flight ◈ gen. sg. -hwatesacc. pl. -hwate

flȳma m. fugitive ◈ gen. pl. flȳmenaflēam

fnǣst m. blowing, breath

fōddor (fōdor) n. food

fōdor-þegu f. partaking of food, repast ◈ gen. sg. -þegeþiegan

folc n. folk, people, nation, army ◈ gen. sg. folcesinst. sg. folce

folc-ge-feoht n. general engagement, pitched battle

folcisc adj. vulgar, popular ◈ nom. pl. -isce

folc-stede m. place of assembly, battle-field ◈ dat. sg. -stede

fold-āgend m. (earth possessor) earth-dweller ◈ gen. pl. -āgendra

folde f. earth, land, country ◈ gen. sg. foldanfeld

fold-wæstm m. fruit of the earth

fold-weg m. way, path (on the earth) ◈ dat. sg. (is) -wege

folgian (fylgean) (W.II, W.III) follow, serve, observe, obey (with dat.)pres. part. fylgende (fyliende) ◈ 1st pl. fylgeaðimp. 2nd pl. folgiaðopt. 1st pl. fylgen (fylgeon) ◈ pret. 3rd sg. filgde (folgode) ◈ 2nd pl. fyligdon3rd pl. folgodon (filigdon)

folgoð m. service, official dignity, office ◇ folgian

folme (folm) f. hand ◈ dat. sg. folmanfēlan 'feel'

fōn (pret. sg. fēng, pret. pl. fēngon, perf. part. fongon) (R.) seize, grasp, capture, take, receive ◈ 3rd pl. fōð ; pret. 1st sg. tō rīce fēng came to the throne ; tō þǣre sprǣce fēng ; tō wǣpnum fēng ; 3rd pl. fēngon tōgædere engaged in battle

for prep w dat instr and acc 1. (w dat, instr) before (place) ○ 2. (w dat, instr) for, on account of, because of, owing to (cause, condition, remedy) ; for ðǣm (ðām) conj; for, because, since ; for ðon ; for ðan ; for ðǣm (ðām) ðe ; for ðȳ þe ; for ðon þe ; for ðan þe ; for ðȳ for this, therefore ; for ðī ; for þig ; for ðon ; for hwǣm wherefore ; for hwig ; for hwon3. (with acc.) for, instead of

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for adv (intensive) very

for f. journey ◈ dat. sg. fōrefaran

foran adv. before, in front ; foran tō ; tō foran

for-bærnan (W.I) cause to burn, to burn (trans.)sg. -bærneð3rd pl. -bærnaðopt. 1st pl. -bærnepret. 3rd pl. -bærndonperf. part. -bærned

for-bēodan (2) forbid ◈ perf. part. pl. forbodene

for-beornan (3) burn (intr.)perf. part. -burnen

for-beran (4) suffer, permit ◈ 3rd sg. -bireð

for-berstan (3) burst asunder, vanish, fail ◈ 3rd sg. -birsteð

for-būgan (2) avoid, escape ◈ pret. 3rd sg. -bēah

ford m. ford ◈ dat. sg. fordaacc. sg. ford

for-dōn (irreg.) destroy ◈ pret. 3rd sg. -dyde

fore prep. (with acc.) before (place)

for-ealdian (W.II) become old ◈ perf. part. forealdod

fore-bēacen (-bēacn) n. fore-token

fore-genga m. predecessor, ancestor ◈ nom. pl. -gengan

fore-gīsel m. preliminary hostage ◈ gen. pl. gīslaGer Geisel

fore-mihtig adj. prepotent

fore-scēawung f. fore-sight, providence ◈ acc. sg. -scēawunga

fore-secgan (W.III) 1. say beforehand ◈ pret. 1st pl. -sǣdonpl. -sǣdan ; pp sg -sǣde aforesaid ○ 2. foretell, predict ◈ pret. 1st sg. -sǣde

fore-sprǣc f. defence

fore-sprecan (5) speak or mention beforehand ; -sprecenan aforesaid ; pp sg -sprecena aforesaid

fore-stæppan (-steppan) (pret. sg. -stōp, pret. pl. -stōpon, perf. part. -stapen) (6) precede (with dat.)3rd sg. -stæpð3rd pl. stæppað

fore-tiohhung f. predestination

fore-þingian (W.II) plead for one, defend ◈ 3rd sg. -þingaðopt. 3rd sg. -þingie

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fore-þonc m. forethought, foreknowledge ◈ dat. sg. -þonce

fore-witan perf. part. foreknow ◈ 3rd sg. -wāt

fore-wītegian (W.II) prophesy ◈ pret. 1st sg. -wītegode

for-faran (6) get in front of, obstruct ◈ pret. 3rd pl. -fōron

for-giefan (-gifan, -gyfan) (5) give, grant; forgive ◈ ger. -giefannepret. 3rd sg. -geaf2nd pl. -gēafonperf. part. -gifenpl. -gifene (-gyfene)

for-gifennis (-gyfennis) f. forgiveness ◈ acc. sg. -nisse (-gifenysse)

fore-gongan (R.) go before, precede ◈ opt. 3rd sg. -gange

for-grindan (pret. sg. -grond, pret. pl. -grundon, perf. part. -grunden) (3) grind to pieces, destroy, consume

for-grīpan (1) seize, snatch away ◈ 3rd sg. -grīpeð

for-gyldan (-gieldan) (3) repay, requite, buy off ◈ 3rd sg. -gilt1st pl. -gyldaðopt. 2nd pl. -gyldon

for-gytan (-gietan, -gitan) (5) forget ◈ pret. 3rd sg. -geat

for-gytol adj. forgetful

for-hæfednis f. restraint, abstinence ◈ acc. sg. -nysse

for-heard adj. very hard ◈ acc. sg. -heardne

for-hēawan (R.) hew, cut down

for-helan (4) conceal

for-hergian (W.II) harry, devestate, lay waste ◈ perf. part. -hergod

for-hogdnis f. contempt ◈ dat. sg. -nisse

for-hogian (W.II) despise ◈ pres. part. -hogigende3rd sg. -hogað3rd pl. -hogiaðopt. 3rd sg. -hogigepret. 3rd sg. -hogode (→ for-hycgan)

for-hradian (W.II) hasten before, anticipate, prevent ◈ 3rd sg. -hradað

forht adj. afraid ◈ nom. pl. forhte

forhtian (W.II) fear, be afraid (intr.)pres. part. acc. pl. forhtgendan3rd pl. forhtigað3rd sg. forhtigepret. opt. 3rd pl. forhtedon

forhtung f. fear ◈ dat. sg. -unge

for-hwæga (-hwega) adv. at least, about

for-hycgan (W.III) despise ◈ 1st sg. -hycge (→ forhogian)

for-lǣtan (pret. sg. -lēt, pret. pl. -lēton, perf. part. -lǣten) (R.) leave, leave off, omit, abandon, neglect, lose ◈ pres. part. -lǣtende3rd sg. -lǣtopt. 3rd sg. -lǣte3rd pl. lǣten

for-lǣtnes f. remission ◈ gs (or gp) -nessa

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for-lēosan (pret. sg. -lēas, pret. pl. -luron, perf. part. -loren) (2) lose, abandon, destroy ◈ 3rd sg. -lȳstopt. 3rd sg. -lēose1st pl. -lēosenpret. 2nd sg. -lure

forma (fyrmest, firmest) supl. adj. first ◈ acc. sg. forman

for-niman (4) take off, destroy ◈ pret. 3rd sg. -nōm3rd pl. -nōmon

for-rīdan (1) intercept by riding before ◈ pret. 3rd sg. -rād

for-rotian (W.II) rot away, decay ◈ opt. 3rd sg. -rotigeperf. part. -rotad

for-sacan (6) oppose, refuse ◈ pret. 3rd pl. -sōconMod forsake

for-scrincan (pret. sg. -scronc, pret. pl. -scruncon, perf. part. -scruncen) (3) shrink, wither

for-scyldigan (W.II) condemn ◈ perf. part. -scyldigod

for-sēarian (W.II) sear, dry up, wither ◈ perf. part. -sēarod

for-sēon (5) overlook, despise, reject ◈ 3rd sg. -syhð (-syhð) ◈ 3rd pl. -sēoþ

for-sewennis f. contempt ◈ dat. sg. -nysse

for-sittan (5) delay ◈ pret. 3rd sg. forsæt

for-spendan (W.I) spend utterly, squander ◈ 3rd pl. -spendað

for-spyllan (-spillan) WI spill, waste, lose, destroy ◈ perf. part. -spylled

for-spyllednis f. spilling, waste, destruction, perdition ◈ gen. sg. -nysse

forst frost ◈ gen. sg. forstes

for-standan (6) understand ◈ pret. 1st sg. -stōd

for-stelan (4) steal away (trans.)pret. 3rd pl. -stǣlon

for-suwian (-sugian, -swugian, -swīgian) (W.III) keep silent (trans.)

for-swǣlan (-swelan) (W.I) burn, scorch (trans. and intr.)3rd sg. -swēleðpret. 3rd sg. -swǣldeswol; Ger schwül

for-swelgan (3) swallow up ◈ pret. 3rd sg. -swealh

for-tēogean (W.II) ordain ◈ perf. part. -tēode

for-tredan (pret. sg. -træd, pret. pl. -trǣdon, perf. part. -treden) (5) tread down

forð adv. forth, forwards, onwards, away; henceforth ; forð mid ealle forthwith ; and swā forð and so on

forð-fēran (W.I) depart, die ◈ pret. 3rd sg. -fērde3rd pl. -fērdon

forð-fōr f. departure, death ◈ gen. sg. -fōredat. sg. -fōre

forð-georn adj. eager to advance

forð-genge adj. progressive, successful

for-þolian (W.II) go without, miss, lack (with dat.)

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for-ðrysmian (W.II) choke, suffocate ◈ pret. 3rd pl. forðrysmodonþrosm, 'smoke, vapor'

forð-sīð m. departure, death ◈ dat. sg. -sīðe

forð-weard adj. enduring ◈ acc. sg. -weardne

forð-weg m. way leading forth ◈ dat. sg. forðwege

for-þylman (W.I) envelop, suffocate; consume ◈ pret. 3rd sg. -þylmde

for-weard adj. forward, fore ◈ dat. sg. -weardum

for-wegan (5) overcome, kill ◈ perf. part. forwegen

for-weornian (W.II) wither (intr.)opt. 2nd pl. -weornion

for-weorðan (-wurðan) (3) come to grief, perish ◈ 1st pl. -wurþaðopt. 1st pl. -weorþonpret. 3rd sg. -wearð

for-wiernan (-wirnan, -wyrnan) (W.I) prohibit, prevent, refuse (with gen.)opt. 3rd sg. -wyrne

for-wordenlīc adj. perishable ◇ weorðan

for-wundian (W.II) wound seriously ◈ perf. part. pl. -wundode

for-wurðan → for-weorðan

for-wyrcan (W.I) barricade, obstruct

for-wyrd f. n. fate, destruction ◈ dat. sg. forwyrde

for-wyrdan (W.I) perish ◈ 3rd sg. -wyrð

fōt m. foot ◈ gen. sg. fōtesdat. pl. fōtumacc. pl. fēt

fōt-mǣl n. foot-print, space of a foot

fōt-swæð n. foot-print ◈ dat. pl. -swaðum

fracod (fracoð, fracuð) adj. of bad repute, detestable, vile, wicked ◇ *fra-cūð

fram → from

franca m. spear ◈ dat. sg. francan

Francan m. pl. the Franks ◈ gen. pl. Francena

Franc-land n. the country of the Franks ◈ dat. sg. -lande

frætwe pl. f. ornaments, decorations, equipments ◈ gen. pl. frætwaacc. pl. frætwe*fra-tāwe

frætwian (W.II) adorn ◈ pret. 3rd sg. frætwodeperf. part. gefrætwad (gefrætewod, -ed) ◈ pl. gefrætewode

frēa m. lord ◈ gen. sg. frēandat. sg. frēan

frēcednis f. danger, harm ◈ dat. pl. -nyssum

frēcennes f. danger, harm ◈ dat. sg. -nesse

frēcne adj. dangerous, perilous ◈ acc. sg. frēcnanacc. pl. frēcnecf. Mod freak

frēcnes (frǣcnes) f. danger, harm ◈ nom. pl. frēcnessadat. pl. frǣcnessum

frēfran (W.I) comfort, console, cheer

frēfrend (ptc) m comforter

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fremde (fremðe) adj. strange, foreign, alien ◈ nom. pl. fremdan (fremde) ◇ from; Ger fremd

fremian (W.II) benefit, profit (with dat.)3rd sg. fremaðfrom 'valiant'; Ger fromm

frem-sumlīce adv. kindly

frem-sumnes f. kindness, benefit ◈ gen. pl. -nessaacc. pl. -nesse

frēo → frīo

frēod f. good-will, peace ◈ acc. sg. frēode

frēolīce adv. freely

frēo-mǣg m. free kinsman

frēond m. friend ◈ acc. sg. frēondacc. pl. frȳnd

frēond-lēas adj. friendless ◈ acc. sg. -lēasne

frēondlīce adv. in friendly manner

frēorig adj. cold, chill ◇ frēosan

freoðu → frið

Frēsisc adj. Frisian ◈ gen. pl. -iscra ; as on Frēsisc in the Frisian manner

fretan (pret. sg. frǣt, pret. pl. frǣton, perf. part. freten) (5) devour, eat ◇ <for-etan

frettan (W.I) graze ◈ pret. 3rd pl. fretton

fricgean (5) ask, inquire ◇ Ger fragen

Frīesa (Frīsa, Frȳsa) (adj) m a Frisian

frignan (frīnan) (pret. sg. fræn, pret. pl. frugnon, perf. part. frugnen) (3) ask, inquire ◈ pres. part. frignende3rd pl. frīnaðGer fragen

frimdi (frindig) adj. desirous, petitioning ◇ fricgean

frīo (frēo, frīoh, frēoh) free ◈ nom. sg. frīoh (frēoh) ◈ gen. pl. frīora

frið m. n. {(freoðu f)}, peace, security, protection ◈ gen. sg. friþesdat. sg. friðeacc. sg. frið (freoðu) ◇ Ger Friede

frōd adj. wise, prudent, skilful, experienced, old ◈ nom. sg. frōda (frōd)

frōfor (frōfer) f. comfort, consolation ◈ nom. sg. frōferacc. sg. frōfre

from (fram) prep (w dat instr); adv 1. from (origin, departure, separation, release, distance) ○ 2. by, on the part of (agency) ○ 3. adv from, away

fromlīce adv. strenuously, promptly

fruma m. beginning, creation; author, creator, chief ◈ dat. sg. frumanfrom

frum-sceaft f. creation

frymð f. m. beginning, origin, creation ◈ dat. sg. frymðegen. pl. frymðafruma

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fugelere m. fowler ◈ nom. pl. fugeleras

fugel-timber n. (bird-structure), young-bird

fugol (fugel) m. bird ◈ nom. sg. fugelgen. sg. fuglesnom. pl. fugelasgen. pl. fugela (fugla) ◇ Mod fowl

fūl adj. foul ◈ supl ns (voc) fūluste

ful-gān (irreg.) perform, carry out, fulfil (with dat.)3rd sg. -gæð

fūlian (W.II) decompose ◈ 3rd pl. fūliaðfūl

full (ful) adj. full (with gen.)acc. sg. fullneacc. pl. full (ful) ◈ dat. sg. fullan ; ds fullan adv. fully, perfectly

full (ful) adv. fully, perfectly, very (intensive) ; ful nēah very nearly, almost

full-cræftig adj. very efficient, virtuous (with gen.)nom. pl. -cræftige

full-fremedlīce (ful-) adv. perfectly

full-fremman (W.I) do fully, fulfil, perfect ◈ 3rd sg. -fremeðopt. 3rd sg. -fremmeperf. part. -fremed

full-hālig adj. very holy ◈ nom. pl. -hālige

fullian (fulwigan) (W.II) baptize ◈ pret. 3rd sg. fullode

fullīce adv. fully

fulluht (fulwiht) m. f. n. baptism ◈ gen. sg. fulwihtedat. sg. fulluhtefull; wīh, 'sacred'

fultum m. help ◈ dat. sg. fultume (fultome) ◈ acc. sg. fultum*full-tēam

fultumian (W.II) help (with dat.)

fulwiht-hād m. baptismal rank, or vow ◈ acc. pl. -hādas

ful-wyrcan (W.I) complete ◈ pret. 3rd sg. -worhte

fundian (W.II) strive after, intend, go ◈ pret. 3rd sg. fundodefindan

fur-lang n. furlong ◈ gen. sg. -langafurh, 'furrow'

furðor (furður) adv. further

furðum (furðon) adv. even, just, quite

fūs adj. ready, eager ◇ Mod fuss

fyll (fiell) m. fall, destruction, death ◈ dat. sg. fylleacc. sg. fylfeallan

fylstan (W.I) assist, help (with dat.)pret. 3rd sg. fylste*full-lāst, lǣstan

fȳr n. fire ◈ gen. sg. fȳresdat. sg. fȳreacc. sg. fȳrinst. sg. fȳre

fȳr-bæð n. fire-bath ◈ dat. sg. -baðe

fyrd-rinc m. warrior

fȳren adj. of fire, fiery ◈ dat. sg. fȳrenum

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fyren-lust (firen-) m. sinful lust ◈ nom. pl. -lustas

fyrhto f. fright, terror ◈ dat. sg. fyrhtu (fyrhto)

fyrlen (fierlen) adj. distant ◇ feorr

fyrmest → forma

fyrn-dagas m. pl. days of long ago, ancient days ◇ Ger firn

fyrn-gēar n. pl. years of long ago, ancient years

fyrn-ge-sceap n. ancient decree

fyrn-ge-set n. former seat or habitation ◈ acc. pl. -gesetu

fyrn-ge-weorc n. ancient work

fyrst supl. adj. first, chief

fyrst (first, fierst) m. division of time, time, period, respite ◈ gen. sg. fyrstesdat. sg. fyrsteacc. sg. firstGer Frist

fyrst-mearc f. marked period of time, interval ◈ dat. sg. -mearce

fȳsan (W.I) 1. (intr.) hasten ○ 2. (trans.) send forth, impel ◈ pret. 3rd sg. fȳsdefūs


gædrian (ge-gædrian, cf. ge-gaderian) (W.II) gather ◈ 3rd sg. gædrað (gegædrað) ◈ perf. part. gegædrad

gafol n. tax, tribute, profit, interest ◈ gen. sg. gafolesdat. sg. gafolecf. Goth ga-baur

gǣlan (W.I) delay, hinder ◈ pret. opt. 3rd sg. gǣlde

gamenian (W.II) play, pun ◈ pret. 3rd sg. gamenodegamen 'game'

gamol-ferhð adj. aged ◇ *ga-mǣl

gān (pret. sg. ēode, pret. pl. ēodon, perf. part. gegān) go, come, walk, advance ◈ 2nd sg. 3rd sg. gǣð3rd pl. gāðimp. 2nd sg. 2nd pl. gāðopt. 3rd sg. pret. opt. 3rd pl. ēoden

gār m. spear ◈ acc. pl. gārasMod gore, gar-fish, etc.

gār-berend m. spear-bearer, warrior

gār-mitting f. meeting of spears or javelins, contest ◈ gen. sg. -mittinge

gār-rǣs m. spear-encounter, battle

gærs n. grass, blade

gārsecg m. sea, ocean

gǣst (gāst) m. spirit ◈ gen. sg. gāstesdat. sg. gǣste

gāst-cyning m. spiritual king ◈ dat. sg. -cyninge

gǣstlīc (gāstlīc) adj. 1. spiritual ◈ gen. sg. gæsðlīces (dial.)acc. sg. gāstlīcegen. pl. -lecenaacc. pl. -lecan2. ghastly, terrible ◈ nom. sg. gāstlīc

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gǣstlīce (gāstlīce) adv. spiritually

gāte-hǣr n. hair of a goat

ge conj. and ; ge ... ge both ... and ◇ cf. ǣgðer

→ ðū

geador adv. together

geaful m. 1. fork ○ 2. in pl, jaws, bird's bill ◈ nom. pl. geaflasGer Gabel

ge-āgan (PP.) own, possess ◈ ger. -āgenne

ge-āhnian (-āgnian) (W.II) claim as one's own, take possession of ◈ perf. part. geāhnod

gealla m. gall ◈ dat. sg. geallan

ge-ǣmet(t)igian (W.II) free, disengage from (with acc. of pers. and gen. of thing)opt. 2nd sg. geǣmetigeǣmet(t)ig

ge-an-bīdian (W.II) 1. (intr.) wait, remain ◈ inf. -bȳdianimp. 2nd sg. bȳda2. (with gen.) await ◈ inf. -bȳdian

ge-and-wyrdan (W.I) answer ◈ perf. part. -andwyrd

ge-ān-lǣcan (W.I) unite ◈ pret. 3rd sg. -lǣhte

ge-an-līcian (W.II) liken ◈ pres. 1st pl. geanlīcie

gēar (gēr) n. year ◈ gen. sg. gēaresdat. sg. gēare (gēre) ◈ acc. sg. gēarinst. sg. gēare (gēre) ◈ acc. pl. gēar (gēr)

gearcian (W.II) prepare ◈ imp. 2nd sg. gearcagearu

geard m. enclosure, dwelling ; dp in geardum at home, in the world

gēar-dæg m. day of yore

geare (gearwe) adv. readily, well

gearelīce adv. readily

ge-ārian (W.II) show mercy (with dat.)opt. 3rd sg. -ārige

ge-ærnan (W.I) run (or ride) for, gain by running (trans.)3rd sg. -æneðyrnan

gearo-wita m. intellect ◈ acc. sg. -witan

gearu (gearo) adj. yare, ready ◈ nom. pl. gearwe (gearowe) ◇ Ger gar

gearwian (W.II) prepare ◈ pret. 2nd sg. gearwodest3rd sg. -ode

ge-ār-wurðian (W.II) honor ◈ pret. 3rd sg. -wurðode

ge-āscian (-āxian) (W.II) learn by inquiry, hear of, discover ◈ 1st pl. -āxiaðpret. 3rd sg. -āscode (-āxode) ◈ perf. part. -āscad

ge-āscung f. inquiry ◈ dat. sg. geāscunge

geat n. gate ◈ dat. sg. geateacc. sg. geatacc. pl. gatu

geat-weard m. gate-ward, door-keeper

ge-æðele adj. befitting noble descent

ge-āxian → ge-āscian

ge-bǣdan (W.I) compel, force ◈ perf. part. gebǣded

ge-bǣre n. gesture, behavior, cry ◈ nom. pl. gebǣruberan

ge-bed n. prayer ◈ inst. sg. gebedeacc. sg. gebed

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ge-bēodan (2) offer ◈ pret. 3rd sg. -bēad

ge-bēor m. (beer-companion), reveller ◈ dat. pl. gebēorumnom. pl. gebēoras

ge-beorg (-beorh) n. protection, defence ◈ dat. sg. gebeorge

ge-beorgan (3) protect, save ◈ perf. part. geborgen (impers.)

ge-bēorscipe m. banquet, entertainment ◈ gen. sg. -bēorscipesdat. sg. -bēorscipedat. pl. -bēorscipum

gebētan (W.I) 1. (trans.) make amends for, repent of ◈ opt. 3rd sg. gebēte3rd pl. gebēten2. (intr.) repent ◇ bōt

ge-bīcnian (→ bēacnian), (W.II) betoken, indicate ◈ perf. part. gebīcnod

ge-bīdan (pret. sg. -bād, pret. pl. -bidon, perf. part. -biden) (1) 1. (with gen.) await, look for ◈ 3rd sg. -bīdeð2. endure, experience

ge-biddan (5) 1. (with reflex. acc.) pray ◈ pret. 3rd sg. gebæd2. (with reflex. dat.) pray

ge-bīegan (-bīgan, -bȳgan) (W.I) bow, bend, incline, convert (trans.)inf. -bīgan (-bīgean) ◈ 3rd sg. -bīgðpret. 3rd sg. -bīgdepret. opt. 3rd pl. -bīgdenperf. part. -bīeged (-bīged) ◈ pl. -bīgede (bȳgede) ◇ būgan

ge-bīgan → ge-bīegan

ge-bilde adj. bold, confident ◈ dat. sg. gebildumbeald

ge-bind n. combination, commingling

ge-bindan (3) bind ◈ 3rd pl. -bindaðpret. 3rd sg. -bandperf. part. -bundengen. pl. -bundenra

ge-bīsnung f. example

ge-blēsian (W.II) bless ◈ pret. 3rd sg. -blētsodeperf. part. -blētsodsg. -blētsode

ge-blissian (-blyssian) (W.II) 1. (intr.) rejoice ◈ inf. -blyssianpres. part. -blyssigende2. (trans.) make happy ◈ perf. part. -blissad

ge-bod n. command ◈ dat. sg. gebodebēodan

ge-bræc n. breaking, crashing ◇ brecan

ge-brǣdan (W.I) broaden, become extended ◈ perf. part. pl. -brǣdda

ge-brēadian → ge-brēdian

ge-brēdian (-brēadian) (W.II) (breed), regenerate, restore ◈ perf. part. gebrēadadpl. gebrēdade

ge-bregd n. change, vicissitude ◇ bregdan

ge-brēowan (pret. sg. -brēaw, pret. pl. -bruwon, perf. part. -browen) (2) brew ◈ perf. part. gebrowen

ge-bringan (-brengan) (W.I) bring ◈ 3rd sg. -bringð (brengð) ◈ imp. 2nd pl. -bringað

ge-brocian (W.II) afflict ◈ perf. part. gebrocodnom. pl. gebrocede

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ge-brosnodlīc adj. corruptible

ge-brōðor (-ðru, -ðra) m pl tant brothers ◈ nom. pl. gebrōðraacc. pl. gebrōðru

ge-būd → būan

ge-būn → būan

ge-bycgan (W.I) buy ◈ 3rd pl. -bycgað

ge-bȳgan → ge-bīegan

ge-byrd n. birth, rank, condition ◈ acc. sg. -byrd

ge-byrgan (W.I) taste ◈ opt. 3rd sg. gebyrge

ge-byrian (W.I) 1. happen ◈ 3rd sg. gebyreð (impers.)2. (impers.) pertain, behove ◇ Ger gebühren

ge-bȳsnian (W.II) give good example ◈ pret. 3rd sg. gebȳsnode

ge-bytle n. building, dwelling ◈ nom. pl. gebytlugen. pl. gebytla

ge-camp m. fight, battle ◈ dat. sg. gecampeacc. sg. gecamp

ge-cēosan (2) choose, elect ◈ pret. 3rd sg. gecēasperf. part. gecoren (decide) ◈ nom. pl. -corene

ge-cīegan (-cīgan, -cȳgan) (W.I) call, name, invoke ◈ 3rd sg. -cȳgðperf. part. -cīgedpl. -cīgede (-cȳgede)

ge-cierran (-cirran, -cyrran) (W.I) 1. (trans.) turn, change, convert, direct ◈ imp. 2nd sg. gecyrperf. part. gecierredsg. -cyrredapl. -cyrrede2. (intr.) turn (one's self), go, return ◈ inf. -cyrranimp. 2nd sg. -cyrropt. 3rd sg. -cyrrepl. -cyrranpret. 3rd sg. -cyrde

ge-cīgan → ge-ciēegan

ge-clǣnsian (W.II) cleanse ◈ pret. 3rd sg. -clǣnsodeperf. part. -clǣnsod

ge-clingan (pret. sg. -clong, pret. pl. -clungon, perf. part. -clungen) (3) cling, adhere, compress ◈ perf. part. pl. geclungne

ge-cnāwan (R.) know, understand ◈ 3rd sg. -cnǣwðpret. 3rd pl. -cnīowon

ge-cneord-lǣcan (W.I) be zealous, strive, study (intr.)pret. 3rd sg. -lǣhte

gē-cneordlīce adv. diligently

ge-cnyrdnis f. diligence, earnestness, study ◈ dat. sg. -nysse

ge-cringan (3) cringe, yield, fall ◈ pret. 3rd sg. gecrong (gecranc)

ge-crīstnian (W.II) christianize, catechise ◈ perf. part. -crīstnad

ge-cuman (4) come together, assemble

ge-cwēme adj. (becoming), acceptable, pleasing ◇ Ger bequem

ge-cȳgan → ge-cīegan

ge-cynd f. n. nature, kind, generation ◈ nom. sg. gecyndedat. sg. gecynde (gecinde) ◈ acc. sg. gecynd

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ge-cynd-bōc f. Genesis

ge-cynde adj. natural

ge-cyrran → ge-cierran

ge-cyrrednis f. conversion ◈ gen. sg. -nysse

ge-cȳðan (W.I) make manifest, show ◈ imp. 2nd sg. -cȳðpret. 3rd sg. -cȳðde

ge-cȳðnis f. manifestation, testament ◈ dat. sg. -nisseacc. pl. -nissa

ge-dafen (→ ge-dēfe), adj. fit, becoming ◇ Mod deft, daft

ge-dafenian (-dafnian) (W.II) befit, suit (impers w dat)3rd sg. gedafenaðpret. 3rd sg. gedafnode (gedeofanade (dial w acc ?)) ◇ Goth gadaban

ge-dāl n. division, separation ; acc. sg. līces gedāl dissolution, death

ge-dǣlan (W.I) deal out (tear?) ◈ pret. 3rd sg. -dǣlde

ge-dēfe (→ ge-dafen), adj. fitting, gentle, improved in condition ◈ comp. acc. pl. gedēfranGoth gadōbs

ge-deofenian → ge-dafenian

ge-deorf n. labor, hardship, difficulty

ge-dihtan (W.I) 1. compose, dictate, write ◈ pret. 3rd sg. -dihte2. direct, order ◈ pret. 3rd sg.Ger dichten

ge-dōn (irreg.) 1. do, act ◈ pret. 3rd pl. -dydonpret. opt. 3rd sg. dǣde2. (trans.) cause to be ◈ 3rd sg. -dēð3rd pl. -dōð3. put into such and such a condition ○ 4. reach, arrive at ◈ pret. 3rd pl. -dydon

ge-dreccan (W.I) oppress, afflict, vex, trouble ◈ perf. part. pl. gedrehte

ge-drēfan (W.I) trouble, disturb, afflict ◈ 3rd sg. -drēfð3rd pl. -drēfaðpret. 2nd pl. drēfdonperf. part. -drēfedpl. -drēfde (-drēfede)

ge-drēfednis f. trouble ◈ gen. sg. -nysse

ge-drēosan (2) fall, fail ◈ pret. 3rd sg. -drēasperf. part. pl. -drorene

ge-drincan (3) drink up ◈ pret. 3rd sg. gedranc

ge-drōfenlīc adj. troublous

ge-dryht f. train of attendants, retinue, company

ge-drync n. drinking, carousing

ge-dwol-monn m. erring man, heretic ◈ nom. pl. -mengen. pl. -manna

ge-dwolsum adj. misleading, erroneous

ge-dwyld n. folly, error ◈ gen. sg. -dwyldesdat. sg. -dwyldedwol

ge-dyrst-lǣcan (W.I) dare, presume ◈ pret. 2nd sg. -lǣhtest

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ge-ealgian (W.II) defend

ge-earnian (W.II) earn, deserve ◈ imp. 2nd sg. -earnaopt. 3rd pl. -earnienpret. 3rd sg. -ode3rd pl. -odonperf. part. geearnad

ge-earnung f. desert, merit ◈ dat. sg. -ungegen. pl. -ungaacc. pl. -unga

ge-ēað-mōdian (W.II) humble, debase (with reflex. acc.)pret. 3rd sg. -mēdde

ge-ēawan → ge-ēowan

ge-ed-cwycian (-cwician, -cuican) (W.II) quicken, revive ◈ perf. part. pl. -cwycode

ge-ed-nīwian (W.II) renew ◈ 3rd sg. -nīwaðperf. part. -nīwad

ge-ed-staþelian (W.II) reestablish, restore ◈ imp. 2nd sg. -staðelapret. 2nd sg. -staðelodest

ge-efen-lǣcan (W.I) imitate ◈ ger. geefenlǣcenne

ge-ende-byrdan (W.I) set in order, ordain, arrange ◈ perf. part. -endebyrdacc. sg. -endebyrdne

ge-endian (W.II) 1. (trans.) end, finish ◈ ger. geendiannepret. 3rd sg. geendadepret. opt. 3rd sg. geendodeperf. part. geendod (-ad) ○ 2. come to an end, die ◈ 3rd sg. geendað

ge-endung f. ending, end ◈ dat. sg. geendunge

ge-ēowan (-ēawan) (irreg.) show ◈ 3rd sg. -ēowðopt. 3rd sg. -ēawe

ge-fædera m. godfather in his relation to the father

ge-fadian (W.II) arrange

ge-fāgian (W.II) variegate, embroider ◈ perf. part. gefāgod

ge-fær n. going, journey

ge-faran (6) 1. (intr.) go, travel ◈ pret. opt. 3rd sg. gefōre2. (trans.) travel ○ 3. (intr.) depart out of life, die ◈ pret. 3rd sg. gefōr

ge-fæstnian (W.II) fasten, fix ◈ pret. 3rd sg. -fæstnodeperf. part. pl. -fæstnode

ge-fēa m. joy, delight, gratification ◈ inst. sg. ge-fēan

ge-fēalīc adj. joyous, pleasant

ge-feccan (-fecgan, -fetian) (W.III) fetch, take ◈ pret. 3rd pl. -fetedon

ge-fēgan (W.I) join ◈ imp. 2nd sg. gefēgperf. part. gefēged

ge-feoht n. fight, strife, battle ◈ dat. sg. gefeohteacc. pl. gefeoht

ge-feohtan (pret. sg. -feaht, pret. pl. -fuhton, perf. part. -fohten) (3) 1. fight ○ 2. gain by fighting, win

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ge-fēon (5) rejoice (with inst. or gen.)pres. part. gefēondeimp. 2nd sg. -feoh

ge-fēra m. companion, comrade ◈ dat. sg. -fērannom. pl. -fēranacc. pl. -fēran

ge-fēran (W.I) travel (trans.)

ge-fēre adj. accessible ◇ faran

ge-fēr-scipe m. companionship

ge-feterian (W.II) fetter, bind ◈ pret. 3rd sg. -feterode

ge-fetian → ge-feccan

ge-fexod (-feaxod) adj. haired, having hair ◈ nom. pl. -fexode

ge-fillednys f. completion, fulfilment

ge-firnian (W.II) commit a wrong, sin (intr.)pret. 1st sg. -firnode2nd sg. -dest

ge-flīeman (-flȳman) (W.I) put to flight ◈ pret. 3rd sg. -flīemde3rd pl. -donperf. part. -flȳmedpl. -flīemde

ge-flȳman → ge-flīeman

ge-flȳt n. contention, strife ◈ dat. sg. -flȳteflītan; Ger Fleiss

ge-fōn (R.) take, seize ◈ 3rd sg. gefēhð ; hlyst gefēð listens

ge-forþian (W.II) accomplish ◈ perf. part. geforþod

ge-frǣge adj. famous ◇ fricgan

ge-frǣge n. report, hearsay ◈ inst. sg. mine gefrǣgeacc. sg. I have heard say

ge-fremian (W.II) (→ ge-fremman), perform ◈ 3rd sg. -fremað

ge-fremman (W.I) perform ◈ ger. fremmenneimp. 2nd pl. -fremmaðpret. 3rd sg. -fremede3rd pl. -donperf. part. -fremed

ge-freoge (-frige) n. information ◇ fricgan

ge-frēolsian (W.II) set free, deliver ◈ 1st sg. -frēolside3rd sg. -frēolseðopt. 3rd sg. -frēolsige

ge-freoðian (-frioðian, -friðian) (W.II) protect, favor ◈ imp. 2nd sg. gefreoðapret. 3rd sg. -friðode

ge-frignan (3) learn by inquiry, hear ◈ perf. part. gefrugnen

ge-fullian (→ gefulwian), (W.II) baptize ◈ pret. 3rd sg. gefullodeperf. part. gefullodpl. gefullode

ge-fultumian (W.II) help ◈ perf. part. -fultumod

ge-fulwian (→ gefullian), (W.II) baptize ◈ perf. part. gefulwad

ge-fylce n. army, troop, division ◈ dat. pl. gefylcium (gefylcum) ◇ folc

ge-fylgan (W.III) follow (with dat.)

ge-fyllan (W.I) fell, cut down; deprive of (with gen.)perf. part. gefylledfeallan

ge-fyllan (W.I) 1. (with gen.) fill ◈ perf. part. pl. gefylda2. fulfil, complete, perform ◈ 2nd pl. -fyllaðopt. 2nd sg. -fylle1st pl. -fyllonpret. 3rd sg. -feldeperf. part. -fylledpl. -fylledefull

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ge-fylsta m. helper ◈ dat. sg. -fylstan

ge-fylstan (W.I) help (with dat.)pret. 3rd sg. -fylste

ge-fyrn adv. formerly ; gefyrn ǣr

ge-gaderian (W.II) gather, collect, assemble (trans. and intr.)3rd sg. -gaderaðpret. 3rd sg. -gaderode (-gaderade) ◈ 3rd pl. -gaderodonperf. part. -gaderodpl. -gaderode

ge-gædrian → gædrian

ge-gān (→ gān), (irreg.) happen ◈ pret. 3rd sg. geēode

ge-gangan (R.) obtain (trans.)

ge-gærwan → ge-gearwian

ge-gearwian (-gæwan, dial) (W.II) prepare ◈ imp. 2nd sg. -gearwapret. 3rd sg. -odepret. opt. 3rd sg. -gearwode

ge-glengan (W.I) adorn ◈ pret. 3rd sg. geglengdeperf. part. glenged

ge-gōdian (W.II) endow ◈ pret. 3rd sg. -gōdodegōd

ge-gremian (W.II) enrage ◈ perf. part. -gremodpl. -gremodegrom

ge-grīpan (pret. sg. -grāp, pret. pl. -gripon, perf. part. -gripen) (1) seize

ge-gyddian (W.II) sing, utter ◈ pret. 1st sg. -gyddode

ge-gyrela m. robe, dress, garment ◈ nom. pl. gegyrelan

ge-hādian (W.II) ordain ◈ pret. 3rd sg. gehādodeperf. part. gehādod

ge-hāl adj. whole

ge-hǣlan (W.I) heal (trans.)3rd sg. -hǣlðopt. 3rd sg. -hǣlepret. 2nd sg. -hǣldest2nd pl. -donperf. part. pl. -hǣlde

ge-hālgian (W.II) hallow, consecrate ◈ perf. part. gehālgodpl. -ade (-ode)

ge-hātan (pret. sg. -hēt, pret. pl. -hēton, perf. part. -hāten) (R.) 1. promise ◈ 1st sg. -hātepret. 2nd sg. -hēte2. name ◈ perf. part. gehātenpl. gehātene

ge-hāt-land n. promised land ◈ gen. sg. -landes

ge-hāwian (W.II) look at, reconnoitre ◈ pret. 3rd sg. -hāwade

ge-healdan (pret. sg. -hēold, pret. pl. -hēoldon, perf. part. -healden) (R.) hold, protect, maintain, observe ◈ 3rd sg. geheltopt. 3rd sg. -healde3rd pl. -danpret. 3rd pl. -hīoldonpret. opt. 3rd sg. -hēoldeperf. part. gehealdan

ge-healtsumnis f. captivity ◈ dat. sg. -nysse

ge-hefigian (W.II) weigh down, oppress ◈ perf. part. gehefgad

ge-hēgan (W.I) effect, hold (an assembly)

ge-helpan (3) help (with dat.)

ge-hende (adv) prep near (with dat.)

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ge-hēran → ge-hīeran

ge-hergian (W.II) capture (by harrying) ◈ perf. part. gehergod

ge-hieran (-hȳran, -hīran, -hēran) (W.I) hear ◈ ger. -hȳrannepres. part. -hȳrende2nd sg. -hȳrst3rd sg. -hȳreð3rd pl. -hȳraðimp. 2nd sg. -hēr (-hīere) ◈ 2nd pl. -hȳraðopt. 3rd sg. -hȳre1st pl. -hȳron2nd pl. -hȳran3rd pl. -hȳrenpret. 2nd sg. -hȳrdest3rd sg. -hȳrde

ge-hilt n. hilt

ge-hīran → ge-hīeran

ge-hīwian (W.II) form, fashion ◈ 3rd sg. -hīwað

ge-hlēapan (R.) leap (upon a horse), mount ◈ pret. 3rd sg. -hlēop

ge-hlēotan (2) cast or draw lots ◈ pret. 3rd sg. -hlēat

ge-hlystan (W.I) listen ◈ pret. 3rd pl. -hlyston

ge-hnǣgan (W.I) humble, cast down ◈ pret. 3rd sg. hnǣdehnīgan

ge-hola m. protector ◈ gen. pl. geholenahelan

ge-hrēosan (2) fall, perish ◈ 3rd sg. gehrīst

ge-hwā pron. each ◈ gen. sg. gehwæsdat. sg. gehwāamacc. sg. gehwone (gehwane)

ge-hwanon adv. from every quarter

ge-hwǣr adv. everywhere

ge-hwæðer pron. both, either ◈ acc. sg. -hwæþre (-hwæþere)

ge-hwelc → gehwilc

ge-hwerfan → ge-hwyrfan

ge-hwilc (ge-hwylc, ge-hwelc) each, every (pl all) ◈ nom. pl. gehwyilcedat. sg. gehwilcuminst. sg. gehwylceacc. sg. gehwylcne ; ānra gehwylc each one ; ānra gehwilcum, heora frēonda gehwilcum, hiera ... gehwelcum ; ānra manna gwheylcne ; ūhtna gehwylc

ge-hwyrfan (-hwierfan, -hwerfan) turn, change, convert ◈ 2nd sg. -hwyrfestpret. 3rd sg. -hwyrfdeperf. part. pl. gehwyrfede (gwhwerfede)

ge-hȳdan (W.I) hide, conceal, guard ◈ 3rd sg. gehȳtpret. 3rd sg. gehȳdde

ge-hygd f. n. mind, thought, purpose

ge-hyhtan (W.I) have hope, trust

ge-hȳran → ge-hīeran

ge-hyrdan (W.I) oppress ◈ pret. 3rd sg. gehyrdeheard

ge-hȳrnes (-hīernes) f. hearing ◈ dat. sg. -nesse

ge-hȳrsumian (W.II) hear, obey (with dat.)imp. 2nd pl. -hȳrsumiað

ge-īcan → ge-īecan

ge-īct → ge-īecan

ge-īecan (-īcan, -ȳcan) (W.I) increase, add to ◈ inf. -īcanperf. part. geīctēac

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ge-læccan (W.I) seize, catch, take ◈ pret. 3rd sg. gelæhte

ge-lǣdan (W.I) lead ◈ 3rd sg. gelǣtopt. 3rd sg. -lǣdepret. 3rd sg. -lǣddepl. -lǣddon

ge-lǣred perf. part. adj. learned ◈ nom. pl. gelǣrede (-edan) ◈ supl. acc. pl. gelǣredestan

ge-lǣstan (W.I) 1. (trans.) perform, carry out ◈ 2nd sg. -lǣsteopt. 3rd sg. -lǣstepret. 3rd sg. -lǣste2. (intr w dat) help, stand by ◇ Ger leisten

ge-laðian (W.II) invite, summon ◈ pret. 2nd sg. -laðodestperf. part. -laðodGer ein-laden

ge-laðung f. (invitation), church, congregation ◈ gen. sg. -laðunge

ge-lēafa m. belief, faith ◈ dat. sg. -lēafan

ge-lēaffull adj. believing ◈ nom. sg. -leaffulagen. pl. -lēaffulra

fe-lēaffulnes f. belief, faith ◈ acc. sg. -nesse

ge-lecgan (W.I) lay ◈ perf. part. gelēd

ge-lēfan → ge-liēfan

ge-lendan (W.I) 1. come to land, come, go ◈ perf. part. gelend2. endow with lands ◈ pret. 3rd sg. gelendeland

ge-lēofan → ge-līefan

ge-leornian (-liornian) (W.II) learn ◈ pret. 1st sg. -liornode3rd sg. -leornode (-leornade) ◈ 3rd pl. -donperf. part. -liornod (-leornad)

ge-lettan (W.I) hinder, prevent ◈ pret. 3rd sg. gelette

ge-līc adj. 1. like, resembling, same (as adjective standing alone) ◈ acc. sg. gelīcan2. like, resembling, same w dat ◈ nom. pl. gelīcesupl. nom. sg. gelīcost (gelīcast)

ge-līc n. similarity ◈ gen. sg. gelīces

ge-līca m. equal

ge-līce adv. in like manner

ge-līcian (W.II) please (with dat.)pret. opt. 3rd sg. -līcode

gelīcnes f. likeness ◈ acc. sg. gelȳcnysse

ge-līefan (-lȳfan, -lēfan, -lēofan) (W.I) believe (w acc, dat, or gen)inf. -lȳfan (-lēfan, -lēofan) ◈ ger. -lȳfannepres. part. -lȳfende1st sg. -līefe (-lēfe) ◈ opt. 2nd pl. -lēofon3rd pl. -līefen (līefon, -lȳfon) ◈ pret. 1st sg. -lȳfdeperf. part. -lȳfedperf. part. -gelȳfed filled with belief, believing, adj

ge-līf-fæstan (W.I) make alive, quicken ◈ pret. 3rd sg. gelīffæste

ge-limpan (pret. sg. -lomp, pret. pl. -lumpon, perf. part. -lumpen) happen ◈ pret. -lamp 3 sg

ge-limplīc adj. fitting, suitable ◈ acc. sg. -limplīcedat. pl. gelimplīcum adv, by chance

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ge-lōglan (W.II) lay, deposit ◈ pret 3 sg (-lōgode) ◈ 3rd pl. -don

ge-lōme adv. often, repeatedly

ge-lōmlīcian (W.II) become frequent

ge-lustfullian (W.II) please (with dat.)pret. 3rd sg. -fullode

ge-lustfullīce adv. willingly ◈ comp. gelustfullīcor

ge-lȳfan → ge-līefan

ge-lȳfed (-lēfed, pp) adj. weak, infirm ◈ gen. sg. gelȳfdrelēf; Mod left (hand)

ge-lȳhtan (W.I) illumine, give sight to ◈ pret. 3rd sg. -lȳhte

ge-lȳsan (W.I) release, break, tear ◈ perf. part. gelȳsed

ge-māglīc adj. importunate

ge-māgnys f. importunity

ge-māh (ge-māg) adj. malicious, wicked

ge-mǣlan (W.I) speak ◈ pret. 3rd sg. -mǣlde

gēman → gīeman

ge-māna m. intercourse; joining (of weapons) ◈ gen. sg. gemānan

ge-mǣne adj. common ◇ Ger gemein

ge-mǣnelīce adv. in common, generally

ge-mǣre n. boundary, border

ge-maðel n. talking, interview, harangue ◈ gen. sg. -maðeles

ge-mearc n. boundary, limit ◈ gen. sg. -mearces

ge-mearcian (W.II) mark, designate ◈ 3rd sg. -mearcaðperf. part. -mearcad

ge-met n. measure ◈ dat. sg. gemeteinst. sg. gemete degree ◈ acc. sg. gemet metre

ge-met adj. meet, fit

ge-mētan (W.I) meet with, find ◈ 2nd sg. -mētest2nd pl. -mētaðopt. 3rd pl. -mētonpret. 3rd sg. mētte3rd pl. -on (-mȳtton) ◈ perf. part. gēmētt (gemēt)

ge-mēteng (gemēting) f. meeting, assembly

ge-metgian (W.II) moderate, temper, restrain, regulate ◈ 3rd sg. -metagaðopt. 3rd sg. -metgige

ge-metgung f. measure, regulation, order ◈ acc. sg. -metgungeacc. pl. -metgunga

ge-metlīce adv. moderately

ge-miltsian (W.II) show mercy (with dat.)imp. 2nd sg. gemiltsa

ge-molsnian (W.II) moulder, decay ◈ 3rd sg. -molsnaþperf. part. pl. -molsnode

ge-mong n. crowd, throng ◈ dat. sg. gemonge ; in gemonge (prep w dat) among

ge-mōt n. meeting, assembly, council, concourse, encounter ◈ gen. sg. gemōtes

ge-munan (PP.) remember, call to mind, be mindful of ◈ 1st sg. geman3rd sg. gemonimp. 2nd sg. gemyne (gemune) ◈ 2nd pl. gemunaðpret. 1st sg. gemundepret. opt. 3rd pl. gemundonimp. 2nd sg. gemunopt. 3rd sg. gemynepret. 3rd sg. gemunde

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ge-mundbyrdan (W.I) protect ◈ pret. opt. 3rd sg. gemundbyrde

ge-mynd f. n. memory ◈ dat. sg. -myndeacc. sg. -mynd

ge-myndgian (-myngian) (W.II) keep in mind, remember ◈ pret. 3rd sg. -myndgade

ge-myndig adj. mindful of (with gen.)

ge-myntan (W.I) have in mind, intend ◈ pret. 3rd sg. -mynteperf. part. gemynt

gēn (gēna, gīen, gīena) adv. yet, still, even

ge-nēadian (W.I) compel ◈ perf. part. genēadad (genēded)

ge-neahhe (ge-nehe) adv. enough, frequently, often

ge-nēa-lǣcan (W.I) approach ◈ pres. part. -lǣcende (-lēcende) ◈ pret. 3rd pl. -lǣhton

ge-nēat m. companion ◇ Ger Genosse

ge-nehe → ge-neahhe

ge-nēosian (W.II) visit, approach, (trans.)3rd sg. -nēosaðpret. 3rd sg. -ode

ge-nerian (W.I) save, rescue, preserve ◈ 3rd sg. -nereðpret. 3rd sg. -neredeperf. part. pl. generode

ge-nihtsum adj. sufficient, abounding ◈ acc. pl. -sume

ge-nihtsumian (W.II) suffice ◈ 3rd sg. genihtsumað3rd pl. -iað

ge-nihtsumlīce adv. sufficiently

ge-nihtsumnes f. sufficiency ◈ gen. sg. -nysse

ge-niman (pret. sg. nōm (nam), pret. pl. nōmon (nāmon), perf. part. numen) (4) take ◈ imp. 2nd pl. genimaðopt. 3rd sg. genime (reflex, collect oneself) ◈ pret. opt. 3rd sg. genāme

ge-nip n. mist, cloud, darkness ◈ acc. pl. genypu

ge-nīpan (1) become dark ◈ pret. 3rd sg. genāp

ge-niðerian (-nyðerian) (W.II) cast down, abase, condemn ◈ perf. part. geniðerod (genyðerod)

ge-niðerung (-nyðerung) debasement, wickedness ◈ acc. pl. -nyðerunga

ge-nīwian (W.II) renew ◈ perf. part. genīwad

ge-nōh (ge-nōg) adj. enough

ge-notian (W.II) use, consume ◈ perf. part. acc. sg. genotudne

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geofon n. sea, ocean ◈ gen. sg. geofones

ge-ofrian (-offrian) (W.II) offer ◈ pret. opt. 3rd pl. geofrodon

geogoð (giogoð, iugoð) f. youth; gioguð (young persons, collect.) (???) ◈ dat. sg. geoguðe

gēomor adj. sad ◈ acc. sg. gēomranGer Jammer

gēomor-mōd adj. of sorrowful mood ◈ nom. pl. -mōde

gēomrung f. lamentation, moaning ◈ dat. sg. -ungaacc. sg. -unge

geond (giond) prep. (with acc.) throughout (place and time)

geond-faran (6) traverse ◈ 3rd pl. -farað

geond-hweorfan (3) pass over, traverse ◈ 3rd sg. -hweorfeð

geond-lācan (pres. 3rd sg. leolc, pret. sg. lēc, pret. pl. lēcon, perf. part. lācen) (R.) play over, traverse ◈ opt. 3rd sg. -lāce

geond-lȳhtan (W.I) 1. (trans.) illumine ◈ pret. 3rd sg. -lȳhteperf. part. pl. -lȳhte2. (intr.) shine over or upon ◈ pret. opt. 3rd sg. -lȳhte

geond-scēawian (W.II) overlook, survey ◈ 3rd sg. -scēawað

geond-sendan (W.I) send abroad ◈ perf. part. -send

geond-ðencean (W.I) think over, reflect upon ◈ 1st sg. -þence3rd sg. -ðenceð

geond-wlītan (1) look over (trans.)3rd sg. -wliteð

geong (giong, iung) adj. young ◈ nom. sg. gioncgaacc. pl. geonge (iunge)

geonglīc adj. youthful

ge-openian (W.II) open ◈ imp. 2nd sg. -openaperf. part. pl. -openede

georn (giorn) adj. eager, earnest, desirous (with gen.)nom. pl. giornenom. sg. geornnom. pl. georne

georne adv. eagerly, willingly, certainly, surely ◈ comp. geornorsupl. geornost

geornfull adj. eager, desirous ◈ nom. pl. geornfulle

geornfullīce adv. eagerly, earnestly ◈ comp. geornfullīcor

geornfulnes f. eagerness, zeal ◈ dat. sg. -nesse (-nysse)

geornlīce adv. eagerly, earnestly, attentively ◈ comp. geornlīcor

ge-or-trūwian (W.II) despair of, distrust ◈ opt. 3rd sg. geortrūwige

ge-rǣcan (W.I) reach, obtain

ge-rād adj. trained, prudent ◈ acc. sg. -rādne

ge-rǣdan (R. and W.I) counsel, advise ◈ 2nd sg. -rǣdest

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ge-rǣde n. trappings

ge-rēafian (W.II) seize ◈ 3rd pl. gerēafiað

ge-reccan (W.I) relate, explain, count ◈ ger. -reccenneimp. 2nd sg. -recepret. 3rd sg. -rehtepret. opt. 2nd sg. -reahteperf. part. pl. -rehte

ge-recednis f. narration ◈ dat. sg. -nisse

ge-rēfa m. reeve

ge-rēnian (geregnian) (W.II) arrange, adorn ◈ perf. part. gerēnod

ge-reord n. speech, language ◈ dat. sg. -reorde

ge-reordung f. refection, meal ◈ acc. sg. -reordunge

ge-restan (W.I) rest

ge-rihtan (W.I) correct ◈ opt. 3rd sg. gerihte

ge-rihte n. law ◈ acc. pl. gerihta

ge-riht-lǣcan (W.I) direct, correct ◈ pres. part. -lǣcendeperf. part. pl. læhte

ge-ripan (1) reap ◈ pret. 3rd pl. gerypon

ge-risenlīc adj. proper, suitable ◈ acc. pl. -līcecomp. acc. sg. līcre

ge-risenlīce adv. suitably, fittingly ◈ comp. -lecor

ge-rȳman (W.I) 1. (trans.) widen, extend ◈ pret. 3rd pl. rȳmdonperf. part. rȳmed2. (intr.) open a way ◈ perf. part. rȳmedrūm

ge-rȳne n. secret, mystery ◈ nom. pl. gerȳnurūn

ge-sǣlig adj. happy, prosperous, blessed ◈ nom. sg. sǣliganom. pl. -sǣligecomp. nom. pl. -sæligransǣl; Ger selig

ge-sæliglīc adj. happy, blessed ◈ nom. pl. -sǣliglīca

ge-sǣliglīce adv. happily

ge-sǣlð f. happiness, fortune, prosperity ◈ gen. pl. gesǣlðaacc. pl. gesǣlða

ge-sārgian (W.II) trouble, afflict ◈ perf. part. acc. sg. -sārgodnepl. -sārgode

ge-scēadlīce adv. discriminatingly, wisely

ge-scēadwīs adj. discriminating, intelligent, rational, wise ◈ nom. sg. -scēadwīsa

ge-scēadwīsnes f. discretion, reason, wisdom ◈ dat. sg. -nysse

ge-sceaft f. 1. creature, creation ◈ dat. sg. gesceaftenom. pl. gesceafta2. destiny, decree (of fate) ◇ scieppan

ge-sceap n. 1. creation ◈ dat. sg. gesceape2. destiny ◈ acc. pl. gesceapuscieppan

ge-sceapenis f. creation ◈ dat. sg. -nisse

ge-scendan (-scindan) (W.I) put to shame, confound ◈ pret. 3rd sg. -scendeperf. part. -scindedsceond

ge-sceððan (6) harm, injure (with dat.)pret. 3rd sg. -scōd3rd pl. -scōdanGer schaden

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ge-scieppan (-scippan, -scyppan) (pret. sg. -scōp (-scēop), pret. pl. -scōpon (-scēopon), perf. part. -sceapen (-scepen, -scæpen)) create, make ◈ pret. 3rd sg. -scōp (-scēop) ◈ perf. part. -sceapenpl. -scæpene

ge-scīnan (1) illuminate (trans.)

ge-scindan → ge-scendan

ge-scipian (W.II) provide with ships ◈ perf. part. pl. gescipode

ge-scyldan (W.I) shield, protect ◈ opt. 3rd sg. -scyldeperf. part. -scylded

ge-scyldnis f. protection ◈ acc. sg. -nysse

ge-scyrpan (W.I) clothe, equip ◈ perf. part. acc. sg. -scyrpednesceorp

ge-scyrpla m. garment ◈ nom. pl. -scyrplan

ge-sēcan (W.I) seek

ge-secgan (W.III) say, tell ◈ pret. 3rd sg. -sǣdeperf. part. -sǣd

ge-seglian (W.II) sail

ge-segnian (W.II) cross oneself ◈ pret. 3rd sg. -segnodesegn

ge-selda m. hall-companion, comrade, retainer ◈ acc. pl. geseldan

ge-sellan (W.I) give up, yield ◈ pret. 3rd pl. -sealdon

ge-sēman (W.I) reconcile ◇ Mod seem

ge-sēon (-sīon) (pret. sg. -seah, pret. pl. -sāwon (-sǣgon), perf. part. -sewen (-sawen, -segen)) see, observe, consider ◈ inf. -sīonimp. 2nd sg. -seohpl. -sēoðsg. -sēo2nd sg. -sihst3rd sg. -sihð1st pl. -sēoðopt. 2nd sg. -sēo3rd pl. -sēonpret. 2nd sg. -sāweperf. part. gesegen (gesawen, gesewen)

ge-set n. seat, habitation ◈ nom. pl. gesetu

ge-setnis f. foundation, composition, narrative, decree ◈ dat. sg. -nysseacc. pl. -nyssa

ge-settan (W.I) 1. set, place, appoint ◈ pret. 3rd sg. gesetteperf. part. gesetedpl. -sette2. compose, write ◈ pret. opt. 3rd sg. -sette

ge-sēðan (W.I) confirm ◈ perf. part. pl. -gesēðdesōð

ge-sewenlīc adj. visible ◈ nom. pl. -līca

ge-sīclian (W.II) sicken ◈ perf. part. gesīcclodsēoc

ge-siglan (W.I) sail

ge-sihð (-syhð) f. seeing, sight, presence ◈ dat. sg. -sihðe (-syhðe) ◈ acc. sg. -sihðe (-syhðe)

ge-singan (3) sing ◈ pret. 3rd sg. gesangperf. part. gesungen

ge-sīon → ge-sēon

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ge-sittan (5) occupy ◈ pret. 3rd sg. gesætperf. part. acc. sg. -setenne (sit out)

ge-slēan (6) gain by fighting, win ◈ pret. 3rd pl. geslōgon

ge-smyrian (W.II) annoint

ge-somnian (-samnian) (W.II) collecty, assemble (trans.)perf. part. -samnodpl. -ode

ge-somnung f. collection, assembly ◈ gen. sg. -ungadat. sg. -unge

ge-sprec n. interview, counsel

ge-standan (6) 1. stand ◈ opt. 3rd sg. -stonde2. come upon ◈ pret. 3rd sg. gestōd

ge-staþelian (W.II) establish, build, confirm ◈ pret. 1st sg. -staþelodeperf. part. -staðelad

ge-stæððig adj. steadfast ◈ dat. sg. -stæððegan

ge-steall n. establishment, foundation

ge-stīgan (1) ascend (trans.)2nd sg. -stīgestpret. 3rd sg. -stāh

ge-stillan (W.I) 1. (intr.) be still, cease ◈ imp. 2nd sg. gestillepret. 3rd sg. gestildepl. gestildon2. (trans.) restrain, stop ◈ pret. opt. 3rd sg. gestilde

ge-stīran (-stīeran, -stȳran) (W.I) direct, restrain (with dat.)pret. opt. 3rd pl. gestīrdenstēor

ge-strangian (W.II) strengthen ◈ imp. 2nd sg. -strangaopt. 2nd sg. -strangiepret. 2nd sg. -strangodestperf. part. -strangod

ge-strēon n. possession, property ◈ nom. pl. -strēon

ge-strȳnan (-strīenan) (W.I) (beget), acquire, win, gain ◈ 3rd pl. gestrynaðpret. opt. 1st sg. gestryndege-strēon

ge-sund adj. sound, whole, safe ◈ acc. sg. -sundnenom. pl. -sunde

ge-sundfull adj. sound, whole ◈ nom. sg. -ful

ge-sundfullīce adv. safely ◈ supl. -līcost

ge-swǣs adj. gentle

ge-sweorean (3) become dark, sad ◈ opt. 3rd sg. -sweorce

ge-swīcan (pret. sg. -swāc, pret. pl. -swicon, perf. part. -swicen) (1) cease, leave off (with gen.)opt. 2nd pl. -swȳconpret. opt. 3rd pl. -swicon

ge-swinc n. toil, effort, hardship ◈ gen. sg. -suinces (-swinces) ◈ dat. sg. -swince

ge-swīns n. harmony, melody

ge-swustor (-tru -tra) f pl tant sisters ◈ acc. pl. geswustra

ge-swutelian (-sweotolian) show, make manifest ◈ 3rd sg. -swutelaðpret. 3rd sg. -swutelodeperf. part. -swutelod

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ge-synto f. prosperity

gēt → gīet

ge-tæcan (W.I) teach, show ◈ 1st sg. getæce

ge-tācnian (W.II) betoken, signify ◈ pret. 3rd sg. -tācnode3rd pl. -donperf. part. -tācnod

ge-tācnung f. signification, token, type ◈ dat. sg. -tācnunge

ge-tæl n. number, order, narrative ◈ dat. sg. geteleacc. sg. getæl

ge-teld n. tent, tabernacle ◈ dat. sg. getelde

ge-tellan (W.I) tell, count, reckon ◈ perf. part. geteald

ge-tengan (W.I) hasten ◈ pret. 3rd sg. getengde

ge-tēon (pret. sg. -tēah, pret. pl. -tugon, perf. part. -togen) (2) draw ◈ 3rd sg. -tȳhðpret. 2nd sg. -tuge3rd sg. -tēhperf. part. pl. getogene (instructed)

ge-tēorian (W.II) diminish, fail, become exhausted ◈ pret. 3rd sg. getēorodeperf. part. getēorod

ge-timbre n. structure, building ◈ acc. pl. -timbro

ge-timbrian (W.II) build ◈ 3rd sg. -timbreðpret. 3rd sg. -timbrode

ge-tīmian (W.II) happen ◈ pret. 3rd sg. -tīmode

ge-tīðian (W.II) grant (with dat. of pers. and gen. of thing)3rd sg. -tīðaðpret. opt. 3rd pl. -tīþodonperf. part. -tīþod

ge-toht n. battle ◈ dat. sg. getohte

ge-truma m. troop, (military) division ◈ acc. sg. -truman

ge-trymman (W.I) prepare, strengthen, confirm ◈ pres. part. -trymmendepret. 1st sg. -trymede3rd sg. -trymde

ge-tȳn (W.I) instruct ◈ perf. part. getȳd

ge-ðæf adj (with gen) favoring, confessing

ge-þafian (W.II) permit, allow, consent to ◈ pres. part. -ðafiende3rd sg. -þafaðopt. 2nd sg. -þafigepret. opt. 3rd sg. -ðafode

ge-þafung f. permission, assent ◈ dat. sg. -þafunge

ge-þand m. n. thought, purpose

ge-þancian (W.II) thank (with dat. of pers. and gen. of thing)1st sg. -þancie

ge-þeaht f. n. 1. thought, purpose ◈ dat. sg. geþeahte2. council, deliberation

ge-þeahtere m. councilor ◈ nom. pl. -þeahteras

ge-ðencean (W.I) think, take thought

ge-ðēodan (W.I) join, associate ◈ pret. 3rd sg. -ðēodde3rd pl. -don

ge-ðēode (-ðīode) n. language ◈ gen. sg. -ðēodes (nation) ◈ acc. sg. -ðēode (-ðīode) ◈ gen. pl. -ðēoda

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ge-þēodnis f. association ◈ dat. sg. -nisse

ge-þicgean (5) take, receive

ge-þingian (W.II) plead for ◈ pret. opt. 3rd sg. -þingode

ge-ðingð (ge-ðingðu) f. dignity, rank, office ◈ dat. sg. -ðingðeacc. sg. -ðincðuðingan

ge-þōht m. thought ◈ dat. sg. -þōhte

ge-þolian (W.II) permit, allow

ge-þrang n. press, tumult ◈ dat. sg. geþrange

ge-þrȳðan (W.I) strengthen, arm ◈ perf. part. geþrȳðed

ge-ðungen ( perf. part. ) adj. grown, triven, perfected, competent, excellent, distinguished ◈ acc. pl. -ðungeneacc. pl. ðungnestanðēon

ge-þwǣre adj. concordant, at peace

ge-ðwǣrian (W.II) make concordant ◈ 3rd sg. -ðwǣrað

ge-ðwǣr-lǣcan (W.I) agree to, allow (with dat.)pret. 3rd pl. -lǣhton

ge-þwǣrnes f. agreement, concord, peace ◈ acc. sg. -nesse

ge-ðyld n f patience ◈ gen. sg. -ðyldeGer Geduld

ge-þyldig adj. patient

ge-þydlīce adv. patiently

ge-uferian (W.II) exalt ◈ perf. part. geuferod

ge-unnan (PP.) grant (with dat. of pers. and gen. of thing)opt. 2nd sg. -unne

ge-un-trumian (W.II) weaken, make ill ◈ perf. part. geuntrumod

gē-wadan (6) go, advance ◈ pret. 3rd sg. -wōd

ge-wǣgan (W.I) weigh down, distress ◈ perf. part. pl. gewǣgde

ge-wald (weald) n. power, control

ge-wǣpnian (W.II) arm ◈ pret. 3rd sg. -wǣpnode

ge-wealdan (R.) wield, control (with gen.)pret. 3rd sg. -wēoldpp ds gewaldenum ; gewaldenum controllable, inconsiderable, small

ge-wēman (W.I) entice, bring over

ge-wemman (W.I) defile, impair, destroy ◈ pret. 3rd sg. -wemdeperf. part. pl. -wemmede

ge-wemmednis f. defilement ◈ dat. sg. -nysse

ge-wemming f. defilement ◈ dat. sg. -wemminge

ge-wendan (W.I) return, go ◈ pret. 3rd sg. -wende

ge-weorc n. 1. work, labor ◈ inst. sg. -weorce2. military work, fortification ◈ dat. sg. -weorce

ge-weorðan (wurðan) (pret. sg. -wearð, pret. pl. -wurdon, perf. part. -worden) (3) 1. happen, come to pass, become, be ◈ 3rd sg. gewyrð3rd pl. gewurþaðopt. 3rd sg. geweorðe ; gewurðe þē and hym let it be between you ○ 2. (impers w reflex acc) ; swā swā hine silfne gewyrð according to his own decree

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ge-weorðian (W.II) honor ◈ perf. part. -weorðadpl. -weorðade

ge-wīcian (W.II) encamp, dwell ◈ 3rd sg. -wīcaðpret. 3rd sg. -wīcodeperf. part. -wīcod

ge-wilnian (W.II) desire (w gen and acc)opt. 3rd sg. -wilnigepret. 3rd sg. -wilnode

ge-wilnung f. wish, desire ◈ dat. sg. -ungenom. pl. -unga

ge-win-dæg m. day of strife ◈ nom. pl. -dagas

ge-winn n. struggle, strife, battle ◈ gen. sg. -winnesdat. sg. -winneacc. sg. -winn

ge-winnan (3) obtain by fighting, win, gain ◈ pret. 3rd pl. -wunnon

ge-wiss adj. certain of (with gen.)nom. sg. gewis

ge-wissian (W.II) 1. (with dat.) inform, instruct, enjoin ◈ pret. 3rd sg. -wissode2. (with acc.) guide, direct

ge-wisslīce adv. certainly

ge-wita m. witness

ge-wītan (pret. sg. -wāt, pret. pl. -witon, perf. part. -witen) (1) 1. depart, swerve, fail ◈ 1st pl. -wītað (-wȳtað) ◈ imp. 2nd sg. gewīt2nd pl. -witaðopt. 3rd sg. gewīte3rd pl. -tenperf. part. pl. gewitene2. depart (from the world), die ◈ 3rd sg. gewītt

ge-witenlīc adj. transitory

ge-witennis f. departure, death ◈ gen. sg. -witenesse

ge-wītnian (W.II) punish, chastise ◈ perf. part. pl. -wītnode

ge-witt n. intelligence, understanding ◈ gen. sg. -wittesdat. sg. -witte

ge-wlitigian (W.II) beautify, adorn ◈ perf. part. gewlitigad

ge-wrecan (4) avenge

ge-write n. writing, letter, scripture ◈ gen. sg. -writesacc. sg. gewritgen. pl. -writaacc. pl. -writu

ge-wrīðan (1) bind ◈ perf. part. pl. gewryðene

ge-wuldrian (W.II) glorify ◈ perf. part. gewuldrod

gewuna m. habit, custom ◈ acc. sg. -wunan

ge-wundian (W.II) wound ◈ pret. 3rd sg. -wundodeperf. part. -wundod

ge-wunelīc adj. customary

ge-wunian (W.II) 1. dwell, remain, live ◈ opt. 3rd pl. -wunien (cogn acc)

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gewyldan (W.I) bring into one's power, subdue ◈ perf. part. gewyldge-weald

ge-wyrc(e)an (W.I) work, make, create ◈ pret. 1st sg. -worhteperf. part. geworht (geworct)

ge-wyrdan (W.I) injure, destroy

ge-wyrdelīc adj. historical

ge-wyrht f. n. work, deed, desert

ge-wyrman (W.I) warm ◈ perf. part. gewyrmed

ge-wyrpan (W.I) recover (from injury or disease) ◈ pret. 3rd sg. gewyrpte

ge-wyrtian (W.II) season with herbs, spice, perfume ◈ perf. part. gewyrtad

ge-yrsian (W.II) be angry with (with dat.)

gieddian (gyddian) (W.II) recite, speak ◈ pret. 3rd sg. gieddade

giedding f. utterance ◈ acc. pl. gieddinga

giefan (gifan, gyfan) (pret. sg. geaf, pret. pl. gēafon, perf. part. giefen) (5) give ◈ pres. part. gifende3rd sg. gifð

gief-stōl m. seat of a lord (giving gifts) ◈ acc. pl. giefstōlas

giefu (gifu, gyfu) f. gift ◈ nom. sg. gifudat. sg. gife (giefe) ◈ acc. sg. gife (giefe, gyfe) ◈ gen. pl. gifena (gyfena, geofena, geofona)

gielp (gilp, gylp) m. n. boasting, arrogance, pride ◈ nom. sg. gilpgen. sg. gielpesdat. sg. gylpe

gielpan (gylpan) (2) boast (with gen.)inf. gylpan

gielt (gilt, gylt) m. guilt, offence, sin ◈ dat. sg. gylteacc. pl. gieltas (gyltas)

gīeman (gȳman, gēman) (W.I) care for, observe, regard (with gen.)3rd sg. gȳmðpret. 3rd sg. gēmde (gȳmde) ◈ 3rd pl. gȳmdonpret. opt. 3rd sg. gȳmde

gīemen (gȳmen) f. care, oversight, responsibility ◈ gen. sg. gīemenne

gīet (gīt, gȳt, gēt, gīta, gȳta) adv. yet, besides, further, still

gif conj. if

gīfernes f. greediness ◈ gen. sg. -nesse

gīfre adj. greedy

gifu → giefu

gilp → gielp

gilt → gielt

gimm (gymm) m. gem ◈ nom. sg. gimdat. sg. gimmegen. pl. gimma

gim-stān m. precious stone, gem ◈ nom. pl. -stānasgen. pl. -stānaacc. pl. -stānas

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gin-fæst (ginn-) adj. ample, liberal

gīo (gēo, gīu, gȳu, īu, īo) adv. formerly, before, of old ; īu ǣr ; ðā gȳu already ; gȳt ... gū yet of old

giond → geond

gīsel (gȳsel) m. hostage ◈ nom. sg. gȳseldat. sg. gīsleacc. pl. gīslasGer Geisel

git → ðū

gīt → gīet

gītsian (W.II) desire ◈ pres. part. dat. pl. gītsigendum

glæd adj. glad, happy, bright, shining ◈ dat. sg. glædum (gladum) ◈ acc. sg. glædnesupl. nom. sg. gladost

glædlīce adv. gladly

glæd-mōd adj. glad-hearted ◈ nom. pl. -mōde

glǣm m. gleam, splendor

glæs n. glass

glēaw adj. wise, prudent ◈ nom. pl. glēawe

Glēaw-ceaster f. Gloucester ◈ dat. sg. -ceastre

glēaw-mōd adj. wise, sagacious

gleng m. f. ornament ◈ nom. pl. glengeasacc. pl. glengas

glengan (W.I) adorn ◈ 3rd sg. glengeð

glēowian (W.II) be merry, jest ◈ pres. part. glēowiende

glīdan (pret. sg. glād, pret. pl. glidon, perf. part. gliden) (1) glide

glīw (glīg, glēo) n. glee, mirth ◈ dat. sg. glīwe

glīw-stæf m. joy ◈ dat. pl. glīwstafum

gnornian (W.II) mourn, lament ◈ pres. part. gnorngende

God m. God ◈ gen. sg. Godesdat. sg. Godenom. pl. godogen. pl. godaacc. pl. godu

gōd adj. good ◈ nom. sg. goodacc. sg. gōd (gōde, gōdan) ◈ nom. pl. goodegen. pl. gōdra (gōdena) ◈ comp. nom. sg. betera (bettera) (betra, betere, betre) ◈ supl. nom. sg. betstasupl. inst. sg. bestansupl. nom. pl. betstan

gōd n. 1. benefit ◈ dat. sg. goodeacc. sg. goodgen. pl. gooda (gōda) ○ 2. goods, possessions

God-bearn n. Son of God ◈ gen. sg. -bearnes

god-cund adj. divine ◈ gen. sg. -cundredat. sg. -cundrenom. pl. -cundangen. pl. -cundradat. pl. -cundan

god-cundlīc adj. divine ◈ gen. sg. -līcanacc. sg. -līce

god-cundlīce adv. divinely

god-cundnis f. divine nature, divinity ◈ gen. sg. -nessedat. sg. -nysseacc. sg. -nesse

gōd-dǣd f. good deed

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Godmundinga-hām m. Goodmanham (Bernicia)

god-spell n. gospel ◈ dat. sg. -spelleacc. sg. -spel

god-spellere m. evangelist ◈ nom. sg. -spellerenom. pl. -spelleras

god-spellīc adj. evangelical ◈ dat. sg. -spellīcan

god-sunu m. god-son

god-webb n. purple (cloth) ◈ acc. sg. godwebdat. sg. -webbe

gold n. gold ◈ gen. sg. goldesdat. sg. golde

gold-fæt n. golden vessel ◈ dat. sg. -fate

gold-hord n. m. treasure

gold-smið m. goldsmith ◈ nom. pl. -smiðas

gold-wine m. (gold-friend), treasure giver, lord

gomol adj. old ◈ nom. sg. gomel*ga-mǣl

gong (gang) m. path, course ◈ acc. sg. gang (gong)

gongan (gangan, gengan) (R.) go, walk, advance, march ◈ pres. part. gongende (gangænde) ◈ imp. 2nd sg. gangopt. 2nd pl. gangon

Got-land n. Jutland, Gothland (island in the Baltic sea)

grǣdelīce → grǣdiglīce

grǣdig adj. greedy ◈ acc. sg. grǣdigne

grǣdiglīce (grǣdelīce) adv. greedily

grǣg adj. gray ◈ inst. sg. grǣganacc. sg. grǣge

gram adj. grim, angry, fierce, cruel ◈ nom. pl. grameacc. pl. graman

grama m. anger, wrath ◈ gen. sg. graman

grānung f. groaning

græs-wong m. grassy plain ◈ dat. sg. -wonge

Grēcisc adj. Greek

grēne adj. green ◈ nom. pl. grēneacc. pl. grēnan

grēot n. gravel, sand, earth ◈ gen. sg. grēotesdat. sg. grēoteacc. sg. grēot

grētan (W.I) greet ◈ 3rd sg. grēteð (grēt) ◈ opt. 3rd sg. grētepret. 3rd sg. grētte

grimm adj. fierce, cruel ◈ acc. pl. grimme

grimme (grymme) adv. grimly

grindan (3) grind, sharpen ◈ perf. part. pl. gegrundene

grið n. peace ◇ ON grið

grōwan (pret. sg. grēow, pret. pl. grēwon, perf. part. grōwen) (R.) grow ◈ opt. 3rd sg. grōwe

grund m. ground, bottom, earth, country, world ◈ dat. sg. grundeacc. sg. grundacc. pl. grundas

grundlunga adv. from the foundation, completely

gryre-lēoð n. song of terror ◈ gen. pl. -lēoða

gū-dǣd (īu-dǣd) f. former deed ◈ gen. pl. -dǣda

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guma m. man, hero ◈ nom. pl. gumangen. pl. gumena

gūð f. battle ◈ gen. sg. gūþecf. Mod gon-falon

gūð-freca m. warrior, valiant one ◈ dat. sg. -frecan

gūð-hafoc m. war-hawk

gūð-plega m. war-play, battle

gūð-rinc m. warrior

gyden f. goddess ◈ acc. pl. gydenagod

gyft (gift, gieft) f. (technically) marriage payment, dowry ◈ pl. marriage ◇ Mod gift

gyfl n. food

gyfu → giefu

gyldan (gieldan) (3) pay, requite ◈ 3rd sg. gylt (gilt) ◈ 3rd pl. gyldað

gylden adj. golden ◈ dat. sg. gyldenumdat. pl. gyldnum

gylp, gylpan → gielp, gielpan

gylp-word n. boastful word ◈ dat. pl. -wordum

gylt → gielt

gȳman → gīeman

gȳme-lēast (gīeme-lēast, -līest) f. neglect ◈ dat. sg. -lēaste

gym-stān → gim-stān

gym-wyrhta m. (gem-wright), jeweller ◈ nom. pl. -wyrhtan

gyrd f. rod, twig ◈ gen. pl. gyrdaacc. pl. gyrda

gyrdan (W.I) gird ◈ pret. 3rd sg. gyrde

gyrela m. robe, dress, garment

gyrn m. f. sorrow, misfortune ◈ inst. sg. gyrne

gyrnan (W.I) yearn, desire, be eager, strive ◈ 3rd sg. gyrneðgeorn

gyst (giest) m. guest, stranger ◈ nom. pl. gystas

gyt → ðū

gȳt, gȳta → gīet

gȳtsere m. miser

gȳtsung f. avarice ◈ gen. sg. gȳtsungegītsian


habban (W.III) have ◈ ger. habbanne (hæbbenne) ◈ 1st sg. hæbbe2nd sg. hafast (hæfst) ◈ 3rd sg. hafað (hæfð) ◈ 1st pl. habbaðopt. 1st sg. hæbbeopt. 3rd pl. hæbbenpret. 3rd sg. hæfdepret. 3rd pl. hæfdon → (see næbban)

hād m. condition, rank, office ◈ gen. sg. hādesdat. sg. hādeacc. sg. hādnom. pl. hādasgen. pl. hādaMod -hood

hādor adj. bright, clear ◇ Ger heiter

hǣdre adv. clearly (light or sound)

hādung f. ordination ◈ dat. sg. -unge

hafenian (W.II) raise, lift up ◈ pret. 3rd sg. hafenodehebban

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hafoc m. hawk

hæftan (W.I) seize, bind, make captive ◈ perf. part. pl. gehæfte

hæfting f. captivity ◈ acc. sg. hæftinga

hægel (hægl, hagol) m. hail ◈ nom. sg. hæglgen. sg. hæglesinst. sg. hagle

hægl-faru f. hail-storm ◈ acc. sg. -fare

hāl adj. hale, whole, sound, uninjured ◈ dat. sg. hālumnom. pl. hāle

hǣl (hālor) n. welfare, salvation

Hǣlend m. Saviour, Christ ◈ dat. sg. Hǣlende (Hǣlendum) ◈ acc. sg. Hǣlende

hālettan (W.I) greet, salute ◈ pret. 3rd sg. hālette

hæleð (hæle) m. man, hero, warrior ◈ nom. sg. hælenom. pl. hæleðgen. pl. hæleðaGer Held

hālga m. saint ◈ nom. pl. hālgangen. pl. hālgena

hālgian (W.II) hallow, consecrate ◈ pret. 1st pl. hālgodon

Hālgo-land n. Halgoland (a district of ancient Norway)

hālig adj. holy ◈ nom. sg. hāligagen. sg. hālgandat. sg. hālganacc. sg. hāliggen. pl. hāligra (hālegra) ◈ inst. sg. hālgestan (saints)

hālignes f. holiness, religion ◈ gen. sg. -nesse

hǣlo (hǣlu) f. salvation ◈ gen. sg. hǣledat. sg. hǣleacc. sg. hǣle (hǣlo)

hals (heals) m. neck ◇ Ger Hals

hālsian (W.II) greet, address, entreat, implore ◈ 1st sg. hālsigepret. 3rd sg. hālsodehāl

hālsung f. entreaty ◈ dat. sg. -unge

hālwende adj. salutary

hām m. home ◈ dat. sg. hāme (hām) ◈ acc. pl. hāmasadv. hām

hamor m. hammer ◈ gen. pl. hamora

Hām-tūn-scīr (-scȳr) f. Hampshire ◈ dat. sg. -scīre

hām-weard adv. homewards

hām-weardes adv. homewards

han-crēd m. cock-crowing (a division of the night) ◈ dat. sg. -crēde

hand → hond

hand-bred n. palm of the hand

hand-ge-weorc n. handiwork ◈ dat. sg. -weorce

hand-plega m. hand-play or encounter, fighting ◈ gen. sg. -plegan

hār adj. hoary, gray, old ◈ nom. sg. hāra

hara m. hare

hærfest m. harvest, autumn ◈ dat. sg. -festeGer Herbst

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hǣs f. behest, command ◈ gen. sg. hǣsehātan

haso adj. dark, dusky ◈ nom. sg. haswa

haso-pād (hasu-) adj. having a gray coat (of an eagle) ◈ acc. sg. -pādan

haswig-feðre adj. dusky-feathered ◈ nom. sg. -feðra

hāt adj. hot, fervid ◈ dat. sg. hātannom. pl. hāte

hātan (pres. 3rd sg. heht, pret. sg. hēt (hātte), pret. pl. hēton, perf. part. hāten) (R.) 1. order, command ◈ 1st sg. hāte3rd sg. hāteðpret. 3rd sg. heht (heht, hēt) ○ 2. name ◈ 3rd sg. hǣt1st pl. ha-tað3. passive hātte: be called, hight ◈ pl. hātene

hāte adv. hotly ◈ supl. hātost

hāt-heort adj. hot of heart, passionate

hāt-heorte f. hot heart, anger ◈ dat. sg. -heortan

hatian (W.II) hate ◈ 3rd sg. hataðimp. 2nd pl. hatiaðopt. 3rd sg. hatige

hǣtu (hǣto) f. heat

hǣðen adj. heathen ◈ nom. sg. hǣþenanom. pl. hǣþene (hǣþnan) ◈ gen. pl. -enra

hǣðen-gyld n. idolatry

hǣðen-gylda m. idolater ◈ nom. pl. -gyldandat. pl. -gyldum

hǣen-scipe m. heathendom, idolatry

Hǣðum (æt Hǣðum) Haddeby (now Schleswig) ◈ nom. sg. æt Hǣðumdat. sg. (of) Hǣðum ((tō))

(hēo, hit) 3d pers pron he, she, it, pl they ◈ m. nom. sg. m. gen. sg. hism. dat. sg. himm. acc. sg. hinef. nom. sg. hēo (hīo) ◈ f. dat. sg. hiren. nom. sg. hitn. gen. sg. hisnom. pl. hīe (, , hēo) ◈ gen. pl. hiera (hira, hyra, heora, hiora) ◈ dat. pl. him (heom) ◈ acc. sg. hīe (, hēo)

hēaf m. f. n. mourning, lamentation

heafela (heafola) m. head ◈ nom. pl. heafelan

hēafod n. head ◈ gen. sg. hēafdesdat. sg. hēafdeacc. sg. hēafodinst. sg. hēafdeacc. pl. hēafdu

hēafod-burh f. chief city, metropolis

hēafod-monn m. chief man ◈ acc. pl. -menn

hēah adj. high ◈ nom. sg. hēa (hēah) ◈ gen. sg. hēandat. sg. hēanacc. sg. hēahne (hēanne, hēane, hēa) ◈ comp. nom. sg. hērracomp. dat. sg. hīerrancomp. acc. sg. hȳrrancomp. nom. pl. hīerransupl. nom. sg. hēhstesupl. gen. sg. hīehstan (hēhstan)

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hēah-cyning m. high king, God

hēah-dīacon m. archdeacon ◈ nom. pl. -dīaconas

hēah-engel m. archangel ◈ dat. sg. -engle

hēah-fæder m. patriarch ◈ dat. sg. -fæderenom. pl. -fæderas

hēah-ge-rēfa m. high reeve, chief officer ◈ dat. sg. -gerēfan

hēah-mōd adj. proud

hēah-seld (-setl) n. high seat, throne ◈ dat. sg. -setleacc. sg. -seld

hēah-setl → hēah-seld

hēah-ðungen perf. part. adj. highly prospered, of high rank ◈ nom. pl. -ðungene

healdan (pret. sg. hēold, pret. pl. hēoldon, perf. part. healden) (R.) hold, possess, preserve, regard, observe ◈ ger. healdanne (-enne) ◈ opt. 2nd sg. healdepret. 2nd sg. hēoldepret. 3rd pl. hīoldanpret. opt. 1st pl. hēoldanpret. opt. 3rd pl. hēoldon

healf f. half, part, side ◈ acc. sg. healfeinst. sg. healfeacc. pl. healfedat. sg. healfegen. pl. healfa ; on heora healfe on their own part only ; on healfa gehwām on every side

healf adj. half ◈ dat. sg. healfumnom. pl. healfeacc. sg. healf gēardat. sg. ōðrum healfum lǣs þe a year and a half less than ◈ gen. sg. bynnan fēorðan healfes dæges fæce → (see fēorðan)

hēalic adj. high, exalted, glorious ◈ dat. sg. -līcum

heall f. hall ◈ dat. sg. healle

healt adj. halt, lame ◈ acc. pl. healte

hēan adj. low, mean, abject, depressed, humbled ◈ dat. sg. hēananGer Hohn

hēanlīc adj. ignominious

hēannis f. height, highness, excellence ◈ acc. sg. -nesse

hēap m. heap, crowd, multitude

heard adj. hard, severe, cruel, intrepid, brave ◈ gen. sg. heardesdat. sg. heardumcomp.nom. sg. heardra

heardlīce adv. stoutly, bravely

heardnis f. hardness ◈ acc. sg. -nysse

hearm m. harm, injury, grief ◈ gen. pl. hearma

hearm adj. harmful, hostile ◈ gen. pl. hearmra

hearpe f. harp ◈ dat. sg. hearpan

hearpere m. harper ◈ gen. sg. hearperesdat. sg. hearpere

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hearpian (W.II) harp ◈ pret. 3rd sg. hearpode

hearpung f. harping ◈ dat. sg. -unga

hearra m. lord ◇ Ger Herr

hēarsum (hȳrsum) adj. obedient (with dat.)

heaðerian (W.II) restrain ◈ 3rd sg. heaðerað

heaðo-lind f. war-linden, shield ◈ acc. pl. -linde

heaðo-rōf adj. famed in battle ◈ gen. sg. -rōfes

hēawan (pret. sg. hēow, pret. pl. hēowon, perf. part. hēawen) (R.) hew, cut, cut down, kill (trans. and intr.)imp. 2nd pl. hēawað

hebban (pret. sg. hōf, pret. pl. hōfon, perf. part. hafen (hæfen)) (6) heave, raise, lift up ◈ 3rd sg. hefeð3rd pl. hebbað

hefig adj. heavy, oppressive ◈ dat. pl. hefegumcomp.nom. pl. hefigran

hefigian (W.II) oppress ◈ perf. part. hefgad

hefignes f. heaviness, weight ◈ acc. sg. -nesse

hefig-tīme adj. oppressive, irksome

helan (4) conceal ◇ ger hehlen

hell f. hell ◈ gen. sg. helle

helle-sūsl n. hell-torment ◈ dat. sg. -sūsle

hellīc adj. hellish ◈ dat. sg. -an

hell-sceaða m. hell-fiend ◈ nom. pl. helsceaðan

hell-waran (-ware, -waras) m. pl inhabitants of hell ◈ gen. pl. -wara

help f. help ◈ acc. sg. helpe

helpan (pret. sg. healp, pret. pl. hulpon, perf. part. holpen) (3) help (w gen or dat)opt. 3rd sg. helpe

hēo → hē

heofon (heofone, f) m. heaven ◈ gen. sg. heofenes (heofones, heofenan, heofonan) ◈ acc. sg. heofon (heofenan (or ap)) ◈ gen. pl. heofenaacc. pl. heofonas

heofon-cyning m. King of heaven ◈ gen. sg. -cyninges

Heofon-feld m. Heavenfield (Bernicia)

heofon-hrōf n. roof or vault of heaven ◈ dat. sg. heofunhrōfe

heofonlīc adj. heavenly ◈ nom. sg. heofenlīc (heofenlīca) ◈ gen. sg. -līcan (lecan) ◈ dat. sg. -līcanacc. sg. -līceinst. sg. -lecan

heofon-rīce n. kingdom of heaven ◈ gen. sg. -rīces

heofon-tungol n. m. star of heaven

hēofung f. lamentation, grieving ◈ dat. sg. -unge

heolstor (heolster) m. darkness, concealment, cover ◈ nom. sg. heolsterinst. sg. heolstre

heolstor-cofa m. chamber of darkness ◈ nom. pl. -cofan

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heonon adv. hence

heonon-weard adj. hence-ward, passing away

heord f. guardianship, keeping, care ◈ acc. sg. heorde

heoro-drēorig adj. dejected, crestfallen, sad unto death ◈ gen. sg. -drēorigesheoro sword, drēosan

heort (heorot) m. hart, stag

heorte f. heart ◈ gen. sg. heortan

heorð-ge-nēat m. hearth-companion, retainer ◈ nom. pl. -genēatas

heorð-werod n. body of hearth-companions, retainers

heow n.(?) haw, enclosure ◇ haga

hēr adv. 1. here ○ 2. in this year

here m. army (the Danish army) ◈ gen. sg. hergesdat. sg. herigeacc. sg. hereinst. sg. herigenom. pl. hergasGer Heer

here-flȳma m. fugitive from the army or from battle ◈ acc. pl. -flȳman

here-geatu f. war-equipment, arms ◇ cf. Mod heriot

here-hȳð f. war-spoil, booty ◈ acc. sg. -hȳðdat. sg. -hȳðeacc. pl. -hȳða

here-lāf f. remainder of an army

herenis f. praise ◈ dat. sg. -nesse (-nisse)

here-toga m. leader of an army, chief ◇ Ger Herzog

here-wīc f. n. dwelling

hergað m. harrying, plundering

hergian (W.II) harry, ravage, plunder ◈ 3rd pl. hergiaðpret. 3rd sg. hergodepl. -onperf. part. gehergodhere

herian (herigean) (W.I) praise ◈ inf. herigean1st sg. herige1st pl. heriað3rd pl. hergaðGoth hasjan

herig (hearh) m. (idolatrous) temple, sanctuary ◈ dat. sg. herigeacc. sg. herigacc. pl. hergas

herigendlīce adv. praiseworthily

heriung (herung) f. praise ◈ dat. sg. herunge

hērsumian → hȳrsumian

hettend m. enemy ◈ nom. pl. hettend (hettende)

hicgan → hycgan

hider (hieder) adv. hither ; hidres ðidres hither and thither

hider-cyme m. coming hither, advent

hīeran (hīran, hȳran, hēran) (W.I) 1. hear ◈ pret. 3rd sg. hīerde1st pl. hȳrdon2. (with dat.) hear, obey ◈ inf. hȳranpret. 1st sg. hȳrde3. belong ◈ 3rd sg. hȳrð3rd pl. hȳrað

hierde (hirde, hyrde) m. shepherd, pastor, guardian, guard ◈ nom. sg. hirde (hyrde) ◈ nom. pl. hierdas (hyrdas) ◈ dat. pl. hirdum (hyrdon) ◈ acc. pl. hierdas (hyrdas) ◇ heord

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hierde-bōc f. pastoral treatise

hīere-monn m. follower, subject ◈ nom. pl. -mennhīeran

hige → hyge

hīgian (W.II) hie, hasten, strive

hild f. battle, war ◈ dat. sg. hilde

hilde-rinc m. warrior

hindan adv. from behind, behind

hindan-weard adj. hindward

hinder-weard adj. backward, slow

hiord (heord) f. herd, flock

hirde- → hierde-

hierde-lic (hirde-, hyrde-) adj. pastoral ◈ gen. sg. hirdelecan

hīrēd m. n. family, household ◈ dat. sg. hīrēde<hīw + rǣd; Ger Heirat

hīrēd-monn m. retainer ◈ nom. pl. -men

hit → hēo

hīw (hēo) n. hue, appearance ◈ gen. sg. hīwes (hȳwes) ◈ dat. sg. hīwe (hȳwe) ◈ inst. sg. hīwe

hladan (pret. sg. hlōd, pret. pl. hlōdon, perf. part. hladen) (6) load, draw water, lade, imbibe

hlǣder f. ladder ◈ acc. sg. hlǣdre

hlāf m. loaf, bread

hlāford m. lord, master, ruler ◈ dat. sg. hlāforde<hlāf + weard

hlāford-lēas adj. without a lord

hlǣw m. n. mound, hill, mountain ◈ nom. pl. hlǣwas

hlēapan (R.) leap ◈ pret. 3rd sg. hlēop

hlēo (hlēow) 1. n protection, shelter ○ 2. m protector, lord

hleonian (hlinian, hlynian) (W.II) lean, incline, slope ◈ 3rd sg. hleonaðopt. 3rd pl. hlynigen recline (at a feast)

hlēoðor n. sound, harmony, song ◈ gen. sg. hlēoðresgen. pl. hlēoþra

hlēoðor-cwide m. (audible) utterance, command

hlēoðrian (W.II) cry aloud, proclaim, sing ◈ 3rd pl. hlēoðriað

hlīfigan (W.II) tower, rise high ◈ 3rd pl. hlīfiað

hlihhan (hliehhan, hlyhhan) (6) laugh ◈ pret. 3rd sg. hlōh

hlinc m. declivity, hill ◈ nom. pl. hlincas

hlīsa m. fame, renown ◈ gen. sg. hlīsan ; hlīsfullīce adv, with renown, famously

hlot n. lot

hlōð f. band, troop

hlūd adj. loud ◈ dat. sg. hlūddreinst. sg. hlūde (or adv)

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hlūtor (hlūttor) adj. clear, pure ◈ nom. sg. hlūttordat. sg. hlūttrumacc. sg. hlūterinst. sg. hlūttreacc. pl. hlūtorGer lauter

hlyn m. sound

hlynian → hleonian

hlyst f. listening

hnæppan (W.I) rest upon, strike ◈ opt. 3rd pl. hnæppen

hof n. court, dwelling ◈ dat. sg. hofeGer Hof

hogian (W.II) think, reflect, resolve ◈ imp. 2nd pl. hogiaðpret. 3rd sg. hogode3rd pl. -onpret. opt. 3rd sg. hogodeperf. part. gehogod

hold adj. gracious, favorable, faithful ◈ acc. sg. holdostGer hold

holm m. sea, ocean

holm-þracu f. wave-tumult, sea ◈ acc. sg. -þræce

holt n. holt, grove, forest, wood ◈ gen. sg. holtes

holt-wudu m. forest, grove ◈ dat. sg. -wuda

hōn (pret. sg. hēng, pret. pl. hēngon, perf. part. hongen) (R.) hang (trans.)perf. part. gehongen laden ◈ pl. gehongene

hond (hand) f. hand ◈ dat. sg. honda (handa) ◈ acc. sg. hond (hand) ; on gehwæþre hond on both sides ◈ dat. pl. handum (handon)

hongian (W.II) hang (intr.)inf. hangian3rd pl. hongiað

hopian (W.II) hope ◈ opt. 1st pl. hopien

hord n. m. hoard, treasure

hord-cofa m. (treasure-chamber), breast, heart ◈ acc. sg. -cofan

hordian (W.II) hoard ◈ 3rd sg. hordað

horn m. horn ◈ nom. pl. hornas

hors n. horse ◈ gen. pl. horsadat. pl. horsanacc. pl. hors

hors-hwæl m. walrus

hors-þegn m. horse-thane, an officer of the royal household

hosp m. contempt, insult ◈ dat. sg. hospe

hrā (hrāw, hrǣ, hrǣw) m. corpse ◈ acc. pl. hrāGoth hraiw

hræd adj. rapid, quick ◈ dat. sg. hræduminst. sg. hrædeGer hurtig, rasch

hrædlīce (hradlīce) adv. quickly, soon ◈ comp. hrædlīcor

hræd-wyrde adj. quick, hasty of speech

hræfn (hremm) m. raven ◈ nom. pl. hremmas

hrægel (hrægl) n. garment ◈ dat. sg. hrægleacc. sg. hræglMod obs rail

hrān m. reindeer ◈ gen. sg. hrānes

hraðe (hrade, hræðe, raðe) adv. quickly, soon ◈ supl. radost

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hrā-wērig adj. weary in body

hrēam m. cry, noise, clamor, lamentation

hrēman → hrȳman

hrēmig adj. exultant (w gen or dat)nom. sg. hrēmignom. pl. hrēmige (hremge)

hremm → hræfn

hremman (W.I) hinder ◈ opt pret 3 sg hremde

hrēo (hrēoh) adj. rough, rude, savage, fierce, severe ◈ nom. sg. hrēohacc. sg. hrēogegen. pl. hrēora

hrēodan (pret. sg. hrēad, pret. pl. hrudon, perf. part. gehroden) (2) adorn

hrēofla m. leper ◈ acc. pl. hrēoflanhrēof, rough

hrēohnes f. roughness ◈ dat. sg. -nesse

hrēosan (pret. sg. hrēas, pret. pl. hruron, perf. part. hroren) (2) fall ◈ pres. part. hrēosende3rd pl. hrēosað

hrēowan (2) rue, repent of

hrēowsung f. repentance ◈ dat. sg. -unge

hrepian (W.II) touch, treat ◈ 3rd sg. hrepaðpret. 3rd sg. hrepode

hrēran (W.I) stir ◇ Ger ruehren

hreðer m. n. heart, thought ◈ gen. pl. hreþra

hrīm m. rime, hoarfrost ◈ gen. sg. hrīmesacc. sg. hrīminst. sg. hrīme

hrīm-ceald adj. rime-cold ◈ acc. sg. -cealde

hrīnan (pret. sg. hrān, pret. pl. hrinon, perf. part. hrinen) (1) touch, smite

hring m. ring, circle; border; ornaments ◈ ds is hringeacc. sg. hrincgacc. pl. hringas

hring-loca m. corslet (formed of rings) ◈ acc. pl. -locan

hrīð f(?) snow-storm

hrōf m. roof ◈ gen. sg. hrōfesdat. sg. hrōfe

Hrōfes-ceaster f. Rochester ◈ dat. sg. -ceastre

hrūse f. earth ◈ gen. sg. hrūsan

hrycg m. ridge, back

hrȳman (hrīeman, hrēman) (W.I) cry out, lament, exult, boast (with gen.)inf. hrēmanpres. part. hrȳmende

hryre m. fall, death ◈ gen. sg. hryres (?)hrēosan

hrȳðer (hrīðer, hrīð) n. cattle ◈ gen. pl. hrȳðeraMod rother beasts; Ger Rind

hryðig adj. storm-beaten (?), tottering (?) ◈ nom. pl. hryðge

adv. how

Humbre f. the Humber

hund m. dog ◈ nom. pl. hundas

hund num. hundred ◈ acc. pl. hunde

hund-feald adj. hundredfold ◈ acc. sg. -fealdne

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hund-eahtatig num. eighty

hund-nigontig num. ninety

hund-twelftig num. hundred and twenty ◈ gen. sg. -twelftiges

hungor (hunger) m. hunger, famine ◈ gen. sg. hungresdat. sg. hungreacc. sg. hungerinst. sg. hungreacc. pl. hungras

hunig n. honey

hunig-swe-te adj. honey-sweet, mellifluous ◈ dat. sg. -swēttre

hunta m. hunter ◈ nom. pl. huntan

huntoð (huntað) m. hunting ◈ dat. sg. huntoðe

huru adv. certainly, indeed, especially, perhaps, about

hūs n. house ◈ dat. sg. hūseacc. sg. hūsnom. pl. hūs

hūsl n. housle, eucharist ◈ gen. sg. hūslesacc. sg. hūsl

hūsl-gang m. attendance upon, or partaking of, the eucharist

hwā (hwæt) pron. 1. (interr.) who, what ◈ nom. sg. hwā (huā, hwæt) ◈ gen. sg. hwæsdat. sg. hwāmacc. sg. hwæt ; dat. sg. ō hwǣm, for hwǣm wherefore ; inst. sg. hwī, hwȳ, for hwī, for hwȳ, for hwon, for hwan why, wherefore ; hwæt, interj what! lo! behold! ○ 2. (indef.) anyone, anything ◈ nom. sg. hwā (hwæt) ◈ dat. sg. hwǣm ; swā hwā swā whosoever ; acc. sg. hwæne someone ; swā hwæt swā whatsoever ; tō ðæs hwon however

hwæl m. whale ◈ gen. sg. hwales (hwæles) ◈ nom. pl. hwalas

hwæl-hunta m. whale-fisher ◈ nom. pl. -huntan

hwæl-huntað m. whale-fishing

hwanan → hwonan

hwænne → hwonne

hwǣr (hwār) adv. 1. (interr.) where, wherever ○ 2. (indef.) everywhere, anywhere ; wel hwǣr nearly everywhere ; swā hwǣr swā wheresoever

hwæt → hwā

hwǣte m. wheat

hwæt-hwugu (-hwegu) 1. pron something ○ 2. adv somewhat

hwæðer pron. adj. 1. (interr.) whether, which of two ◈ acc. sg. hwæðerne (hwæðer) ○ 2. (indef.) ; ds bī swā hwaþerre efes swā on whichever side

hwæðer conj. adv. whether

hwæðre (hwæðere, hwæþere) adv. however, nevertheless

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hwearfian (W.II) turn, revolve, move (intr.)pres. part. hwearfiende3rd sg. hwearfað3rd pl. hwearfiað

hwelc → hwilc

hwēne → hwōn

hwēol n. wheel ◈ gen. sg. hwēolesnom. pl. hwēol

hweorfan (pret. sg. hwearf, pret. pl. hwurfon, perf. part. hworfen) (3) turn, return, move, go, come (intr.)3rd sg. hwerfð3rd pl. hweorfaðimp. 2nd pl. hweorfað

hwider (hwæder) adv. whither ; swā hwider swā whithersoever

hwierfan (hwirfan, hwyrfan) (W.I) turn, return (intr.)pres. part. hwyrfende2nd sg. hwyrfestimp. 2nd sg. hwyrfpret. 3rd sg. hwirfde3rd pl. hwirfdon

hwīl f. while, time ◈ dat. sg. hwīle ; ðā hwīle ðe the while that, while ; ealle hwīle all the while ; ealle ðā hwīle þe all the while that ; ōðre hwīle ... ōðre hwīle at one time ... at another time ; dat. pl. hwīlum, hwīlon sometimes

hwilc (hwylc, hwelc) pron. adj. which, what (interr or indef)dat. sg. hwilcere (hwlcum) ◈ acc. sg. hwylcnom. pl. hwilce (hwylce, hwelce, hwelc) ; nom. sg. swā hwelc swā whosoever

hwīl-wende adj. temporary, transitory ◈ acc. pl. l-wendan

hwīl-wendlīc (wīl-, -endlīc) adj. temporary, transitory ◈ nom. sg. hwīlendlīcgen. sg. wīlwendlīcesacc. sg. -līcandat. pl. wīlwendlecum

hwylc → hwilc

hwīl-wendlīce adv. temporarily

hwirfan → hwierfan

hwīt adj. white ◈ gen. sg. hwītesacc. sg. hwīt

hwōn n. trifle ◈ as (adv) hwōn ; inst. sg. hwēne (adv.) a little, somewhat

hwonan (hwanan) adv. whence

hwōnlīce adv. moderately, slightly

hwonne (hwanne, hwænne) adv. when (interr or indef) ; nū hwonne just now, at any time

hwōpan (R.) (boast), threaten

hwylc → hwilc

hwyrfan → hwierfan

hycgan (hicgan) (W.III) think, resolve ◈ inf. hicganopt. 3rd sg. hycge

hȳd f. hide ◈ dat. sg. hȳde

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hyge (hige) m. mind, heart ◈ nom. sg. higedat. sg. higeinst. sg. hige

hyge-gǣls adj. hesitating, slow, sluggish ◈ nom. sg. -gǣlsagǣlan

hyht (hiht) m. hope ◈ nom. sg. hiht

hyhtlīce adv. joyfully

hyldo f. grace, favor ◇ hold

hynan (hīenan, hēnan) (W.I) treat with insult, despise, injure, lay low, fell ◈ pret. 3rd sg. hȳndehēan

hȳran → hieran

hyrde → hierde

hyrne f. corner ◈ dat. sg. hyrnannom. pl. hyrnanhorn

hyrned-nebb adj. having a horny beak ◈ acc. sg. -nebban

hȳrsumian (hērsumian) (W.II) obey (with dat.)1st pl. hērsumiað3rd pl. hȳrsumiaðpret. 3rd pl. hērsumedon

hyse m. young man, warrior ◈ gen. sg. hyssesnom. pl. hyssasgen. pl. hyssa


ic first pers pron I ◈ gen. sg. mindat. sg. acc. sg. mec (mē)dual nom. wit (wyt) ◈ dual gen. uncer (twēga)dual dat. unc (bām)dual acc. uncnom. pl. wegen. pl. ūredat. pl. ūsacc. pl. ūsic (ūs)

īdel (ȳdel) adj. idle, vain, useless, empty, desolate ◈ nom. sg. ȳdelgen. sg. īdlesdat. sg. īdelumacc. sg. īdlannom. pl. īdlan (idlu) ; on idel adv. in vain

idig (?) adj. greedy (?) ◈ nom. pl. idge

ieldra → yldra

ierming (earming) m. poor, wretched one ◈ gen. pl. ierminga

īeðian (yðian) (W.II) fluctuate ◈ pres. part. ieðegende

iggað (īgað, īgeoþ, īgott) m. eyot, small island ◈ dat. sg. igeoðeacc. sg. iggað

īg-lond n. island ◈ dat. sg. iglandeacc. sg. iglandnom. pl. iglandgen. pl. -landa

ilca (ylca) pron. the same ◈ nom. sg. ylca (ilce) ◈ gen. sg. ilcandat. sg. ilcanacc. sg. ilcan (ilce) ◈ inst. sg. ilcan (ylcan)

Ilfing the Elbing

in prep w acc dat; adv in, into

in-bryrdnis f. inspiration, ardor ◈ acc. sg. -nisse (-nesse)

inca m. scruple, offence, ill-will ◈ dat. sg. incan

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incer dual poss. pron. of you two ◈ acc. sg. incre

in-cund adj. inward ◈ dat. sg. incundan

in-dryhten adj. very noble

in-dryhto f. honor, glory

in-fær n. entrance

in-ge-hīd (-hygd) f. thought, purpose

in-ge-ðonc m. n. thought, mind ◈ inst. sg. -ðonce

in-gong m. entrance ◈ gen. sg. -gangesdat. sg. -gongeacc. sg. -gong

in-gongan (R.) go in ◈ pres. part. -gongende

innan 1. prep (w dat, acc) in, within ○ 2. adv

innan-bordes (gen) adv within borders, at home

inne adv. within, inside, in

intinga m. cause, sake, occasion

in-tō (→ in and tō), prep (w dat and acc) into, to, against

in-weard adj. inward, earnest; adv within ◈ dat. sg. -weardre

in-weardlīce adv. inwardly, deeply

in-wit (in-wid) n. guile, wickedness

in-wit (in-widd) adj. hateful, malign ◈ nom. sg. inwitta

īo → gio

īowan (ēowan, īewan) (W.I) show, expound

īra-land (īr-land) n. 1. Ireland ◈ dat. sg. Irlande2. (probably an error for Iceland)

īren (īsen, īsern) n. iron

irnan → yrnan

is → beon

īs n. ice ◈ dat. sg. īse

īsen (ȳsen, īsern, īren) adj. iron, made of iron ◈ acc. pl. ȳsenan

īu → gīo

Iūdēas n. pl. the Jews

Iūdēisc adj. Jewish ◈ nom. pl. Jūdēiscan

iugoð → geogoð

iung → geong


interj. lo! behold! ; hwæt lā ; wēi lā wēi alas!

lāc n. present, offering, sacrifice ◈ dat. sg. lāceacc. sg. lācacc. pl. lāccf. Mod wed-lock

lācan (pres. 3rd sg. leolc, pret. sg. lēc, pret. pl. lēcon, perf. part. lācen) (R.) leap, play, sport ◈ 3rd pl. lācað

lǣce m. leech, physician ◈ dat. sg. lǣcenom. pl. lǣcas (lǣceas) ◈ acc. pl. lǣcas

lǣce-dōm m. medicine, remedy

lācnian (W.II) treat with medical skill, cure ◈ 3rd sg. lācnað

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lǣdan (W.I) lead, conduct, bring ◈ 2nd sg. lǣdest3rd sg. lǣtopt. 3rd sg. lǣdepret. 3rd sg. lǣddepret. 3rd pl. -on

Lǣden (Leden, Lyden) adj. Latin ◈ nom. sg. Lēdengen. sg. Lēdenesdat. sg. Lǣdene (Lēdenum, Lēdene) ◈ acc. sg. Lǣden (Lȳden)

Lǣden-bōc (Lyden-) f. Latin book

Lǣden-ge-ðēode (-ðiode) n. Latin language ◈ gen. sg. -ðīodesacc. sg. -ðīode

Lǣden-ware m. pl. Latin people, Romans

lāf f. remnant, remainder ; daroða lāf leavings of darts, survivors of battle ; gen. sg. lāfe inheritance ; dat. sg. tō lāf remaining ; acc. sg. wyrmes lāfe ; swoles lāfe survival of the burning ; ādes lāfe ; fȳres lāfe ; dat. pl. dp hamora lāfum leavings of hammers, swords

lǣfan (W.I) leave ◈ pret. 3rd sg. lǣfdepret. 3rd pl. -don

lagu (lago) m. sea, lake, water ◇ Ger Lache

lagu-flōd m. ocean-flood, sea ◈ gen. pl. -floda

lagu-lād f. ocean-way, sea ◈ acc. sg. -lade

lagu-strēam m. ocean-stream, sea, river ◈ nom. pl. -strēamas

Lǣ-land n. Laaland (Denmark)

lām m. loam, clay ◈ inst. sg. lāme

lǣn n. loan ◈ dat. sg. lǣneGer Lehen

land → lond

land-ār f. possessions in land ◈ acc. pl. -āre

lǣne adj. granted as a loan, temporary, transitory, perishable ◈ gen. sg. lǣnanacc. sg. lǣnnenom. pl. lǣne

lane (lone, lonu) f. lane, street ◈ acc. pl. lonan (lanan)

Langa-land n. Langeland (Denmark)

langian (W.II) cause longing (impers w acc of pers)

langsum adj. long, lasting a long time ◈ gen. sg. -sumandat. sg. -sumum

langung f. longing, grief ◈ dat. sg. -unga

lār f. lore, teaching, learning, doctrine, advice ◈ gen. sg. lāredat. sg. lāreacc. sg. lāreacc. pl. lāra

lār-cwide m. precept, instruction

lǣran (W.I) teach, advise, exhort ◈ ger. lǣrannepres. part. lǣrende1st sg. lǣre3rd sg. lǣrð (lǣreð) ◈ 3rd pl. lǣraðopt. 3rd sg. lǣreperf. part. lǣred (gelǣred)

lārēow m. teacher ◈ gen. sg. lārēowesacc. sg. lārēownom. pl. lārēowasgen. pl. lārēowaacc. pl. lārēowasON lēro, lēreo

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lārēow-dōm (lārīow-) m. instruction ◈ gen. sg. -dōmes (lārīow-) ◈ dat. sg. lārīowdōmeacc. sg. -dom

lǣrig m. edge, border (of a shield)

lǣs comp. adv. less ; þe lǣs the less ; þe lǣs conj. lest (with opt.) ; þy lǣs conj. lest (with opt.) ; þi lǣs conj. lest (with opt.)

lǣssa comp. adj. less ◈ nom. sg. lǣssedat. sg. lǣssanacc. sg. lǣsse (lǣssan) ◈ supl. lǣstsupl. nom. sg. lǣsta; lǣsste

lǣst → lǣssa

lāst m. track, footprint ◈ dat. sg. on lāste behind ◈ acc. sg. on lāst lecgan follow ◈ acc. pl. lāstas lecgan go

lǣtan (pres. 3rd sg. leort, pret. sg. let, pret. pl. leton, perf. part. lǣten) (R.) let, allow, leave ◈ 3rd sg. lǣt3rd pl. lǣtað (place) ◈ imp. 2nd sg. lǣt

late adv. late, tardily, slowly

lāþ n. injury, misfortune ◈ gen. sg. lāþes

lāð adj. loathly, hateful, hostile ◈ dat. sg. lāðerenom. pl. lāðegen. pl. lāðracomp. acc. sg. lādre

lāð-ge-nīðla m. (hostile) persecutor, foe

lāð-līc adj. loathsome ◈ nom. sg. -līco

lǣðð (lǣððu) f. injury, offence, malice

lǣwede adj. unlearned, lay ◈ dat. sg. lǣwedan (-um (for -an)) ◇ Mod lewd

lēaf n. leaf

lēaf-scead n. leafy shade ◈ dat. sg. -sceade

leahtor m. moral defect, offence, crime ◈ dat. sg. leahtreacc. pl. leahtraslēan: to blame

lēan m. n. reward, gift, favor ◈ dat. sg. lēanegen. pl. lēanaGer Lohn

lēanian (W.II) reward, recompense (with dat. of pers. and acc. of thing)

lēas adj. 1. (with gen.) loose, free from, bereft of ◈ nom. pl. lēase2. false, deceptive ◈ acc. pl. lēase

lēasung f. deception, falsehood ◈ gen. sg. -ungeacc. pl. -unga

leccan (W.I) irrigate, lave ◈ 3rd pl. leccaþliccian: to lick

lecgan (W.I) lay, put ◈ imp. 2nd sg. legeopt. 3rd sg. lecgeinf. lāstas lecgan go, journey ◈ pret. 3rd pl. on lāst legdon (with dat.) follow ◇ licgan

lēfan → līefan

Lēga-ceaster f. Chester

leger n. lying, illness ◈ dat. sg. legerelicgan

lencten m. spring ◈ dat. sg. lenctenneMod lent

lēo m. lion ◈ acc. sg. lēonLat leo

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lēod f. 1. a people, nation ◈ dat. sg. lēode2. pl lēode (lēoda): people ◈ nom. pl. lēodaacc. pl. lēodaGer Leute

lēod-bisceop m. bishop (of a district) ◈ nom. pl. -bisceopas

lēod-fruma m. first among a people, prince, king ◈ acc. sg. -fruman

lēod-scipe m. people, nation, country ◈ dat. sg. -scipe

lēof adj. lief, pleasing, dear, beloved ◈ gen. sg. lēofesdat. sg. lēofanacc. sg. lēofnenom. pl. (voc) lēofancomp. nom. sg. lēofra (lēofre (or -ra)) ◈ supl. nom. sg. lēofostsupl. nom. sg. (voc) lēofustasupl. nom. pl. (voc) lēofostan (-estan)

lēoflīc adj. pleasant

lēogan (pret. sg. lēag, pret. pl. lugon, perf. part. logen) (2) lie, utter falsely

leoht adj. light, not heavy, easy ◈ nom. pl. leohte

lēoht adj. light, bright, clear ◈ inst. sg. lēohte

lēoht (lioht) n. light, brightness ◈ gen. sg. lēohtesdat. sg. līohte (lēohte) ◈ acc. sg. lēoht

lēoht-fæt n. lantern, lamp

leohtlīc adj. light, of little weight or importance

lēoma m. light, radiance, ray or beam of light ◈ acc. pl. lēoman

leornere m. learner, disciple, scholar ◈ gen. sg. leorneresnom. pl. leorneras

leornian (liornian) (W.II) learn ◈ 3rd pl. leorniaðopt. 3rd sg. leornigeopt. 3rd pl. -enpret. 3rd sg. leornode (-ade, liornode) ◈ pret. 3rd pl. -odon

leorning-cniht m. disciple ◈ dat. sg. -cnihtenom. pl. -cnihtas

leornung (liornung) f. learning ◈ gen. sg. -ungedat. sg. liornunga (-unge) ◈ acc. sg. liornunga

lēoð n. song ◈ gen. sg. lēoðesacc. sg. lēoðinst. sg. lēoðenom. pl. lēoð

lēoð-cræft m. poetic skill or art

lēoþ-song n. song, poem ◈ gen. sg. -songes

leoðu-cræftig adj. skilful of limb

lētānia (lǣtānia) m. f. litany ◈ dat. pl. lētāniumacc. pl. lētāniasLat litanīa

Levita (Lauita) gen. pl. the Lapithae

libban (lybban, lifgan) (W.III) live ◈ pres. part. lybbende (lyfigende) ◈ gen. sg. lifigendan3rd sg. leofað3rd pl. libbað (lifgað) ◈ opt. 3rd sg. libbe (lybbe, lifge) ◈ pret. 3rd sg. lifde (leofode) ◈ pret. 3rd pl. leofodon

līc n. body, corpse ◈ dat. sg. līceacc. sg. līcacc. pl. līcGer Leiche

līcettan (W.I) profess falsely, pretend ◈ 3rd sg. licet

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licgan (pret. sg. læg, pret. pl. lǣgon (lāgon), perf. part. legen) (5) 1. lie, lie dead ◈ pres. part. licgende3rd sg. liþ (ligeð) ◈ 3rd pl. licgaðpret. 2nd sg. lāgepret. 3rd pl. lāgon2. extend, run (of land and stream) ◈ 3rd sg. lið3rd pl. licgaðpret. opt. 3rd sg. lǣge

līc-homa (-hama) m. body ◈ nom. sg. -hamagen. sg. -hamandat. sg. -homanacc. sg. lȳchamanGer Leichnam

līc-homlīc (-hamlīc) adj. bodily ◈ dat. sg. -līcre (līchamlīcere)

līc-homlīce adv. corporally

līcian (W.II) like, please (w dat; personal and impersonal)3rd sg. līcað2nd pl. līciaðopt. 3rd sg. līcigeopt. 1st pl. līcianpret. 3rd sg. līcode

līc-monn m. pall-bearer ◈ gen. pl. līc-mannadat. pl. -mannum

līc-rest f. sepulchre ◈ dat. sg. -reste

lid n. ship ◈ gen. sg. lideslīðan

līd-monn m. sailor, pirate ◈ nom. pl. -mengen. pl. -manna

līefan (līfan, lēfan) (W.I) allow, permit ◈ pret. 1st pl. lēfdonlēaf

līf n. life ◈ gen. sg. līfesacc. sg. līf

lifer f. liver ◈ acc. sg. lifre

līflīc adj. pertaining to life

līg (leg) m. flame, fire ◈ inst. sg. līgeGer Lohe

līg-bryne m. burning of flames, burning

līg-þracu f. violence of flames ◈ dat. sg. -þræce

lihtan (W.I) alight (from a horse) ◈ pret. 3rd sg. lihte

līhtan (lȳhtan) (W.I) shine ◈ 3rd sg. lȳhteð (līhteð) ◇ lēoht

lim n. limb, bodily member ◈ dat. pl. leomumacc. pl. leomu

Limen f. the Limen (river or estuary in Kent) ◈ gen. sg. Limene

lind f. (linden), shield ◈ acc. sg. lindeacc. pl. linde

Lindes-īg f. Lindesey (dist in Lincolnshire) ◈ dat. sg. -ige

Lindis-farn-ēa (-farena-ēa) f. Lindisfarne Island, Lindisfarne

liss (<līðs) f. favor, delight ◈ gen. pl. lissa

lītel → lȳtel

līt-hwōn adv. little

līðe adj. mild, gentle ◈ acc. sg. līðneGer gelinde; Mod lithe

līxan (W.I) shine, glitter ◈ 3rd sg. līxeð3rd pl. līxað

locc m. lock (of hair) ◈ nom. sg. locnom. pl. loccas

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lōcian (W.II) look ◈ pres. part. lōciendeimp. 2nd sg. lōcaopt. 3rd sg. lōciepret. 3rd sg. lōcode (lōcude)

lof m. praise, glory, song of praise ◈ dat. sg. lofeacc. sg. lofGer Lob

lofian (W.II) praise ◈ 3rd pl. lofiað

lof-sang m. song of praise

lond (land) n. land, country ◈ nom. sg. landgen. sg. londesdat. sg. londe (lande) ◈ acc. sg. land (lond) ◈ nom. pl. landgen. pl. londa

lond-wela m. earthly possessions ◈ acc. pl. -welan

long (lang) adj. long ◈ nom. sg. langdat. sg. langumnom. pl. langecomp. nom. sg. lengra

longe (lange) adv. long ◈ comp. leng (lencg) ◈ supl. lengest

longlīce (lang-) adv. long

losian (W.II) be lost, escape ◈ opt. 3rd sg. losigepret. 3rd sg. losade

lot-wrenc m. deception, fraud, W Ile ◈ acc. pl. -wrencaslūtan

lūcan (pret. sg. lēac, pret. pl. lucon, perf. part. locen) (2) lock, interlock, close up (trans. and intr.)

lufian (lufigean) (W.II) love ◈ 1st sg. lufige3rd sg. lufaðimp. 2nd pl. lufiaðpret. 3rd sg. lufodepret. 1st pl. lufodonperf. part. gelufodperf. part. acc. sg. gelufedan

luflīce adv. lovingly

luf-tȳme adj. benevolent

lufu f. love ◈ dat. sg. lufanacc. sg. lufe

Lunden-burg f. London ◈ dat. sg. -byrg (byrig)

lust m. lust, desire, pleasure

lustlīce adv. willingly

lyb-cræft m. skill in the use of drugs and of poison ◈ dat. sg. -cræfte

lyft m. f. n. the air ◈ dat. sg. under lyfte (under lyft, on lyfte) on high, aloft ◈ inst. sg. lyfteGer Luft

Lȳge f. the Lea ◈ dat. sg. Lȳgan

lyge-word n. lying word, lie

lyre m. loss ◇ lēosan

lȳsan (W.I) release, deliver ◇ lēas

lystan (W.I) list, cause pleasure or desire (impers w acc of pers and gen of thing)pret. 3rd sg. lyste

lȳt n. little, small number, few

lytegian (W.II) dissemble, feign

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lȳtel (lītel) adj. little, small ◈ dat. sg. lītlumacc. sg. lȳtel (lȳtle) ◈ inst. sg. lȳtleacc. pl. lȳtle → (see lǣssa)

lȳtlian (W.II) lessen, diminish ◈ 3rd sg. lȳtlað


() comp adv; also noun (adj) indecl more ; þon mā þe any more than

mǣden (mægden) n. maiden ◈ gen. sg. mǣdenesacc. sg. mǣden

mǣg m. kinsman ◈ nom. sg. (son)dat. sg. mǣgenom. pl. mǣgas (māgas) ◈ gen. pl. māgadat. pl. mǣgum (māgum)

magan (PP.) may, be able ◈ 1st sg. mæg2nd sg. meaht3rd sg. mæg1st pl. magon2nd pl. mage gēopt. 2nd sg. mægeopt. 1st pl. mægenpret. 1st sg. meahtepret. 3rd sg. meahte (mehte) ◈ pret. 3rd pl. meahton (mehton, mihton) ◈ pret. opt. 3rd sg. meahte (mehte, mihte) ◈ pret. opt. 3rd pl. meahten

mægen n. main, strength, might, valor, virtue ◈ gen. sg. mægenesdat. sg. mægneacc. sg. mægeninst. sg. mægene (mægne) ◈ dat. pl. (miracles)

mægen-þrymm m. great strength, majesty, glory ◈ gen. sg. -þrymmesdat. sg. -þrymme

magister m. master ◇ Lat

mǣglīc adj. belonging to kinsmen

mago (magu) m. son, man

mǣgð f. kin, tribe, province, nation ◈ dat. sg. mǣgðe

mægð-hād m. virginity, purity ◈ gen. sg. -hādesdat. sg. -hāde

magu-þegn m. kin vassal, retainer ◈ nom. pl. -þegnas

mǣl n. time, occasion ◈ acc. pl. mǣlacf. Mod meal

mǣldan (W.I) speak, announce ◈ pret. 3rd sg. mǣlde

mān n. evil, sin ◈ gen. sg. mānescf. Ger mein-eid

mǣnan (W.I) mean, intend ◈ pret. 3rd sg. mǣnde

mancus m. mancus (the eighth of a pound, the sum of thirty pence) ◈ gen. pl. mancessa

mān-dǣd f. evil deed ◈ gen. pl. -dǣdaacc. pl. -dǣde

mān-fremmend ptc m evil-doer ◈ dat. pl. -fremmendum

mānfullīce adv. sinfully

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manian (monian) (W.II) admonish, exhort, warn ◈ ger. manigenne1st sg. manige3rd sg. manaðpret. 3rd sg. manode (monade, manade) ◈ perf. part. pl. gemanode

manig → monig

mænigeo → menigu

manig-feald → monig-feald

mann → monn

manna m (?) manna ◈ dat. sg. mannanLat

mann-cwealm m. mortality, pestilence

māra → micel

mǣran (W.I) make famous, glorify, honor ◈ 3rd pl. mǣraðperf. part. gemǣred

mǣre adj. famous, glorious ◈ gen. sg. mǣresacc. sg. mǣrannom. pl. mǣresupl. nom. sg. mǣrostGoth -mers, Ger Märe, Märchen

mǣrsian (W.II) make famous, celebrate, glorify ◈ 2nd sg. mǣrsast3rd pl. mǣrsiað

martyr m. martyr ◈ gen. pl. martyraLat

mǣrð f. fame, glory, honor ◈ gen. pl. mǣrðaacc. pl. mǣrþa (famous things)

Maser-feld m. Maserfeld, Oswestry ◈ dat. sg. -felda

mæsse f. 1. mass ◈ acc. sg. mæssan2. festival day ◈ dat. sg. mæssanL Lat missa

mæsse-prēost m. mass-priest ◈ dat. sg. -prēostenom. pl. -prēostas

mæsse-rēaf f. mass-robe ◈ dat. pl. -rēafum

mǣst → micel

mǣte adj. intermediate, inferior ◈ comp. nom. pl. mǣtransupl. nom. pl. mǣtestan

mǣð f. measure, degree, condition, fitness, right, honor ◈ dat. sg. mǣðe

mæðel n. popular assembly ◈ dat. sg. mæðle

maþelian (W.II) address, harangue, speak ◈ pret. 3rd sg. maþelode

mæðel-stede m. place of assembly, battle-field

māþþum-gyfa (māþum-) m. giver of treasure, lord

māþum (māþþum) m. gift, treasure ◈ gen. pl. māþma

→ ic

meagol adj. mighty, emphatic ◇ magan

meaht, meahte → magan

meaht (miht) f. might, power ◈ acc. sg. meahtacc. pl. meahte (mihte)

meahtig (mihtig, myhtig) adj. mighty, powerful ◈ nom. sg. myhtig (meahta)

mearcian (W.II) mark, represent, mark out, design ◈ 3rd sg. mearcað3rd pl. -iað

mearh (mearg) m. horse ◈ nom. sg. meargdat. sg. mēareacc. sg. mēar

mearm-stan (marm-) m. marble-stone ◈ dat. sg. -staneLat marmor

mearþ m. marten ◈ gen. sg. mearðes

mec → ic

mēce m. sword ◈ gen. pl. meca

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mēd (meord) f. meed, reward ◈ gen. sg. mēdeacc. sg. mēde (meorde) (dial.)

med-micel (-mycel) adj. moderately great, limited, small ◈ dat. sg. -miclumacc. sg. -myceldat. pl. -mycclum

medo (medu, meodo) m. mead ◈ dat. sg. meodoacc. sg. medo

medomlīce (medumlīce) adv. moderately, worthily

med-trymnes (trumnes) f. infirmity, illness, disease ◈ acc. sg. -nesse

mele-dēaw m. n. honey-dew (?), mildew ◈ gen. sg. dēawes

men → monn

mengan (W.I) mingle, mix, combine; disturb, lacerate ◈ pret. 3rd sg. mengdeperf. part. gemengedperf. part. pl. gemengde

menig → monig

menigu (meniu, menigeo, mænigeo) f. multitude ◈ nom. sg. menegu (menigeo, mænigeo) ◈ acc. sg. menigu (mengu)

mennisc n. folk, race, people

mennisc adj. human ◈ nom. sg. -iscedat. sg. -iscumacc. pl. -isce

menniscnes f. human condition, incarnation ◈ dat. sg. -nesse (-nisse, -nysse)

meodo → medo

meodu-heall (medu-) f. mead-hall ◈ dat. sg. -healle

meolc f. milk

meord → mēd

Mēore Möre (district in Sweden)

mēos n. moss ◈ gen. sg. mēoses

Meotod → Metod

Meran-tūn m. Merton (Surrey) ◈ dat. sg. -tūne

mere m. mere, lake, sea ◈ dat. sg. mereacc. sg. merenom. pl. merasGer Meer

mere-flōd m. sea-flood, sea

Mere-tūn m. Merton (?), or Marden (?) (Wiltshire) ◈ dat. sg. -tūne

Meres-īg f. Mersea (Essex) ◈ acc. sg. -īge

mergð → myrgð

mētan (W.I) meet, find ◈ 3rd pl. mētaðpret. 1st sg. mēttepret. 3rd pl. -on

metan (pret. sg. mæt, pret. pl. mǣton, perf. part. meten) (5) mete, measure, compare ◈ ger. metanne2nd pl. metaðperf. part. gemeten

mete m. meat, food ◈ dat. pl. mettum

mete-liest (lȳst) f. want of food ◈ dat. sg. -līeste

metgian (W.II) assign in due measure ◈ 3rd sg. metgað

Metod (Meotod) m. Creator, Lord ◈ gen. sg. Meotodes (Metodes) ◈ dat. sg. Metode

met-trum (med-) adj. infirm, ill ◈ nom. pl. -trume

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mēðe adj. weary ◈ gen. pl. mēðraGer müde

micel (pret. sg. mycel, pret. pl. miccel, perf. part. myccel) great ◈ nom. sg. mycel (micla) ◈ gen. sg. miclan (micelre) ◈ dat. sg. mycelum (micclum) ◈ acc. sg. miclne (micle, mycele, micele, miccle) ◈ nom. pl. micladat. pl. mycclumacc. pl. myceleis adv w comp micle muchcomp. māra (māre) ◈ comp. acc. sg. mārancomp. acc. pl. māransupl. mǣstsupl. acc. sg. mǣst (mǣstan, mǣste) ◈ supl. inst. sg. mǣstesupl. nom. pl. mǣstansupl. gen. pl. mǣstraadv. miclum greatly

micelnes greatness ◈ gen. sg. -nesse

mid prep w dat instr acc; adv with, among (association, means, condition) ; myd eallum altogether, entirely ; mid ealle with all else, withal → (see ealle) ; mid þȳ when ; mid þī ; mid þȳ þe when ; mid þām with that, thereupon ; mid þām þæt from the fact that, because ; mid þām þe when

midd adj. middle ◈ dat. sg. middreacc. sg. middesupl. nom. pl. midmestan

middan-geard (-eard) m. earth, world ◈ gen. sg. -geardes (-eardes) ◈ acc. sg. -geardinst. sg. -gearde

middan-geardlīc (-eardlīc) adj. worldly ◈ acc. pl. -eardlīce

middel adj. middle ◈ supl. dat. pl. midlestan

middel (midel) n. middle ◈ dat. sg. midle

Middel-tūn m. Milton Royal (Kent) ◈ dat. sg. -tūne

midde-neaht (-niht) f. midnight

midde-weard adj. mid-ward, middle of

miht → meaht

mihte → magan

mīl f. mile ◈ dat. sg. mīlegen. pl. mīlaLat mīlia

milde adj. mild, merciful ◈ nom. sg. mildedat. sg. mildanacc. sg. mildne

mild-heort adj. mild-hearted, merciful ◈ nom. sg. -heortasupl. nom. sg. myldheortesta

mild-heortnis f. mild-heartedness, mercy ◈ gen. sg. -nyssedat. sg. -nesseacc. sg. -nysse (-nesse)

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milts f. mercy ◈ gen. sg. miltsegen. pl. miltsa

miltsian (W.II) show mercy, pity (with dat.)3rd sg. miltsaðopt. 3rd sg. miltsigepret. 3rd sg. miltsode

miltsung (mildsung) f. mercy ◈ gen. sg. -unge

mīn poss. pron. my, mine ◈ gen. sg. mīnesdat. sg. mīnuminst. sg. mīnenom. pl. mīne ; mīnes ðonces adv. by my will

mine m. mind, purpose, remembrance, favor ◈ acc. sg. minneGoth muns; Ger Minne

mirce (myrce) adj. murky, dark, evil

miscian (W.II) mix, apportion ◈ 3rd sg. miscað

mis-dǣd f. misdeed ◈ nom. pl. -dǣda

mis-faran (6) go astray, transgress ◈ 3rd pl. -farað

mislīc adj. various ◈ acc. pl. mislīce (misleca)

missenlīc adj. various ◈ nom. pl. -līce

mis-wendan (W.I) pervert ◈ perf. part. pl. miswende

mīðan (pret. sg. māð, pret. pl. miðon, perf. part. miðen) (1) conceal (with gen.)Ger meiden

mōd n. mood, wind, courage, pride ◈ gen. sg. mōdesdat. sg. mōdeacc. sg. mōdinst. sg. mōdenom. pl. mōd

mōd-cearig adj. sorrowful of heart

mōdelīc adj. proud, splendid ◈ acc. pl. -līco

mōd-ge-þanc m. purpose of mind

mōdig adj. resolute brave, proud, haughty ◈ nom. sg. mōdiacc. sg. mōdigannom. pl. mōdige

mōdignis f. pride, haughtiness ◈ gen. sg. -nysse

mōdor (mōder) f. mother ◈ gen. sg. mēderacc. sg. mōdornom. pl. mōdru

mōdrige f. maternal aunt ◈ gen. sg. m_ddrianmōdor

mōd-sefa m. mind, heart ◈ acc. sg. -sefan

mold-ærn n. grave ◈ dat. sg. -ærne

molde f. mould, earth, land, world, country ◈ gen. sg. moldan

mold-græf n. grave

molsnian (W.II) moulder, decay ◈ perf. part. molsnad

mōna m. moon ◈ gen. sg. mōnan

mōnað m. month ◈ dat. sg. mōnðeacc. sg. mōnaðgen. pl. mōnðaacc. pl. mōnaðgs(?) mōnðas

mon-dryhten m. liege lord

monig (manig, mænig, moni) adj. many, many a ◈ acc. sg. manigne (monig) ◈ nom. pl. monige (menige, manega) ◈ gen. pl. monigradat. pl. monegum (manegum, mænegum) ◈ acc. pl. manega

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monig-feald (manig-, menig-, -fald) manifold, various ◈ dat. pl. manig- (menig-)

monig-fealdian (W.II) multiply ◈ perf. part. pl. gemonigfealdode

monig-fealdlīc (manig-, menig-, -fald) adj. various ◈ nom. sg. manigfaldlīc

monig-fealdlīce (menig-) adv. in the plural number

monn (mon, mann, man) m. man; (indef.) one ◈ nom. sg. mon (monn) ◈ gen. sg. monnes (mannes) ◈ dat. sg. menacc. sg. mon (monnan, mannan) ◈ nom. pl. menn (men) ◈ gen. pl. monnaacc. pl. men

monn-cynn (mann-) n. mankind ◈ gen. sg. -cynnes (mon-) ◈ acc. sg. manncynn

mon-þwǣre adj. gentle, gracious

mōr m. moor ◈ gen. sg. mōresdat. sg. mōreacc. sg. mōracc. pl. mōras

morgen (mergen) m. morning ◈ nom. sg. mergendat. sg. on morgenneacc. sg. on mergen ; on ōðerne mergen

morgen-tīd f. morning-time

mōtan (PP.) may, have opportunity, must ◈ 2nd sg. mōst3rd sg. mōt1st pl. mōtonopt. 1st sg. mōtepret. 3rd pl. mōstonpret. opt. 1st sg. mōste3rd pl. mōston

mund f. hand ◇ cf. Ger Vor-mund

munt m. mountain ◈ nom. pl. muntasLat mons

munuc m. monk ◈ dat. pl. munecumLat monachus

munuc-hād m. monkhood, monastic rank ◈ gen. sg. -hādesacc. sg. -hād

munuclīc adj. monastic ◈ dat. sg. -līcre (-līcan)

munuclīce adv. monastically

munuc-līf n. monastic life, monastery

murnan (pret. sg. mearn, pret. pl. murnon, perf. part. --) (3) mourn, have anxiety or fear (w prep for)

mūð m. mouth ◈ dat. sg. mūðeacc. sg. mūð

mūða m. mouth of a river, estuary ◈ dat. sg. mūþan ; on Lymene mūþan ; on Temese mūþan

mycel → micel

mylen-scearp adj. ground sharp ◈ dat. pl. -scearpummylen /mill/

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myndgung f. admonition

mynegung f. admonition ◈ dat. sg. -unge

myngean (mynegian) (W.II) admonish, exhort ◈ 1st sg. myngie

mynster n. 1. monastery ◈ dat. sg. mynstreacc. sg. mynsteracc. pl. mynstru2. minster, cathedral ◇ Lat monastērium

mynsterlīc adj. monastic ◈ acc. pl. -līce

mynster-monn m. monk ◈ nom. pl. -men

Myrce (Mierce, Merce) m. pl. the Mercians, Mercia ◈ gen. pl. Myrcenadat. pl. Myrcon (Myrcan)

myrcels m. mark ◈ dat. sg. mycelsemearc

mȳre f. mare ◈ gen. sg. mȳranmearh

myrgð (myrhð, mergð) f. mirth, joy ◈ dat. sg. mergðe (myrhðe)


() adv (adv conj) no, not, not at all, nor (usually strengthens ne)

næbban (W.III) not to have ◈ 3rd sg. næfð (nafað) ◈ 2nd pl. nabbe gē3rd pl. nabbaðopt. 3rd pl. næbben ; nabbe gēpret. 3rd sg. næfde3rd pl. næfdon< ne habban

nacod adj. naked, bare ◈ acc. sg. nacedannom. pl. nacode

nǣdre f. adder, serpent ◈ gen. sg. nǣdran

næfde, næfdon → næbban

nǣfre adv. never

nafu f. nave ◈ dat. sg. nafe

nægel m. nail ◈ dat. pl. næglum

nægled-cnearr m. nailed ship

nāh (PP.) 1 sg have not ◇ < ne āh

nāht → nā-wiht

nā-hwǣr adv. nowhere, in no case

nā-hwæðer (nō-hwæðer, nāwðer, nōwðer, nāðer) 1. pron neither ◈ nom. sg. nāþeracc. sg. nōuðer2. Conj neither ; nōhwæðer nē ... nē neither ... nor ; nāwðer nē ... nē neither ... nor ; nāuðer nē ... nē neither ... nor ; nāþer nē ... nē neither ... nor

nālæs (nāles, nālles, nāls) adv. not at all ◇ < nā ealles

nama (noma) m. name ◈ dat. sg. nomanacc. sg. naman (noman) ◈ nom. pl. naman

nān pron. adj. not one, none ◈ gen. sg. nānesdat. sg. nānum (nānre) ◈ acc. sg. nǣnne (nāne) ◇ < ne ān

nǣnig pron. no one, none ◈ gen. sg. nǣngesacc. sg. nǣnigne (nǣnig) ◇ < ne ǣnig

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nān-wuht (-wiht) n. nothing

nǣre, nǣron → bēon

næs → bēon

næs adv. not, not at all

nāþer → nā-hwæðer

nāuht → nā-wiht

nā-wiht (nō-wiht, nāuht, nāht, nōht) n. not a whit, nought, nothing; (adv.) not, not at all ◈ dat. sg. nāuhteacc. sg. nāuht ; nōht þon lǣs

nāwðer → nā-hwæðer

ne adv. not

adv conj and not, nor ; nē ... nē neither ... nor

nēad → nēod

nēah (nēh) 1. (adv.) near ◈ comp. nēar ; nēar and nēar nearer and nearer ○ 2. (adv; prep w dat) near ◈ supl. nȳhst (nēhst, nēhste, nēahst, nēaxst) ◈ 3 adj supl as nīehst ; æt nēxtan next, finally

neaht → niht

nēa-lǣcan (-lēcan) (W.I) draw near, approach (with dat.)inf. -lēcan3rd sg. -lǣcþpret. 3rd sg. -lǣcte (-lēhte)

nēan adv. from near

nēar → nēah

nearolīce adv. narrowly, accurately

nearwe adv. narrowly, artfully

nēat (→ nȳten), n. neat, cattle ◈ gen. pl. nēata

nēa-wist (-west) f. being near, proximity, presence, neighborhood ◈ nom. sg. -wistdat. sg. -westenēah, wesan

nebb n. bill, beak

nēd → nēod

nēd-ðearf → nīed-ðearf

nēh → nēah

nēh-mæg (nēah-) m. near kinsman ◈ gen. pl. -māgadat. pl. -māgum

nemnan (W.I) name ◈ 1st pl. nemnaðpret. 1st sg. nemde3rd sg. nemndeperf. part. nemned (genemned) ◈ pl. genemnode

nemne (nefne) conj. unless, except

nemþe (nimþe, nymþe) conj. unless, except

nēo-bedd n. bed for a corpse ◇ Goth naus

nēod (nēad, nīed, nȳd, nēd) f. need, necessity, compulsion, force ◈ inst. sg. ??? nēde ; is nēade necessarily

nēodlīce adv. zealously ◈ comp. nēodlīcornēod, /desire/

neorxna-wong (neorxena-) m. paradise ◈ gen. sg. -wangesdat. sg. -wangeacc. sg. -wang (-wong, neorxena-) ◇ ne wyrcan

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nēosung f. visitation ◈ acc. sg. -unge

nēotan (2) enjoy, use, employ (with gen.)Ger geniessen

neoðan (niðan) adv. below, beneath, down

nergend m. Savior (Christ, God) ◈ gen. sg. -esnerian

nest n. nest ◈ dat. sg. nesteacc. sg. nest

nēten → nȳten

nīed-be-ðearf adj. necessary ◈ supl. nom. pl. nīedbeðearfosta

nīed-ðearf (nēd-) f. need, necessity ◈ acc. sg. nēdðearfe

nīeð-ðearf (nēd-) adj. necessary ◈ nom. sg. nēd-

nīg-hworfen ( perf. part. ) adj. newly converted ◈ dat. sg. -hworfenum

nigon num. nine ◈ dat. nigonum

nigoða num. ninth ◈ dat. sg. nigoðan

niht (neaht) f. night: in reckoning time the equivalent of Mod /day/ (cf. sennight, fortnight) ◈ gen. sg. neahte (nihtes (adv masc form due to association with dæges)) ◈ dat. sg. neahtegen. pl. nihtaacc. pl. nyht

niht-helm m. cover or shade of the night

niht-rest f. night's rest, couch ◈ acc. sg. -reste

niht-scūa m. shadow of night

niman (pret. sg. nōm (nam), pret. pl. nōmon (nāmon), perf. part. numen) (4) take, sieze ◈ 3rd pl. nimaðimp. 2nd sg. nim2nd pl. nimaðpret. 3rd sg. nam3rd pl. nāmon

Niniueisc adj. Ninevitish ◈ gen. sg. Niniueiscre

nioðo-weard adj. beneath

nīpan (pret. sg. nāp, pret. pl. nipon, perf. part. nipen) (1) grow dark ◈ 3rd sg. nīpeð

nis → beon

nīð m. hatred, envy, malignity ◈ gen. pl. nīða

niþera (niþerra) comp. adj. lower ◈ acc. pl. niþeran

nīwan (nȳwan, nīwane, nīwe, nēowan, nēen) adv. newly, recently

nīwe (nȳwe, nēowe) adj. new, fresh ◈ acc. sg. nȳwnegen. pl. nīwenaacc. pl. nīwan

→ nā

nōht → nā-wiht

nō-hwǣðer → nā-hwǣðer

nolde, noldon → nyllan

norð adv. north, northwards, in the north ◈ comp. norðorsupl. norþmest

norðan adv. from the north ; be norðan (prep w dat) north of

Norðerne adj. Northern ◈ nom. sg. Norðerna

norðe-weard adj. northward ◈ dat. sg. -weardumacc. sg. -weard

Norð-hymbre m. pl. the Northumbrians, Northumbria ◈ gen. pl. -hymbradat. pl. -hymbron